I launched Porn Dude Casting recently, but I’ve been holding off on reviewing it for ThePornDude. It’s kind of hard to be an impartial smut reviewer when you’re the one banging the babes, filming the action and uploading it to the web. I didn’t want to seem like too much of a big-dicked braggart, but then again, I ain’t a stranger to tooting my own horn, typically after dipping my hairy palms into this bucket of lube I keep here in the masturbation chamber.I usually spend these reviews talking about jerking off to the videos, but today I’m going to do one better. Today, I’m going to tell you about how much fun I had sticking my cock into actual gorgeous pornstars instead of silicone buttholes, my greasy fist, or my inflatable bitch, Karen. In case you haven’t figured it out from the name, is my very own casting site. I’ve only been uploading fresh, full-length, exclusive smut for a couple of months now, but I think you’re going to really love what’s inside—and right now, it’s all free!Holy Shit, ThePornDude Started His Own Porn Site?It shouldn’t come as any surprise that I’ve been thinking about launching my own porn site for a while now. When you review adult sites every day for nearly a decade, you start getting ideas. Every pervert wet-dreams of banging the video whores of his favorite fuck flicks, so you understand how the itch started. As I came to understand what separates the good sites from the bad sites, I wanted to put that knowledge to good use. I knew I could start a site that hits all the right notes I look for when I’m reviewing, while leaving out the shit that annoys me.Before I settled on PornDudeCasting, I had a number of different ideas kicking around for how to stick my face on an adult site. A free tube would’ve been easy, but I wanted to do something a little more personal. Hentai or cartoons seemed like an easy fit, but it’s got a limited audience and honestly, I’d really prefer to stick it to the girls instead of just watch an animated version of myself. My lawyer and probation officer both gave me a hard “No” when I floated the idea of a public sex site or voyeur site.I considered themes like teens¬, MILFs, Asians and Latinas, and then it hit me: if I started a casting site, I wouldn’t have to limit myself to just one type of babe. I’ll be banging all kinds of beautiful¬ pornstars, amateurs and up-and-comers. Plus, Porn Dude Casting could serve as a natural extension of ThePornDude. Around here, I tell you all about the porn sites you find on the Internet. On PornDudeCasting, real pornstars tell you all about starring on those porn sites you find on the Internet. And then they strip, give me head and ride my cock.It’s kind of ironic that I chose casting porn at a moment in pornographic history where the subgenre is under so much scrutiny. The whole industry has learned a lot from the controversy with GirlsDoPorn and CzechCasting, so I’ve been working hard to make sure PornDudeCasting is a lot of fun for everyone: myself, my fans, and my sexy costars. If anybody’s become skeptical of the format, allow your old friend ThePornDude to show you how it’s done right.Porn Dude Casting is Free? Forever?If I was reviewing any other premium joint, this is where I’d start breaking down the price and the bang-per-buck ratio. As I mentioned in the intro, though, is currently offering free membership. That means infinite bangs for your buck, provided the porn is good, and I promise it is.Here’s the thing: I’m not sure how long I can keep it totally free. The plan at launch was to give something free to fans of ThePornDude and the masturbating world in general, and keep it free forever. That might be easier if I was doing a half-ass porn site, but I’m shooting in 4K ultra-HD and using hot models instead of randos I found selling pussy on Facebook Marketplace. Pretty much every element of the production costs money, and it starts to add up.I’ve been kicking around some monetizing ideas to see how long I can keep giving out free Porn Dude Casting memberships and vids. You might see some Porn Dude merchandise in the near future, and I’m planning on doing livestreams with the girls, so we’ll see how it goes. At some point, though, may have to transition to a paysite with a traditional subscription model.I will say this: even though it’s free now, I’m already meeting all my goalposts for a good premium site. Besides the modern video resolution and legit pornstars, I’m also putting out a new Porn Dude Casting movie every week. I always look for at least one update per week on paysites, so I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t give you at least that much. A lot of studios have had trouble keeping up with their updates thanks to the pandemic, but I’ve been able to adapt and keep shooting safely and steadily. Right now, there are eleven movies on the site, half a dozen waiting to be released, and more shoots booked on my calendar.Another thing I always look for on porn sites is download availability. It’s a pet peeve of mine how so many sites are phasing them out or tacking on a surcharge, so of course, I’ve included downloads on Porn Dude Casting. Members can save to their heart’s content, so go ahead and fill up that external hard drive. You’ll need it for bartering when the power grid fails.Hot, Horny Girls Meet The Porn DudeI’ve been rambling about the PornDudeCasting setup so much I haven’t gotten to say much about my favorite part: the girls. If you watch a fair amount of porn, you may recognize some of them already, and I’ve got some even bigger names lined up. It’s been fucking amazing fucking girls I used to just beat off to, like Kimmy Kim, the tiny Asian starlet who can barely fit 3 fingers inside her little pussy but managed to take my whole hog. I also did butt stuff with Harlow West, the blonde cutie who’s been blowing up the porn scene over the last 6 months. Trust me, if you don’t know this chick yet, you will.If you read my reviews, you know I love freaky girls, so that’s who I’ve tried to book for Porn Dude Casting. Dixie Lynn, for example, is still in her teenage years, but gives one of the most memorable blowjobs I’ve ever had. If you like sloppy, slobber-covered pretty faces with lots of gagging, gurgling and gasping, you’re going to love this chick. Those of you whose favorite juice comes from the vagina should check out my scenes with Jenna Fireworks and Madi Collins, who absolutely drenched the PornDudeCasting couch with girlcum.I know a lot of you skip the interview portions of casting movies, but I’ve been having fun getting to know these chicks before smashing them. It turns out Southern girls have pretty stereotypical attitudes towards incest, which makes me hard as a rock. On the same subject, those of you who typically fast-forward through the chit-chat may want to hear what Harlow says about shooting porn with her twin sister. Tristan Summers and Camila Cano both talked about their shitty pre-porn jobs, and then showed me why they like their new ones so much more.A couple of the Porn Dude Casting shoots haven’t gone exactly as planned, but they’re worth watching if you like naked girls or just appreciate my trademark brand of crude sex humor. My first ever was with the beautiful and voluptuous Emily Right, but damn, I must have caught her on a bad day because we didn’t get very far. I also sat down for a chat with the lovely Danielle Peart, aka Bambi, who didn’t fuck me but did bust some freestyle rhymes, call out Riley Reid, and play her pussy like an honest-to-god bagpipe. Carnegie Hall, here she comes!I could go on, but you know what? It’s just going to get better and better as I keep interviewing babes, introducing them to my ding-dong, and stacking up videos. What are you waiting for? The women are stunning, they’re talented at fucking, and the movies are exclusive, full-length and 4K. Oh, and is still free, so get in there and start shaking your dick at your browser!