Reddit Rule 34

Reddit Rule 34, aka Reddit R34, aka r/Rule34! Only one rule manages to ring true to this day. A single constant that cuts through all of the other bullshit. One rule to rule them all and in the darkness bind them. Kinky. And that is the ubiquitous rule34: if it exists there is porn of it. No exceptions. It’s a fucking guarantee. Just take a look at r/dragonsfuckingcars. Take any popular thing in media, the internet, TV shows, comics, or anything else in life at all and I guarantee you there is some sort of porn for it.It won’t always be good porn, but it will exist. People go wild with r34 and make crazy shit of weird objects getting fucked by other weird things, but that’s not the classic r34. I’m talking more about your favorite characters from anime, cartoons, comics, books, and movies bending over and getting fucked.I’ve got just the place for you to settle down, whip your dick out, and start fapping to glorious r34 content. And that place is Reddit. That’s right, we’re diving back into yet another NSFW subreddit. I fucking love these. Being able to flip between my favorite porn subs all in one place makes for a great fap. And r/rule34 is right up my alley. It’s full of drawn and animated porn of the hottest waifus and babes on the internet.Reddit: A Quick RundownTime for the obligatory rundown of what the fuck Reddit is for all of you cucks who have been living under a rock and fapping to porn etched onto stone tablets. Reddit is a site based around joining different communities or “subreddits.” Each subreddit has its own separate focus and set of rules that you have to follow. Joining or subscribing to a subreddit makes it so that new and popular posts from that sub pop up on your homepage.And there are all kinds of different pages for your fetish fanatics. BDSM subs, kinky voyeur subs, and tons more. You can check out my other reviews for info about those treasure troves. If you like a post that you see then you can upvote it to give that user some karma, which are basically brownie points that show off how popular you are. And the opposite is also true. Smash that downvote button if the post sucks. And that’s the bare bones of Reddit. Hop on over and give it a shot if you haven’t. You’ll have a feed full of porn subs in no time at all.Quality Moderation Ensures Quality Posts Without Bullshitr/34 has some solid moderation. I hate seeing subs like this die out because nobody could be bothered to sift through posts of busty hentai babes and keep things on track. The rules here are fairly basic, so you shouldn’t have any issue following them if you’re a normal ass person. Don’t post underage shit you sick fucks. Follow the title and formatting rules. Don’t repost shit. And make sure that your post is actually r34.No, your mary sue fuck toy OC character that all of your friends love doesn’t fucking count. Nobody cares that she has the superpower of taking 12 dicks at once. It has to be r34 of actually popular characters that people would likely recognize.One unique rule to the sub is that your first post to the sub has to be a piece of r34. That may seem obvious. Like, fucking duh you have to post r34 on an r34 sub. But this sub also takes request posts for the source of images and shit like that. Once you contribute an r34 post, then you’ll be allowed to make requests and all of that jazz.If you’re not sure if something counts as r34 or if the content is questionable, then message the fucking mods. I don’t want to see your pathetic ass on r/loligotbannedforthis complaining about dumbass mods not appreciating your furry torture porn. There’s a handy list of mods right below the rules. Ask them and avoid a ban. It’s that fucking easy.Active Community With Frequent UploadsBut let's get into the content here. This sub is active as fuck. They are right on the cusp of exceeding 600 thousand members. Damn, that is a lot of members, especially for an NSFW sub. And there will be thousands of horny fucks online at any given time. It’s not some dead sub where you’ll only see a handful of people contributing. And each post has a solid naming structure. You’re not getting stupid shit like “Busty babe taking cock” as a title. Each title lists the names of every character, who the artists is, and what show/series/etc the porn is parodying.You can organize content by all the standard Reddit options like “New, Controversial, Rising, Top, and Hot.” One thing is certain, all of the posts are pretty damn hot. I mean, fuck. They have some quality r34, and the upload frequency is insane.Porn of All the Hottest Babes and WaifusThere are new posts to jerk your dick to every few minutes. Just scrolling through the top posts I saw some incredibly sexy drawings from Fire Emblem and animations of babes like D.VA from Overwatch being an exhibitionist slut or Futaba from Persona 5 getting fucked over the side of her desk.As with every other subreddit, you can share posts, save them for later fapping, download them to your spank bank, or comment some cringy shit about how you love Starfire’s perky tits. I’d say that most of the porn here is pictures. You get a few scattered SFM animations or cartoon style clips every once in a while, but you’ll mostly be fapping to jaw-droppingly sexy pictures of your favorite anime bitches.Browse Hot Pics of Busty Babes Using the Reddit Mobile AppIt’s Reddit. You should already know they have a kick-ass mobile app for all of your browsing needs. Some people aren’t the biggest fan of the mobile design, but I’m one of those fucks in the minority who actually prefers it. You can scroll through full-sized preview images of these hot babes without issue. And, if you’re at work, then you can set NSFW images to get blurred out so you can scroll in safety. It’s all scaled well for mobile devices and incredibly easy to use.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesEasy. The porn. Man, I guess I could say that for every review on here. But, really, the r34 porn is fucking awesome. I love seeing sluts from my favorite shows go spread eagle or get a facial. I dig the level of moderation on this sub as well. Usually, that’s my one complaint about a sub. They always end up being full of annoying dumbasses posting shit without following any sort of guidelines. I might be in the minority here again, but I prefer a well-kept sub with quality content over a wild mess any day. It’s like a bush. It’s better when you put a little work in and trim it. I don’t want to go down on some babe and come up with pubes sticking between my teeth. Fuck that.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI’ve got nothing. It’s a solid sub with good moderation, an active community, and frequent uploads. You can’t ask for much more when it comes to a subreddit. So, I’ll go along a similar vein. Like anime? Check out Boku no Hero Academia. There are so many hot babes in that show. There are a fuck ton of them in this subreddit. Like crazy bitches? Then you’ll love Himiko. She’s got perky tits and a rocking bod. There are babes with long ass tongues, chicks with plump titties that can fuck in anti-gravity, and so much more. Check that shit out you weebs.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, you really can’t go wrong if you love jerking your dick to hot porn of hot babes from your favorite shows. There’s lots of amazing content here from thousands of different sources. Hell, sometimes I’ll browse through here looking for hot sluts that I don’t recognize and watch whatever show they came from. It’s a proven fact that any amount of fanservice makes a show 10 times better. Just look at Kill la Kill. Do you think it's the plot driving the popularity? But, seriously, get on over to r/rule34 and fap your fucking brains out.