Jav Hub! What is it about JAV (Japanese Adult Video) that makes it so prized among porn fans in the West? Some would argue it’s the cleanliness of the scenes, the spotlessly white sets, and bright lighting; others might argue it’s the dirtiness, those bukkake scenes, and kinky fetishes. It might have to do with the submissive nature of Japanese babes or the way they squeal. Viewers of JAVhub may concede the appeal lies somewhere in the middle, or somewhere else entirely.Whatever brings them there, JAVhub gets around 300,000 visits every month. Call it yellow fever if you want, but it’s an affliction that clearly affects a lot of weeaboos, perverts, and general masturbators around the world. Today, as is often the case, I am one of them.A Quick, Easy Cure for Yellow FeverI may be something of a depraved individual, but I am a depraved individual with an eye for good porno. Do you know what catches my good porno eye as soon as I hit the tour page at JAVhub? It’s all the cock-stuffed Japanese twat I see just laying around.It doesn’t sound like that big of a deal, does it? That’s pretty much what any porn fan expects, but if you’re an afficiando of the Asian stuff, you already know why JAVhub is special.Uncensored Japanese porno is surprisingly hard to find. Their weird, antiquated laws essentially outlaw the depiction of genitals even as the country continues to come up with the most perverted, kinky, and fucked-up fetishes known to man. This is the land that invented tentacle rape and made bus molesting into a porno subgenre, but they frown upon their citizens looking at vajayjays.Yeah, that’s why I’m so thrilled to see Asuka Kyono on her knees at the top of the front page, unobscured cock sliding into her tight Asian pussy. Madoka Araki is in the same position with more pain in her pleasure face, and the illustrious Asuka is on her back in red lingerie with a dick inside of her. I see some really kinky stuff, too; one thumbnail shows a screaming babe, tied up with red rope and getting fucked hard.There’s more where that came from. The thumbnails from the Latest Scenes show a steady stream of Asian perversion hitting the site every few days. They’re nice, long scenes, too. JAVHub is consistently adding another hour-long Japanese Adult Video every three days. Fuck yes!I watched a minute-long preview for their newest movie. This chick Tsuna Kimura has that kind of youthful Asian beauty that makes all the otaku neckbeards go crazy for Japanese chicks before settling for body pillow waifus. I had to look for the 2257 statement at the bottom of the screen to make sure I wasn’t breaking the law; this babe looks young!The way she fucks kind of gives away her age, though. It takes practice to ride a cock that well! Tsuna shows us a few moves before the montage ends way too fucking soon, leaving you reaching for your wallet before your balls explode.Premium JAV at Regular PriceJAV sites typically run a few bucks more than your typical White-girl porn site, so I was pretty happy to see JAVhub was only charging $30 a month. That’s the regular price for most premium smut, but it’s a discount for Japanese fuck flicks. There are also yearly and quarterly memberships available, each breaking down to a significantly lower monthly rate.JAVhub is one of those sites that looks pretty much the same inside and out. Once you get signed up and log in, it drops you off on a member’s page that looks exactly like the tour page. The big difference is now you have access to all those Asian orgies, teenage hookups, and rope-bound BDSM bangs.There’s a lot of material here, around 300 full-length movies, and I’m not sure where to start. I really wish JAVhub had a categories page, but it looks like they don’t even have tags on their videos. That makes it a real pain in the ass to search.Typing common categories like Teen, Lesbian, BDSM, or Anal turn up jack shit, even though I can see from the thumbnails that they have that kind of material. The only searchable words are actress names since that is literally the only textual information provided for each video.Without even descriptive titles to help you out, the only real way to browse these movies is by looking at the thumbnails. They are animated, fortunately, when you hover your mouse over them, so you’re not entirely in the dark. Just don’t expect to find those foot fetish sequences, ass-to-mouth moments, or even regular ol’ threesomes so easily.Hot Asians in Uncensored JAVThis pale-skinned beauty named Shino Aoi is spreading her twat poolside in one of the big images at the top. It’s a sexy photo, and I knew immediately I wanted to see that hairy muff in full-motion video.Movies on JAVhub are streamable at various resolutions, depending on your bandwidth. Mine started out at Medium resolution, but I didn’t have any serious buffering issues when I bumped it up to high. You can snag an MP4 via the Download dropdown below the video player, available at any of the same video qualities.The flick opens with Shino lounging poolside, drinking some girly-ass drink with an umbrella in it. I skipped ahead a few minutes, which took a couple of seconds of buffering. Japanese pornos sometimes take it kind of slow, and by the 9-minute mark, all that’s happening is a big of leg-touching. I skipped ahead a few more minutes and found Shino stroking this dude’s cock through his swim trunks.Goddamn! It’s a public scene, with a bunch of people milling around and swimming in the pool as Shino leans in close to covertly start licking this guy’s shaft. This is exactly the kind of shit I search for by typing “public” into the bar or looking for a tag. There’s no searching on JAVhub, so I consider myself lucky to have just stumbled upon this on my first try.The pair gets a little more intimate in the water, and then start straight-up fucking once they get out and are slightly hidden by a wooden deck. There’s a lot of great, kinky shit in Japanese porno, so it’s a real goddamn shame the collection here is unsearchable. Ideally, this clip would also have a Squirt tag on account of the mess she sprays at a picnic table.I was a little bit worried even I wouldn’t be able to find this video later, so I clicked the Favorite button below the player to add it to my list. Now I just have a few hundred more movies to watch in search of my preferred Asian sex acts.There’s a big gallery of images beneath Shino’s movie and every other movie on JAVhub. They’re all screengrabs taken directly from the flick, with no extra posed shots or anything. I’m not sure how many people actually whack off to the stills, but you can download them all in a zip file if that’s what you’re into.I really like the porno on JAVhub. I’m a fan of Japanese Adult Video because the girls are fucking stunning, and the Japanese have a sense of perversion that runs so much deeper than almost anywhere else in the world. This site has uncensored JAV, and they ain’t charging out the ass for this rare and precious commodity.The only downside is the complete lack of searchability. The videos are just uploaded without any kind of organization or tagging, leaving you completely on your own to find what you’re looking for just by browsing the pictures or watching the movies. That’s a pain in the ass with any collection size, let alone hundreds of hour-long JAVs.JAVhub has a great collection of uncensored JAV, especially for the price. They’re adding a few hours of content to the site every week, which means you’re going to have your hands busy if you really love Japanese chicks. The stash isn’t organized too well, but I bet you’re willing to dig in really deep, huh?