Who doesn’t love teens at Team Skeet? They’re fresh, ripe, and just figuring out all the amazing things they can do with those perfect bodies. I’m particularly fond of the kinky girls, the ones with daddy issues or burgeoning cases of nymphomania. You know, the kind of girls who make the best porn sluts. There are a lot of places you can watch these nubile young things get nasty, and TeamSkeet.com is one of the better ones.I know what some of you are already thinking. Yeah, Team Skeet is a paysite. You don’t have to tell me how much free teen smut you can find out there. I’m the Porn Dude, so I already fucking know. What I’m saying is TeamSkeet is one of the good ones, the ones worth paying for. As long as you ain’t so cheap you’re smacking your willy around at the library, you can afford the buck it costs for a look around.40 Sites, Over 4,000 MoviesFirst things first: TeamSkeet, like most of the great porn sites, isn’t just one website. It’s actually a network, and your membership gets you access to the whole thing. Right now, TeamSkeet has over 4,000 movies, spread across 40 different porn sites.TeamSkeet has been around for a decade. With a collection that has been growing this long, it’s only natural that some of the sites on the network have gone stale. Do you really care, though? SelfDesire last updated in 2012, but you can still polish the rocket to Paris Love giving herself some love. May Lee looks just as beautiful being double-fucked by two Black studs today as she did in 2015, when the clip first hit TeamSkeetExtras.It actually took some digging on my part to find the stale sites. Just clicking randomly through the list, it looks like most of them have been updated in 2018. Not every porn network can say that. I’m impressed.A lot of the sites, like TeenPies and TeensDoPorn, have a general teen theme. Horny Latinas populate OyeLoca, and redhead enthusiasts will find plenty of spank fodder on GingerPatch. POVLife has first-person porno and Dyked features lesbian group sex. Fetish freaks can perv out to CFNMTeens and Submissived, while fans of thicker young sluts can take a juicy bite out of TeenCurves.Do you know what I really love about TeamSkeet’s network, though? All the fucking taboo smut. It’s a goddamn playground of pseudo-incest between step-siblings and step-parents.Check this out. They’ve got a site called FamilyStrokes, another called StepSiblings, and one called SisLovesMe. There’s also DadCrush, DaughterSwap, and PervMom. Holy living mother of fuck. Just imagining what might be on any of those sites gives my dick an uncontrollable urge to break free from my jeans.Ah, that’s better. Now that I’m a little more comfortable, a little looser and free, let’s take a closer look at some of those videos.The Girl Next Door Gets BangedNow that the pump is primed, I’m in the mood to watch an experienced babe teach one of these little whores how it’s done. I clicked my way to the BadMILFs section. It’s easiest to navigate all the sites in the network through the central Team Skeet page, since it keeps the whole collection in one place.Once you’ve got an individual site pulled up, you can browse by Movies, Girls, or Guys. I don’t care about the last one, so I clicked Girls. I cummed, I mean clicked on Lexi Lovell’s face next. She’s got that girl-next-door cuteness I suspect hides some depraved instincts.The link pulls up Lexi’s movies on all the sites, but the exact one I’m looking for is listed as a BadMILFs clip. It’s called A Mother Daughter Arrangement, and Nina Elle plays the mother.I had no initial load time after the page came up. I clicked Play, and the action started. There was some slight buffering when I skipped around throughout the 30-minute video, but never more than a few seconds.The video player has your standard features like fullscreen, theater-mode, and a variety of quality settings from 360P to 1080P for viewing and downloading. Downloads aren’t crippled by DRM, so you can twist your crank at your convenience.Different sex acts are cataloged by green marks along the time bar. In A Mother Daughter Arrangement, I can easily jump ahead to the Blowjob, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, or Cumshot scenes. That’s fucking convenience!Beneath the video, you’ll find a full description, as well as a much longer list of relevant keywords and categories. Clicking any of these will search TeamSkeet’s catalog for other clips with Doggystyle, Double Penetration, Threesome, or whatever else you’re into.If you like still pictures, you’ll find a shit-ton of photos and screengrabs from each movie. There’s also a short trailer, which can be useful if you’re masturbating in a hurry. Hey, I’ve been there. It’s why I’m not allowed in Starbucks anymore.The Freshest of the FreshI made my way back to the main page to check the newest offerings. The movies they’re promoting hardest show up in big ads sliding across the top of the screen. A naughty schoolgirl takes cock for extra credit, a redhead gets her red-hot pussy tamed, and a mail-order bride gets an anal surprise. It sounds like a half-hour in my daydreams.Below are the very newest movies on the network. There have been two added today: a teen rubdown and fuck session from RubATeen, and an Ebony goddess being railed by a pool for BlackValleyGirls.Two new videos a day is standard for the network. It’s steady growth for an already massive stash of teen pornography. You can tell they’re putting a lot of their money straight back into the movies. The girls are all top-shelf and these perverts never slack on proper shooting or editing. This is truly professional smut.Being in the business for so long, of course, TeamSkeet has mastered the art of the tease. You can find screencaps and trailers for the next month in the Upcoming Movies section. I guess I’ll have to keep my membership, because I want to see Jade Baker and Kiki Daire eating pussy in Million Dollar Muff Munching.Please Fix the Search FunctionTeamSkeet’s website is designed so well, you’d naturally expect a full-featured set of search tools to sort through the ever-expanding pile of teen sex movies. Unfortunately, you’d be wrong.I typed “Anal Asian” into the search bar, assuming it would pull up every video tagged with both. It brought up nothing. Searches for either term on its own bring up a ton of videos, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to combine them. I tried “Anal, Asian” and “Anal and Asian”, but neither did anything.Besides the search bar, you’ve got the other basic sort features you’d expect. You can narrow the results down by site, date uploaded, or the number of comments or likes. There’s no convenient way to choose a range of attributes or sex acts you’d like to see. If there’s something specific you need to see, better hope you can sum it up in one word.The fucked-up search is easily my biggest complaint about the site. It seems like it’d be so easy to fix and implement, too. If you choose your category from the list under one of the videos, the tag pops up at the top of the new search. There’s no good reason we shouldn’t be able to pile up tags to find exactly what we want, especially on a premium site!As it stands, it’s too hard for the perviest of pervs to find their preferred material in the haystack. If you like teen lesbians, you’re good. If the only thing that does it for you is “teen lesbian Asian fistfuck anal”, you’ll have to bring that search string somewhere else.Your typical masturbator, though, is going to find TeamSkeet’s menu more than adequate. While it’s needlessly difficult to dial in specific sexual interests, there’s enough flesh on display to satisfy just about everyone. This is top-quality porno here, folks. If you’re into teenagers fucking, and I bet you are, TeamSkeet (often misspelled as "teen skeet" and "teemskeet") is worth a look around.