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If there’s just one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that Teens Love Huge Cocks. Young sluts and their lust for enormous schlong have been the subject of countless songs, made-for-TV specials, and TED talks. Believe it or not, they’ve also made a number of pornographic films sharing the same theme. TeensLoveHugeCocks.com is a paysite focusing on those titular teens and their whacky, sexy adventures.Tight Teens and Cute Sluts, FUCK YES!I’m raging hard pretty much as soon as I load the site’s landing page. It’s covered in beautiful young chicks getting hammered in all different ways. The layout is modern and clean, doing nothing to get in the way of all these teenage flesh on display.Previews of the newest movies on the site are lined up. It looks like they’re updating a couple of times a week, a healthy and respectable rate of growth for a paysite. The newest one features Gianna Dior spreading her pussy lips in the front preview image. Hover your mouse over to see her bent over, ass up, before getting plowed. I was hoping for a video preview, but they told me I’ll have to sign up.The other updates are just as enticing. There’s a nubile slut strapped into a swing and sucking cock like a goddamn acrobat. A young Black goddess gets oiled down and railed, and there’s an Asian teen in a skimpy devil outfit eating cock from a heart-shaped box. Check out that diversity. Sexually corrupting the youth has never been more #woke.I think I’ve seen enough out front to know I want to get inside. Beside the JOIN NOW button is another hint that this site is the real deal. It says, “Get the Unlimited REALITY KINGS Experience.” Reality Kings? Fuck yeah!So, for those you who just got out of prison or were recently released from a Josef Fritzl-style basement dungeon, Reality Kings is one of the top Internet porn companies out there right now. Check out my full write-up about RealityKings.com on The Porn Dude.Access to TeensLoveHugeCocks and the rest of the network is $30 a month. That’s the going rate for almost any premium site these days, and this is one of the top premium networks. There are worse ways to spend your money. There’s a cheap 2-day trial available, or you can save by buying a longer membership.Tiny Girls Stretched Out for Monster DongOnce you get signed up and logged in, you’ll be dropped off at the central Reality Kings membership page. All the newest clips from each of their sites will be arranged in a big ol’ grid of sex. For this review, I’m focusing on the TeensLoveHugeCocks content. You can find the full stash by clicking the TL beneath one of the Teens Love Huge Cocks movies, or hit the Sites dropdown in the header.RealityKings is a big-ass site, so naturally, there are already a ton of TeensLoveHugeCocks movies. Right now, there are nearly 300 videos of teenage whores sucking and fucking their way to Internet fame. The archive stretches back to 2013, so you can see how the product has changed over the years. Spoiler alert: they’ve always been putting out top-shelf young-girl smut.On a lot of porno site, you click the Teen tag and get a bunch of movies with some seriously old fucking teenagers. You know what I’m talking about. They’ll take a haggard bitch in her ‘40s, saggy-titted, liver-spotted and snaggle-toothed from the years of crack addiction, slap a schoolgirl outfit on her and try to sell the illusion that she’s banging her way to a better grade. Fuck off with that noise!TeensLoveHugeCocks doesn’t pull that shit. RK is a first-rate studio, so you get first-rate teen sluts. Yeah, I’m sure some of them are actually in their ‘20s, but they’re all passably teenage. If I wasn’t already familiar with Reality Kings, some of these little whores would have been checking the site’s 2257 compliance statement to make sure I wasn’t headed to prison. That’s how young they look.With youth comes beauty. Gentlemen, we are hardwired by evolution to seek the healthiest, most fertile specimens to carry our seed. That’s how a scientist explains that gorgeous young chicks make our dicks super fucking hard. This site is serving up ripe fruit like Monica Brown, Natalie Brooks, and Jill Kassidy, and let me tell you, my science is trying to fight its way out of my pants.The cuteness factor is out of control here. These chicks look almost too innocent, like it’d just be so terribly wrong to bend them over and tongue their twats from behind or fuck them silly in front of whoever else happens to be waiting at the same bus stop. The cutie in High Scoring Pussy gets it while wearing big headphones and playing a video game, and Wild Teen Lets Loose has a little slut on a hoverboard and on a cock.Wild Teens Letting Loose In XXX ActionUsually when I see somebody on a hoverboard, my inclination is to push them off. Pamela Sanchez isn’t just another one of the assholes crowding the sidewalk, though. She’s not zipping through the aisles at the grocery store when I’m just trying to buy some goddamn cereal, but if she was I’d probably be alright with it. Hers is the first one I’ve seen with a built-in dildo.This video immediately starts tripping my triggers the moment I hit play. There’s no buffering before Pamela appears in sparkling High-Def, finding her sex-toy-enhanced vehicle in a public park. I love a girl willing to take something she just found in a park and shove it in her vagina, and I love that she rides that fucking thing around town, in front of totally unsuspecting pedestrians, while it is literally fucking her!This girl’s body is incredible, her face is gorgeous, and her peppy enthusiasm had me falling in love. The way her legs peek out of her schoolgirl skirt will have you aching for more of her flesh, which she delivers a couple of minutes later. Still, on the hoverboard, she lifts her skirt and backs up onto his cock. The oblivious strangers on the sidewalk just feet from them have their faces blurred out.Only five minutes in and I knew this was a modern public-sex classic. I hit the Download button, but RealityKings shot me down. Downloads are an extra fifteen bucks a month.Beneath the video is a bunch of tags and corresponding timestamps, making for easy jumps to whatever perversion I’m after. TeensLoveHugeCocks truly delivers the teens loving huge cocks. In this video, I can make quick jumps to Pamela getting it doggystyle, sucking cock, squirting pussy juice or taking a cum shot.Collect All Your Favorite Teenage PornstarsTeensLoveHugeCocks and the rest of RealityKings has very basic social media features: you can Like, Dislike, or Favorite movies. Honestly, that’s all you need. Nobody uses the Facebook sharing button on porn sites, and only the lowest form of deviate really needs a comment section to write, “luv her bobs sex me next time.”I did make use of the Gallery section of that video I watched. Every movie comes with a big selection of pics and screengrabs. Pamela really did it for me, so I wanted to save a few for the collection.If I have one minor gripe besides the download fee, it’s that Pamela wasn’t indexed. On most of the videos, you can click a pornstar’s name to pull up a short profile and see if they have other vids on the site. I’m guessing Pamela is just too new or something, because her male co-star is all linked up. I hope that chick comes back, though, because she’s gorgeous, young, and fucks like a goddamn superhero.The fact that downloads cost extra is easily the worst thing about TeensLoveHugeCocks. The one and only reason they can get away with charging extra is that the porno is just that good. The whole RealityKings network is putting out some of today’s best smut, and Teens Love Huge Cocks lives up to their high standards. It costs more than the free tubes, but you get instant, easy access to the very newest teen bang movies in full HD.