Log And Meet

Ready to Log and Meet some sexy sugar babies ready, willing and able to love you long time? I’m talking about the kind of beautiful, gorgeous women who openly love the single most attractive part of your body: that fat, bloated wallet. Whether you’re a handsome, studly motherfucker with abs of steel or a goony-ass retard virgin with a micropenis and no chin, you can get laid and find love, provided your bank account has some extra commas in it.Some might argue that LogAndMeet.com picked a weird time to launch a sugar-baby/sugar-daddy dating site. The site sprung up at the very beginning of 2021, as much of the world is still stuck inside, waiting on those COVID vaccines, working from home and quietly beating off during Zoom meetings. Then again, maybe they’re tapping the market at peak thirst, because they’re already getting thousands of visits a day. Will today be the day I break my social distancing bubble, or is this another bot-infested shithole? Let’s find out.There’s No Such Thing as a Rich IncelFrom the outside, Log and Meet looks like a classy joint. There’s stock art of pretty girls in lipstick smiling or licking lollipops alongside enticing text claiming you can Find Your Next Sugar if you Join The Fastest Growing Sugar Dating Website Today! It’s a bold-ass claim for a site so new, but those meteoric traffic stats are nothing to scoff at.Beneath a header saying they’ve “got exactly what you’re looking for,” a handful of profile photos are presented. There’s a cute 25-year-old blonde in Orlando, a 21-year-old hottie in Montreal, and a stunning Ebony babe posing in a green field somewhere in Vancouver. LogAndMeet.com offers sugar dating worldwide, though most of the current sugar baby profiles are in the USA and Canada, plus a handful of stray UK babes.I’m not sure if those front-page sample profiles are hand-selected for the tour, but I don’t see any uglies. Some of the girls have a Featured banner, which I have to assume they paid for as they do on other personal-ad sites. I wanted to get a closer look at some of those profiles, but unregistered visitors are locked out of pretty much everything, except for the tour and the FAQ.Quick and Free Registration for the Deep-PocketedIt’s free to register an account at LogAndMeet.com, something they brag about in half a dozen places out front. That tells me I’m going to spend some of this review telling you about the limitations to their “free” service, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet. The process is fairly simple, asking for a name, password and status. I told them I was a Sugar Daddy seeking a Sugar Baby, though you’ve also got options like Sugar Boy looking for a Sugar Mama or Sugar Baby looking for another Sugar Baby. Who the hell is going to pay for dinner in that last case?I got my LogAndMeet verification email immediately, but there was still a page of questions to fill out before my profile went live. Until then, it would be invisible. You’ll need to take a little bit of time here, because there’s a manual review process and they won’t let you in if you’re clearly just fucking around. While this is annoying for a guy just reviewing the website with no desire for a sugar baby (I prefer escorts if it’s an openly financial transaction), it does provide an amount of protection against scammers and low-effort profiles.I hit the dropdown menus to choose my ethnicity, eye color, body type and smoking status. They don’t provide an entry for drug use, which is a bummer if you only like girls who smoke weed or will let you do coke off their clit. I checked off a few “Features” like Movies, Music and Museum, told them I have a full-time job and lied about my college degree.I took a little bit more time with my blurb, since I knew somebody would be looking it over. They’re looking for nice pics, too, so I uploaded a couple of my classiest selfies. One I snapped in the mirror before heading to a funeral, and the other was right before a court appearance, so I was wearing a suit in both. Usually, all I’m wearing is a lubed-up silicone vagina on my ding-dong, a look that doesn’t always play well with money-hungry women.Registration was free and relatively simple, as promised, but naturally, they provided some immediate opportunities to give them money. Featured status is apparently free right now, highlighting my ad in the search results, but I can get to the top of the page for $10 as a sponsored user. For $15, your ad will appear on the LogAndMeet.com homepage. If you’ve really got the money these chicks are looking for (and assuming Log and Meet really has the chicks), these aren’t huge costs by any measure.Let’s Get ActivatedAccording to the Log and Meet FAQ, they usually approve all profile text and photos within an hour, but it can take up to 12 hours. I think mine was approved in a matter of minutes. The site signed me out without warning, but when I came back, I had a new message welcoming me to Log and Meet. They said I passed the first step of creating a profile, which is a fucking weird way of phrasing it, but to complete my registration, I just needed to activate my membership.I clicked the ACTIVATE NOW button knowing damn well they were about to send me to a pricing page. Sure enough, they offered me access to three different tiers of service. The free Basic Access is basically fucking garbage, enabling me to read messages and view exactly one member photo, but nothing else. You can’t even read another member’s description if you don’t want to bust out the wallet.Of course, if you’re really here to meet sugar babies or sugar daddies, maybe it doesn’t matter that the free tier is so completely worthless. If you’re actually in a position to pay for intimacy outright, you can get the Sugar Daddy Basic package for $40 a month. That will give you access to the full set of features, including sending gifts, messages, viewing pictures and reading member’s descriptions.If you’d like to spend even more money, there are Sugar Daddy Silver and Sugar Daddy Gold plans at a hundred bucks or $180, respectively. They don’t offer any features on top of the Sugar Daddy Basic perks, but the memberships are longer; Silver is good for 90 days, while Gold is good for a year. How many sugar babies will you be needing over the next few months?Looking for a Hot Sugar BabyIt seemed like it’d be awfully fucking stupid to give LogAndMeet my credit card digits without making sure they had some local sugar babies first. I made my way to the Search page to see what was available in my neck of the woods, where I was greeted by a bunch of thumbnails of pretty girls who live thousands of miles away from me.After entering my location, I found there was not a single female LogAndMeet member within 10 kilometers of me. After extending my search range to the full 100 kilometers offered by the menu, I found 5 potential sugar babies in a city 44 miles away. One of them is gorgeous, another is clearly lying about her age, and the others look alright.As a free user, I can’t find out much more about these sugar babies. I only get to see one photo each and some super generic stats that tell me almost nothing about the women.If you’re legitimately in the market for a girlfriend who mainly loves you for your money, that $40 entry fee isn’t going to be a dealbreaker. That small menu of girls, on the other hand, is probably not going to entice you to pay the entry fee. If I can only find 5 girls in a place like Chicago, it’s probably going to be rough if you’re living far from a metropolitan area.If you’re interested in seeing what Log And Meet has to offer, I recommend signing up and checking out the local selection before pulling the trigger on a full membership. If their traffic keeps building at their current rate, they should have a killer selection soon. Until that happens, though, you may be better off perusing my list of Escort Sites here at ThePornDude, or check out my review of Seeking Arrangements.