Burning Angel

BurningAngel! Like tattoo porn, scene girls and punk sex? Do you know Joanna Angel? At some point, we’ve all dreamed about having a big tittied goth girlfriend. There was always that dark, brooding chick in school who got tattoos way too early and had her septum pierced who everyone wanted to fuck. Or that weird girl who wore a collar, fishnets, and dark eye shadow who was oddly hot. I’m talking about the emo/goth/alternative/punk babes out there. The ones that’ll take you around back of a tattoo shop and give you a blowjob while they smoke a cigarette. Alternative chicks will blow your fucking mind. They are into crazy shit in bed, and you’ll never be able to go back to regular, boring sex with basic bitches after you fuck one of these babes.BurningAngel.com is your tried and true source for kinky babes. This site has been providing quality porn of goth chicks sucking dicks since way back in 2002. With almost a decade of experience, it should come as no surprise that this site is premium. For just under 10 bucks a month, if you pay for a year, you get full streaming and download access to their huge catalog of naughty content. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem like many people are going in on the membership. Views are way down at 50k in the members' area and only 770k on the free page where you get the 1-minute previews. Still, 50 thousand paying members is nothing to scoff at.You’ll Have to Pay to Watch Full Videos, but The Cost is Pretty ReasonableAs I said, the free page is just an area where you can see what videos they have, check out short clips, and browse the catalog. You won’t get a ton of fap-worthy content there, but at least you can get a general idea of what the site is all about before you dish out the dosh for a premium subscription. They have a variety of price brackets for memberships. 1 month, 3 months, 12 months. And, for a few of those, you can choose to pay for downloads and streaming or just streaming. So, if you’re not looking to download these videos to your ever-growing porn stash, then you might just save a buck or two.The main page of the member has a big ass banner up top letting you know that the Burning Angel membership comes with free access to AdultTime.com. It’s a similar site, but with some more hardcore porn by the looks of it. So, that’s a cool little bonus. Up top, there are header options for “Explore,” “Community,” “Categories,” “Store,” and “Live Sex.”…Video Game Reviews?The previews take up most of the space on the page and are set up with the latest videos up top, blog posts next, most popular girls, latest photo galleries, and latest DVDs. Before we get into the meat of this. I’ve got to talk about these blog posts. Yeah, you get some of the regular pornstar interviews, news updates, and model deep dives. But there are a lot of fucking game reviews here. What? I never thought to see that kind of content here, but I guess if you like games and you like alternative sluts, then you can keep up with both via their blog. And it’s not even just porn games or something like that. They review popular AAA titles and indie games.Photo Galleries, Videos, DVDs, and More!The “Explore” option lets you browse their videos, girls, pics, and DVDs. On the pics page, you can choose to search by category or by the girl. So, if you want to see every photo gallery Kleio Valentien has you can just scroll through and find their name to find every photo shoot that platinum blonde nymph has done for BurningAngel. Each image gallery has a title, name of the models in it, and a crisp preview image that will leave you wanting. From there you can flip through the pictures however you want or download the complete photoset.The models' page has a similar setup. Sort by popularity or from A-Z and find your favorite goth chick. On their page, you get an in-depth list of interests, sex preferences, and personality tidbits. Below all of that, you get every single video and photoshoot that the model has done on the site. The DVDs page is exactly what it sounds like. You can scroll through and find full movies with the scenes broken up into all of the separate videos.Their shop sells all of their DVDs, so if you are still collecting them in physical form for some reason you can order them there. They also have merch, if you really want to be a degenerate and go around representing your favorite porn site in public. But I’m not here to judge, some of you fucks get off on that I’m sure. And the “Live Sex” tab has a cam site for alternative girls that’s actually pretty active. The “alternative” description is used a little loosely, but it’s a decent cam site.Stream or Download Videos in 1080p!The community tab takes you to their forum, blog, and list of events. Pretty straightforward there. The categories page is interesting. Basically, you click on filter tags and once you click on one it’ll gray out all the other ones that don’t match up with that tag. So, you can narrow shit down pretty easily here and find the perfect video to bust a nut too.But, speaking of videos, let’s talk about previews and quality. The previews are okay. They aren’t animated or anything. But you get a title, names of the pornstars in it, date uploaded, and a rating. You don’t get a damn video time. It’s crazy how many times I come across sites that don’t have that. I think it's essential, but it seems like most of these sites don’t. The videos are of high quality. You can stream them in up to 1080p using the “Watch Now” button underneath the player. Or download the videos in whatever quality you want. Other than those basic options, you can add the video to a playlist favorite it, check out the photo gallery from it, rate it, look at related videos, or comment on it.Great Mobile Site Design with Long Load TimesThe mobile site is great. It’s a premium porn site, so it better be. You can download, stream, and use the site just as you normally would on desktop. My only complaint is that the site was a lot slower. It fucking dragged trying to load up some of these videos. But this shit is high quality, so that’s to be expected. Though sometimes I’d have to quit out of my browser and reload a couple of times to get pages to load up. A bit frustrating, so I’d say that the site experience is definitely better on desktop.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about BurningAngel.com is without a doubt the amount of content you get. You can download galleries, DVDs, videos, and more really easily. And, fuck, their selection of pornstars is impressive. Over a hundred girls to choose from, each with a bunch of kinky videos. There are over 2 thousand full-length videos here, and they update that list every few days. You’ll never run out of incredibly hot content to fap to here. The category tab deserves an honorable mention here too. It’s intuitive and makes it much easier to navigate than most site’s cluttered categories.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsThere are a couple minor suggestions that I have for BurningAngel.com. Animated previews with video times included. Throw that in there and you’ll be golden. I don’t have any other complaints aside form those. The site design is on point. Tons of content to stream and download. A fairly reasonable price. It’s a winner in my book.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, if you’re like me and have a mean fetish for these alternative sluts and have some cash sitting around, then sign up for this site. It’s cheap and you’ll never have to go out scrounging for 2-minute clips from these movies ever again. It’s updated frequently, they have all of the best alternative/goth pornstars, and you can download or stream the content in 1080p. If that doesn’t convince you, then I don’t know what fucking will. If anything, check out their free page and see if this kind of content is your speed.