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In addition, it is hard to imagine that almost 100% of the members willingly decided to post images of themselves nude/near-nude.This can only mean one thing; the probable presence of fake profiles probably to lure you into signing (for free) and then forking cash for the VIP treatment. Another thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that 95% of the members here are black. Knowing how the ebony woman is revered by other races as the ultimate sex goddess, one would expect more than just 5% to consist of other races. Also, many attributes in the members’ profiles are marked “Does Not Matter” and you won’t know a wee lot about them unless, of course, you pay the fuck up.Speaking of payments, a 3-Day Trial membership sets you back some $2.97 per day or $8.90 for one payment. This arrangement gives you 10 profile views and messages send/days. 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It’s a big shame for those who love free sites.Some fake profiles; as is the case with many explicit adult dating websites, you will bump across a few fake profiles which you will need to keep your eyes open for.What I think should be doneThe site should add links to their social media platforms or probably a customer care section where some of the raised issues can be addressed. As things currently stand, there is no one to listen to users’ frustrations with the system.Bottom lineWhen it’s all said and done, Black Crush still remains one of your most solid bets to score a chocolate pussy. The site provides a clean and enjoyable browsing experience with nothing of the annoying ads that ruin your experience. There are hundreds of legitimate profiles of horny babes and dudes to check out with the site offering you the best chance to taste the ebony experience. Certainly better than sitting and fapping all day, don’t you think?