I know I can get quite picky when it comes to porn websites, which says a lot when there is actually a site I like, such as From the very beginning, I was drawn to it not only for the naughty content they have to offer but also for the great design and user-friendly interface, which I am sure everyone can fucking appreciate, am I right? Now, if this site is a place you’d personally want is completely up to you.You will be asked to register as soon as you visit their tour page, and if you scroll a bit you will get to see what the site actually has to offer. What I appreciate here is that this place is not the same as other amateur porn sites, since you will get to meet and learn more about all the couples who are sharing their naughty videos on this site.In addition, all of their videos are genuine clips made at home by actual amateurs, so there will be no acting. The clips are also shot for exclusively and they are user-submitted so you will not find these clips anywhere else on the net. Without a membership, however, you cannot enjoy anything this place has to offer, so if you are not planning to dedicate yourself to this site, you might want to visit a different amateur website instead.The registration will not cost you, and the process is quite simple. With the free account, you will be able to take a peek at what this amazing world of amateur porn really has to offer. However, if you really want to see the juicy details of this site, I suggest you choose one of the three given memberships. You can subscribe for 1-month, and get unlimited access for $25, subscribe for 3-months, basically the same shit just cheaper, as it will cost you $15/month, or subscribe for a year which will cost even less, $8/month.Now, keep in mind that if you do create an account, the payment is reoccurring, so if you were planning to be a member just for 1 month or 3, you should cancel the subscription on time. Once you have your premium membership, you will be able to browse all the beauties that this place has to offer. Their layout really looks like somebody scribbled in a notebook and created a site, and while I do appreciate their creativity when it can also be a bit confusing.The usual menu is on top, where it fucking should be, and there you have all the shit that might interest you. You will also have your info listed on the side, together with some other options, aka your list of favorite couples, videos, articles and an option to ask this site about anything you might not understand. Once you log in, you will have a bunch of their content listed in the middle, which is a mesh of videos and articles you can watch/read.The videos vary quite a fucking lot, and the most important thing is that they are all amateur clips. One thing I was really surprised by is the fact that all of their videos are in HD, and I guess that is what one can expect from a premium homemade website. Some clips that I found lasted up to an hour, while you have some shorter videos as well; usually, they last about 30 minutes.As I mentioned, their content really depends on the couple you are watching. For example, the video that was about an hour-long featured two gorgeous teen girls getting drunk and exploring the lesbian pleasures for the first time. After that, I ran into a video where an older couple was enjoying nature while being kinky with each other, eventually fucking.They do not offer a special section for the categories, however when you click on the videos tab on top, you will get all the clips presented, and on top, you will have filter options together with the tags on the side. They offer all the basic shit, and I am pretty sure you will be able to find the kink you are looking for since I was able to do the same, and I am not even a fan of amateur porn.If you find a couple you like, make sure to visit their profiles, since all of them will have a special section just dedicated to their relationship. There you can learn more about them individually, and also read more about their relationship, how it all started, and below you also have a couple of their personal images, and a clip they were featured in.Here, you can choose to put them in your favorites, and that option is also given for the videos and articles, which brings me back to the fact that this site also offers fucking articles for some reason. Honestly, I do not see a point reading about sex and all that crap when you can just watch it, but if you enjoy such crap, I am happy to let you know that has that as well.You do not have a special section for the articles, which was a bit disappointing, but you have a couple of them suggested at the beginning… so if you are interested, you should take a glance at that. The design, their naughty offers, and a lot more aspects of this aesthetically pleasing website were a lot more understandable once I found out that a fucking chick made this site in the first place.As I am a bit confused since she did not do a piss poor job, I am also surprised as to how perfect this place works. Basically, if you like to watch other couples fuck, get kinky and do a lot of naughty shit naturally, you will surely enjoy your stay here. is a good site dedicated to amateurs, and there is a lot for you to explore.