Abby Winters

Got a thing for (hairy) amateur naked women nudes? AbbyWinters here we come! Mainstream hardcore pornography is something akin to the professional wrestling of sex. Or, to possibly put it a little more accurately, hardcore porn is to sex what professional wrestling is to violence. In other words, fake. Okay, sure, porn does not reach quite the same level of fakeness, but it is fake, nonetheless. I mean, the actors in a porno are, after all, actually fucking at least, whereas in pro wrestling, the actors are merely miming like they are fighting in a series of highly choreographed stunts. But everything else in a great deal of the porn that dominates the internet is just as fake.The tits are often fake. The screaming orgasms are often fake. The situations are almost always fake. The only real things about a majority of the professional porn out there are the penetration and, of course, the money. If you think that she’s actually enjoying getting her asshole gaped by three dicks at the same time while she’s being gagged by a fourth in front of her, then you, my friend, have been spending way too much time watching hardcore porn. I think it is time to take a much-needed break.Go on now, close your computer, go take a walk or something, read a book, learn a language, do something else. But when you inevitably do come back, I highly recommend that you finish reading this review before you go to fap again. You will benefit from it immensely (and the rest of the world will benefit from your having read it, at least a tiny bit, I’m sure).The fact is, most of the professional porn studios out there are run by men who produce content based on what they think other men want. And, hell, maybe men do want to see women getting ravaged by four or five dicks at one time, struggling to look like she’s enjoying it behind streams of thick mascara running down her cheeks. But I am going to go out on a limb and say that I think the men who enjoy that kind of shit are actually the minority. I think most men just want to see sexy chicks fucking really well. Hell, call me an optimist, but I think that the majority of sane men actually want to see women really being pleasured, having real, genuine orgasms.Authenticity, Ass, and TittiesAbby Winters is a site that is dedicated to just that: providing real porn of real women really cumming and feeling good. The site claims to have all-female shooting crews, which could have something to do with this. By eliminating the male gaze all together on set, perhaps these women are able to feel comfortable to film what they actually want. AbbyWinters.com features a blend of solo masturbation videos, girl on girl scenes, girlfriend – boyfriend videos, and much more.When I first came across a site called Abby Winters, I thought for sure that it was going to be a porn star’s solo site, a porn star named Abby Winters. I was, of course, incorrect in assuming this. It is something else completely. It did get me wondering, though, who is Abby Winters, and why is this site named after her?So, I did a little bit of research. On the site itself, they offer a bit of backstory on who this Abby Winters character is exactly. “Some people would say that Abby Winters, creator of award-winning erotic website abbywinters.com,” it reads, “is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma - shrouded in a mystery! Certainly, she keeps a low profile and prefers to let the models do the talking.” Hmm …The Wikipedia page for the site, however, tells a bit of a different tale: “The status of Abby Winters as a real person was doubted by many commentators from the beginning, and in about 2007 Garion Hall's staff (and eventually Garion Hall himself) admitted that Abby Winters is an alias for Garion Hall, and that "her" story as an empowered and powerful sex-positive female pornographer is completely fictional.”Interesting. Definitely a smart move, I would say, on Hall’s part to publicize the site in this way. A man peddling a sex-positive, female-centric porn site could seem a little insincere, I’m sure. Creating this fictional female CEO was definitely the smartest thing to do in that situation. Some might call the ethics of such a decision into question, sure. But I’m not here to discuss ethics, I’m here to talk about porn. So, without further ado, let’s check out abbywinters.com.Great Site Design, Plenty of FeaturesThe site sections list is the first thing I noticed when I visited Abby Winters. It is prominently featured just below the site’s menu bar. Quickly jump to one of the following ‘mini-sites:’ Girl-Girl Hardcore, Girlfriend – Boyfriend, Solo, Nude Girl Group Fun, Video Masturbation Alone, Video Masturbation Together, Guest Direction (videos in which models who have worked with Abby Winters for a long time are trained to direct a scene of their choosing), and After Dark (videos with a darker aesthetic to them, many appear to be either gothic or noir-inspired, all shot in low light).Keep scrolling down the home page and you will find a list of upcoming shoots. The thumbnails in this section are black and white; when you place your cursor over them, though, they appear in color. Now that’s just some damn good site design. I like subtle little features like this. Just click on one to quickly view a preview (a small media player pops up … no need to be redirected to a whole new page or anything … another example of some great site design).Underneath the upcoming shoots section, you will find a gallery of thumbnails for the latest shoots released. Toggle between video and images; choose either a list or grid view; and filter videos by Solo, Girl-Girl, Girl-Boy, Intimate Moments, or, of course, All. Keep scrolling and you’ll find a Community section, offering a couple featured behind the scenes or model-related news pieces to explore. Then, a horizontal list of recent posts by models in the site’s discussion boards and, finally, a huge list of thumbnailed tags to browse in the Fetishes section of the site.You might be starting to gather that this site is fucking enormous. Abby Winters offers tons of sexy, female-produced videos and images, private model shows, and an active and engaged community to participate in. Come for the porn, cum for the porn, then stay for the discussions and private shows.“Playdates” is a new section of the site which is still in beta testing. But it is essentially a medium from which Abby Winters models can schedule live webcam shows from home. A model sets a time, you show up at that time and enjoy watching her rub her clit, even chat her up. Abby Winters, from what I can gather, charges per minute for these shows, though, which is kind of a bummer considering the fact that there are plenty of live cam show sites out there to choose from. A better idea, I would think, would be for Abby Winters to simply develop their own separate site dedicated to girls who want to be cam models. Nearly every paysite does something of the sort, and it seems to be pretty effective.In the Community section of the site, as I mentioned earlier, you will find the Abby Winters discussion boards. Participate in the general discussion about the site and sex, discuss the models, chat about random shit in the “mundane chatter” thread, discuss the videos, shoot the shit about photography and design, discuss the pros and cons of porn, or post suggestions for the site or future shoots. To give you a feel of how active the discussion boards are, the General Discussion board, at the time of this review, has 2,988 threads and 69,997 posts. So, these things definitely get some use.Another interesting thing to find in the Community tab is a Dildo Drive! That’s right, users are encouraged to mail in sex toys for models to use in Abby Winters' scenes. Initially, I was kind of grossed out at the thought of girls sending in their still wet vibrators for the models to use, but Abby Winters has anticipated that potential sanitation issue; they only accept new, unused sex toys that are still in the packages and they thoroughly sanitize them, of course, before they are gifted to the model.What’s cool about this, though, is that if you send in a dildo, you get to see a model use the dildo you chose in a scene. Plus, she will record a personalized video for you and write you a thank you note or two. I think this is a really fucking cool way to allow viewers to interact with their favorite models in a very intimate and authentic way.All in all, I think Abby Winters provides a necessary niche in the porn industry, a refreshing change from the typically male-dominated professional wrestling of porn scenes that make up the majority of the online adult entertainment industry. The site is designed well, the porn is shot well, the girls are natural and real and beautiful. Honestly? I have no huge complaints.