Fucking Awesome

FuckingAwesome! As The Porn Dude with a website called The Porn Dude, I’m a big fan of a simple title that says it all. Facebook should have a better name since I usually jerk off to bikini shots, and I ain’t cranking it to grandmas on Instagram. I guess I should have expected TubGirl, but LemonParty was a goddamn dirty lie! I do appreciate how honest and non-pretentious FuckingAwesome is being, even as they claim a pretty bold title for themselves. Then again, they get nearly a million visits a month, so maybe it’s not all hot smoke up my ass.The top-shelf porn starlets sliding across the top of the landing page certainly make a strong case for the site. FuckingAwesome.com is promising 4K ultra-HD pornos starring babes like Keisha Grey as a naughty nurse and Dillion Harper in a stepsister fantasy. Valentina Nappi, Jessa Rhodes, and Adria Rae all share the page with a cast of top-tier porn starlets you’ve been jacking off to for years. I think I recognize every babe here.High-Class Jerking Off to the FreebiesAs soon as I saw Natalia Starr in the thumbnail for Love for Anal, I grabbed the lube and the silicone mouth I keep on my desk. If I realized she was going to get her ass tongued down in the trailer, I would have tried to find the rubber asshole I keep under all my dirty laundry. The girl has a bright pink flower she must bleach extensively, or else this goddess genuinely never poops. My money’s on the latter.Natalia is a tiny girl, so I was wondering how well she takes a hard cock up that tight non-pooper. It was awfully considerate of FuckingAwesome to include the whole penetration sequence as part of the preview. He pushes it in slow and she squeals with a mixture of pleasure and more than just a little bit of pain. I love how the bitch screams in English and Russian when she’s really getting it.The website has a bright white aesthetic that carries over to the video itself. Natalia is getting that glorious ass hammered on a pristine white couch in a brightly lit room with white walls. It provides a stark contrast to the flawless flesh on display as the girl bounces on this lucky motherfucker and rubs her own clit, her eyes rolling back in that slutty little face of hers.The sample is a generous eight minutes, so you can make a game of it and try to squeeze in a free wank before you go on your lunch break. Can you do it or will your boss catch you again? She’s not going to believe you were cleaning your glasses with your pants down two times in a row. As a compulsive masturbator, I really appreciate the freebie even if it makes me fiend for a full bag of the real stuff.Fucking Awesome Pornstars Fucking! Awesome!A month of unlimited streaming and downloading of fucking awesome content will run you 30 USD a month, the same as all the other guys are charging right now. They update at least once a week with exclusive new smut, which is decent for the price. There’s also a one-dollar trial or a cheaper rate for three-month access.Once I got logged in, I was struck again by the quality of talent on display. Some porn sites are populated by no-name newcomers and ugly sluts they found selling pussy behind the gas station, with maybe a few washed-up old MILFs who were once teen starlets. It seems like every FuckingAwesome movie that comes out features a well-known slut at the top of her game. Aaliyah Hadid, Megan Rain, Gina Valentina, and Alexis Monroe show their O-faces in the screen grabs from the newest flicks.Melissa Moore’s pretty face is all filled up by a huge dong in the front-page pic from The Girlfriend. Hovering my mouse over that pretty mug earns me a moving preview of Melissa’s flawless ass cheeks and the puckered butthole between them, her glorious boobies and her nymphomaniac enthusiasm for wild, nasty sex. I guess I know which full-length scene I will be having a full-length wank to first.Just Look at How These Babes Fuck!The movie is shot POV-style by Melissa’s boyfriend. She walks in wearing nothing but heels and sexy lingerie, claiming she’s on her way out to go kick it with her girlfriends. Based on the way she’s flaunting that killer booty, I’m calling bullshit. This girl wants the D if I’m not mistaken.As if to confirm my hunch, the babe starts sucking as soon as she puts her skimpy little dress on. I love the way she makes eye contact during the scene, the POV format adding intimacy to what would otherwise just be another orgasmic ball-draining sequence from one of the hottest mouths in the industry. Watch Melissa juggle those nuts. This broad has had training and practice!The video plays without any buffering issues even maxed out at 2160P, so you can appreciate every glob of spit that Melissa lobs on that member to lubricate her sucking, stroking, and riding. Nine minutes in, she sits her tight twat down on that thing and starts bouncing, squealing while she works that perfect body.It’s hard not to appreciate the superhuman sexual talent of the girls on FuckingAwesome’s menu. These babes are gorgeous, but that’s not the only reason they are all such big names in the industry. Even if you’ve never seen Melissa, Valentina or Gina before, you will certainly recognize the skill on display when you watch these girls fuck. Your fat girlfriend from the trailer park sure doesn’t ride your face like that, now does she?A Series with More Incest Than Game of ThronesFuckingAwesome has a handful of video series that they update frequently. 4K Ultra-HD Porn is pretty self-explanatory, as is the typical setup for No Strings Attached. Sexual Harmony features unique music video-themed porn starring your favorite video sluts. I really like Fantasy Factory, which features common wet dreams like perverted cops, depraved nurses and pool boys who get really fucking lucky. It turns out Zoe Monroe’s biggest fantasy is to become The Squirt Princess, and The Fantasy Factory finally makes it happen.My favorite series on FuckingAwesome has got to be Step Secrets. What can I say? I’ve always been a fan of the taboo stuff, especially when sissy is played by a big booty whore like Abella Danger. Her stepbrother teaches her to get fucked up the ass in the aptly titled Stepbrother Teaches Anal. Honestly, somebody had to do it and it was just brotherly love and good timing. He walks in on Abella trying to shove a dildo up her butthole and one thing led to another, which is pretty much how it happened between me and your mom. Sorry, bud.I was still recharging after the Melissa Moore POV dick-riding, so I had to download Abella’s movie for later. I’ve got to grab a flight and don’t want to pay for mile-high Wi-Fi. Hopefully, my seatmate doesn’t object to watching a stunning little freak get buttfucked by her brother in glorious ultra-HD. If you’re running out of space on your SD card, they’ve got half a dozen resolutions going all the way down to 240p.I noticed another taboo flick, The Stepsister Fantasy, as an entry in their Fantasy Factory series. I really wish there was a Taboo tag tying all the pseudo-incest stuff together so I could pull up the whole stash with one click, but FuckingAwesome seems to avoid the word. The best workaround I found was to type “Step” into the search bar.It’s a pretty minor complaint to have, and it’s hard to blame them for dancing around the subject. You basically never see the word “Incest” on a premium porn site because the credit card companies get all butthurt about it. I haven’t really heard about them cracking down on the T-word, but sometimes it’s better to play it safe than get pulled from the search engines.Just about every porno paysite on the web claims to be the biggest and best, but few are brave enough to label themselves FuckingAwesome. Not only do these guys have the balls to say it, but they’ve got the videos to back it up. The high level of talent will appeal to anyone looking for a premium porn site that lets you watch the top babes in the industry showing off their magic tricks and getting their brains fucked out. This ain’t amateur hour, as just a little peek will show you.