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Let's watch some premium Japanese porn movies at AllJapanesePass! This one’s for the value shoppers of Asian pornography. If you’re the type of pervert who buys gallon jugs of lotion at Costco and you also like seeing Japanese girls getting double-dicked, you’re going to lose your goddamn mind over All Japanese Pass.AllJapanesePass.com is basically a pass to all the Japanese porn you’ll ever need. That probably sounds like a bold statement to a legendary wanker like yourself, but this ain’t just a single, simple site. Your AllJapanesePass gets you access to a whole network of Japanese perversion.Bring Japanese Fuck-Slaves On the BusI love how loud AllJapanesePass is about the fact that they’re mobile-ready. It’s the first thing you see at the top of the landing page in big letters. The next time you’re sitting the toilet at work with your dick in your hand, tune in to watch cute Asian secretaries getting their brains fucked out. That particular movie clocks in at a solid hour, so just tell your boss you’ve got explosive diarrhea or something.I’m guessing on-the-go masturbators are big users of the site. You actually have to click through to the second and third slides to find what I think would be a bigger draw: membership includes access to 22 JAV (Japanese Adult Video) sites, with a rapidly growing collection of over 20,000 videos. That’s a lot of Japanese girls getting boned.The rest of the sample page is just one hell of a tease. There are video thumbnails of MILFs fucking old men, crying schoolgirls with their legs spread, and Japanese AV models giving blowjobs. Below those are Asian porn DVD covers like Challenge SEX 9 Ejaculation and Frog In Thin-walled Apartment Boast of Compliant Pet Luke Honda, which looks sexier than it sounds: a schoolgirl kneels, skirt pulled up and panties pulled down.I see office ladies sharing a stiff penis and teens caught masturbating, a busty babe getting titty-fucked and a horny nurse caught on a hidden spy cam. All of them go to the appropriate media page where you’d normally watch the videos, but AllJapanesePass asks you to JOIN NOW AND WATCH MORE before you can see anything. There’s no video sample, so I guess I have no choice.An Arm and a Leg and a Japanese TwatSome of you JAV fans and Asian enthusiasts are probably scrolling through this review trying to find out if AllJapanesePass is censored. It’s a fair question; in my opinion, you shouldn’t have to pay as much for pussies hidden behind a bunch of Tetris bricks. The Japanese are notoriously prudish for a bunch of absolute perverts.Well, scrolling through the front page I saw a lot of blurred-out cooters and covered-up cocks. It pretty much comes with the territory. Japanese porn is censored by law.The good news is that I also saw a broad’s uncensored cunt being speared by a cock that was in no way digitally obscured. Another babe had her luscious, watermelon-pink twat spread for a creampie. AllJapanesePass has a huge network of sites and videos, and not all of them have the same censorship problem.I’ve got some bad news about the price, though. Do you know the college savings fund you started for your little princess? Well, you may have to dip into it to get your pass to AllJapanesePass. It’s alright, though. We both know she was already on the fast track to Hooters, then the strip club, and then a brief stint in porn before hooking up with guys like me for drug money. Don’t feel bad.There’s this banner at the bottom of the landing page that says you can get access for $12.99 per month, but I didn’t see that price on the sign-up screen. The lowest is $19.99 per month, and that’s if you’re purchasing a whole year in one hot sticky burst of money. The regular, month-at-a-time price is $49.99.In case you’ve been living under a rock or in a Josef Fritzl-style locked underground sex dungeon, that’s a lot of money for a porn membership these days. Of course, you’re getting 22 sites, which evens it out. AllJapanesePass is still cheaper than subscribing to a couple of different Asian paysites. There’s also a 3-day trial for a buck if you just want to poke around.Jerk Off to The Best Asian Porn!Once you log in, the front page looks basically the same, you just have access to the dirty movies now. Instead of showing the newest stuff at the top of their wall-of-porno like most sites, the default view gives you the top based on Rating. You can also sort them by Newest, Size, and Views, but this makes it easy to jump right to the best stuff.Speaking of, that yummy slut I saw earlier with the bright pussy is at the very top. I click my way through to watch Awesome Hot Asian Pussy Fucked Hard For A Creampie, which is also what I called my visit to the donut shop this morning.The baked-in video player lets you select from High, Normal, or Low quality. Mine started playing in High quality with no buffering, and only a slight pause when I skipped ahead 8 minutes and saw that pussy from the screengrab. It’s mouthwatering as hell, so I was surprised the dude waited as long as he did to bury his tongue in the thing.The video resolution in high quality is decent. I actually don’t know how high it is, but it was added in 2009 and you can tell. This isn’t a toaster-quality phone vid, but it’s not a modern, crystal clear 4K movie either. If you think it looks like a DVD rip, you’re right. Scroll down a bit and there’s the front and back box art.(I couldn’t display the box art for this DVD or any others in a larger size than a thumbnail. That’s kind of sloppy on AllJapanesePass’s part. There’s a ton of action on the back of any porno DVD, and porn consumers generally like a peek before they watch. The thumbnails are too small to be useful.)I beat off to a DVD rip uploaded in the first days of 2019, Awesome Nasty Orihara Honoka Sucks And Fucks Expertly, and it has a similar video quality. It’s more than passable for stroking it to this gorgeous living fuck-doll, but it’s just not as crisp and crystal clear as 4K porno. Hey, we can’t all live in the future.Show Me More Uncensored Japanese GenitalsAwesome Hot Asian Pussy Fucked Hard For A Creampie has a watermark for AnalNippon, one of the sites you get access to with your AllJapanesePass. Since I know this one has uncensored genitals, I looked for a site tag to browse all the AnalNippon stuff at once. I couldn’t find one, which isn’t a huge deal. You can jump to any network site on the list from the Network page.It was a bigger bummer not to find any kind of Uncensored tag in the list below the video. It’s filed under categories like Blowjob and Teen, tagged with Pussy Lick, Doggy-Style and Fingering, but there’s no mention anywhere that you can actually see the dicks and pussies in this one.I know I’m not alone in preferring the uncensored material. It seems like a big oversight not to have an easy way to find it among all the pixelly shit. The only way to see if a video has the digital mosaics is to actually watch it. If you can’t get off without seeing the ridges on the interior walls of a Japanese woman’s vaginal cavity, you’re going to hate this.That’s easily my biggest complaint about AllJapanesePass. It’s pricey compared to other paysites, sure, but they make up for that in the sheer volume of Japanese smut. If you love Japanese girls and don’t mind the fact that most of their beavers will be censored, this site is going to be your favorite new thing.