How would you describe the girls who populate your favorite porn sites? The word slut comes to mind, as do whore, MILF, and the girl next door. If you’re more medically or psychologically inclined, you might refer to these oversexed women as nymphos. Naturally, they’re exactly the type of women you’ll find at Nympho.Nympho.com was registered way back in 1995, probably by some Internet prospector who knew the domain would be gold. The current incarnation has only been putting out movies since the tail end of 2018, but they get well over a million visits a month. I wonder how many of them are curious perverts who just typed “Nympho” into the URL bar.Hypersexual Chicks Just Being ThemselvesI hate to break it to you perverts, but nobody gets diagnosed with nymphomania anymore. It’s kind of like how there technically aren’t any retards anymore—they’ve just changed the name to something else. If you want to get all fucking pedantic, the girls at Nympho would be technically be considered hypersexual.A rose by any other name, am I right? Who gives a fuck what anybody wants to call them, I just want to watch! Hell, I don’t need any text on the screen to convince me this is prime fap material.Take a look at the preview page. The video montage playing at the top shows short squirts of deep depravity at a machine-gun pace. There are close-ups of cumshots and intense pussy pounding, lots of fingers in buttholes, and a tongue tasting the inside of a gaping butthole. There’s supple flesh everywhere, often covered in a thick layer of fluids.If you’re still worried about how to properly refer to these ladies, you may just be a fag. It’s hard to think about anything but dirty sex when I stare at broads like Valentina Jewels, Gianna Dior, and Uma Jolie getting pounded rough and raw. Jesus Christ on a cracker, there are definitely cheap-ass library masturbators who are going to beat off to the tour page instead of signing up.There are free video previews out front. I checked out the trailer for the very newest flick, Kendra Offers Her Holes. It’s just a 2-minute montage, but there’s so much going on I don’t have time to list it all. After showing off that gorgeous body, the lovely Kendra Spade gets her ass eaten and her face fucked. She gets lubed up and banged up the ass, and takes an anal creampie that adds to the growing sticky mess.There’s no plot or roleplaying or anything, just dirty hardcore fucking. The synopsis begins with the very simple statement, “Kendra Spade has three perfectly good holes that she wants to be used.” Nympho seems like my kind of place.A Funhouse of Freaky BroadsMost porn sites in 2021 are asking thirty bucks a month, and Nympho is no exception. You can pay with a credit card or PayPal, with cheaper rates for longer sign-ups. You know, the standard shit, including exclusive updates and 24/7 tech support. They also have discreet billing, so your wife won’t find a HARDCORE TEEN ANAL charge on your statement.What isn’t standard on porn sites is the unlimited downloads you get at Nympho, which will appeal to you porn hoarders and those of you who don’t know what to do with that big SD card your wife bought you. Their catalog is relatively slim at around a hundred flicks, but they’re currently building it with at least 6 new releases a month.There are no big surprises when you get signed up and into the member’s page. They do a good job representing their latest and greatest offerings out front, so now you’ll see more of the same with access to the full videos.The aesthetic at Nympho falls squarely between fun and filthy. The brightly colored sets look like they’re from Nickelodeon shows, and the outfits are pure pornstar. They shed those outfits quick, as evidenced by all the thumbnails of dripping twats, cock-stuffed faces, and gaping buttholes.Long Movies of Hard FuckingI appreciate a really quick fap sometime when I’m on the go: in the bathroom at lunch, on the bus downtown, and sometimes during less-important meetings. Sometimes, though, I like a nice, long marathon wank. Nympho can certainly help with that, as their porno movies are nice and long. The shortest recent one was 50 minutes, while others clock in at nearly an hour and a half.The thumbnail for The Naughty List with Angela White caught my eye with its stunning imagery of a MILFy Australian brunette with a dick in her cunt and a giant dildo up her pooper. The flick runs 73 minutes long, and I know from the hover-over peeks that it includes not just intense anal pounding, but gaping and squirting.Nympho has 3 streaming and download resolutions, maxing out at 1080p. I got the HQ stream playing without any noticeable buffering, Angela White, and her enormous titties appearing on the screen right after the Adults Only warning and Nympho logo screen.The format here always includes an interview in the beginning. She stands up and shows off her body as she talks about how much she loves dirty fucking, and literally shakes those massive jugs out of her outfit at around the 5-minute mark. It is, admittedly, not the most restraining garment, but it’s amazing watching her jiggle those enormous, bouncy melons.The long movie lengths mean they can take their sweet time. Angela gets a lot of solo screen time, showing off every beautiful part of her body for nearly 20 minutes before anybody else enters the scene. He sticks his tongue right up the butt we’d all been admiring through the intro.OMFG, Just Look at That Girl Suck!The ass-eating dude is just the warmup act, and you’ll see him feasting on booty in a lot of these productions. Once he gets his daily recommended serving of chocolate, the real stud gets into the scene with a POV blowjob. When his enormous boner swings out of his pants and hits Angela in the face, she giggles with excitement, a true nympho reaction. Sorry, I mean a true hypersexual reaction.Angela has clearly practiced her cock-sucking technique. She works up plenty of spit as she works the shaft, fitting as much of it into her as she can. A true multi-tasking slut, she soon works a powerful vibrator into the action. Not content to just sample the flavor of dick, she’s soon on her knees with her tongue up the dude’s pooper.Dude returns the anal favor by plowing Angela up the ass. She tries to act casual in the beginning, talking to the camera like it’s no big deal because she takes it up the ass all the goddamn time. In a few seconds, though, her eyes are rolling back in her head. When the dude pulls out, her booty-hole gapes, and suddenly ass-eater guy is there again, sticking his tongue in it.The level of depravity at Nympho is pretty goddamn impressive. They’re definitely not content to put out soft, vanilla smut. The hard anal sex, thick wads of glistening fluids, and meals of gaping asshole seem to be pretty standard in their flicks.So what’s it mean that Nympho’s perversion rises above that of so much of the competition? I think it just proves that they’ve managed to find genuine nymphomaniacs to star in their movies, and then give them an outlet to act out their urges. Beautiful women like Alina Lopez, Evelyn Claire, and Kali Roses get to the set and just let their inner sluts out in a completely unrestrained way. It’s sexy, messy, and absolutely beautiful.Nympho.com’s formula seems simple: they put gorgeous, sex-crazed women into brightly colored sets and let them get wild. There are no setups or scenarios, instead focusing only on hardcore fucking. The site delivers in a big way, thanks in no small part to the level of talent on display. These women are true nymphos.