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Reddit Nudes, aka r/Nudes! As the best and most prolific jack-off artist on the web, you guys know that I go deep down the rabbit hole of subs and tubes to find as much fap-worthy smut as the internet will hold. There is not a nook or cranny that I haven’t explored in search of more original smut. Tube sites are my go-to, forums are where I spend my downtime, but when I want a surprise I head over to Reddit and hit up my favorite subs, because you never know what kind of hot bitch is going to decide to bend over in front of a camera next.The Best Tits on the PlanetLove them or hate them, pornstars are really damn good at their jobs. Problem is, they’re not really good at being the hottest women on the planet. They never have been. Now I’ve seen some hot ass pornstars, for sure. But, the real tens out there are hidden well below thick cloth, out and about in the world, hiding their majestic double Ds from the public eye.It’s probably for the best – not everyone can be a pornstar. Still, it kills me to know that there are so many perfect pairs of breasts in the world that are going unexplored, and I can’t exactly sleep with every woman in the world just to see them all. I mean I could, it’s just, I don’t have that kind of time on my hands. Plus, I don’t want to accidentally fuck up the entire gene pool of the planet, lest every person born in the 22nd century ends up being my great-grandchild.That’s why I’m super grateful for subreddits like /r/Nudes. Whoever thought of this concept was a god among men, I swear. At some point in the past, some Redditor thought to himself that it would be a great idea to start a sub dedicated to women who want to share their naked bodies with the world. It’s almost as if he shouted out that he was willing to receive nudes and women just flocked to him. Whoever this guy is, I owe him several beers and a shitton of wanks.I’ve spent so much time on /r/Nudes as well as their older brother /r/GoneWild. It’s subreddits like these that really restore my faith in humanity. As I said, the hottest women in the world are usually the ones you least suspect. They go about their day, with careers and responsibilities and you never really get to see them naked. Barely anyone does. They’re too busy to go way out of their way to sleep with every pervert on the planet.That’s why /r/Nudes is equal parts subreddit and public service. This place is a gathering pole of homemade smut and it’s one of the few places on the internet where you can experience, firsthand, nude photos that girls take of themselves. There’s no coercion or trickery here. These girls flat out want a safe space where they can share their bodies without fear of persecution and /r/Nudes is more than willing to provide.So if there is such a thing as a pair of perfect tits on this Earth, chances are they’ll be found on /r/Nudes.Hot Chicks and Cool DudesYou might think that a subreddit that’s built around the idea of women sharing their homemade nudes would be a shithole of horny pervs and judgmental prudes, but that’s just not the case with /r/Nudes. This place has the hottest and sluttiest girls living out their wildest exhibitionist dreams, without a care in the world. As for the dudes – they’re nice, overly so. I’m surprised at how respectful these guys can get. I mean, you hear about men accosting women in the street, catcalling, not taking no for an answer. You’d think the world had gone insane. Where have all the good men gone? Well, they’ve ended up on /r/Nudes by the looks of things.Every single post on this site receives some love from someone, respect from everyone and criticism from no-one. Even the dudes that post nudes of themselves don’t get any hate. Sure, they don’t get nearly as many comments as the chicks, but when a dude grows a pair of majestic double Ds he can have my comment and upvote. Until then, I sort by “hot” and avoid the dicks all together.And speaking of dicks…Dicks Ahoy!Men are welcome on /r/Nudes as well. After all, this isn’t a gendered subreddit, it’s all about getting naked on camera. You won’t be surprised to see though, that it’s the same shit you see on every single porn tube – there are men and there are women, but the gay smut is out of the way by default. Except, subreddits aren’t known for having biases, so they let natural selection take over.Basically, because men and women post equally as much on this site, from the looks of things, and the default sort when you open the sub is “Hot”, you won’t see any dicks unless you swap over to “New”, for example. Obviously, this is because titties get a lot more traction than dicks. It’s the way the world works. Still, it’s nice to know that if you’re into that kind of thing, it’s always a click away.Hot, Hotter, HottestSo the default sort is set to “hot” and that’ll show you the best of the best tits, asses, and pussies from around the globe. If you wanted to, though, you could dig into the sub and see an unfiltered list of the posts as they come in. This is where things get experimental and interesting. Other than the dicks, which are a serious matter of flavor, there are the different body types of the different girls that you’re going to see.Now I know every Tom Dick and Harry wants to see the real 10s taking a pounding and would prefer them over, say, a 9. – Us men have standards, apparently. Still, you can actually get tired of seeing 10 after 10. After a while, you wanna switch things up and crank down the dial. You might also want a surprise. If that’s the case, sort by “new”, scroll down and blink every time you see a penis. You’re going to see all the girls, not just the ones that the internet deems hot. This way you can decide for yourself as to what you consider fap-worthy. Now, some of these girls are unattractive, others have unpopular body types. It’s my personal credo that if a woman goes out of her way to post her naked body on the internet, for free, you owe it to her to at least try to polish a flagpole in her name. Show some respect for these women. They work hard.The Same Conversation, 1000 Times OverReddit is usually a great place to take names and make friends, especially when you’re on a very narrowly specific sub. You’d think that on /r/Nudes you could hang out with people who have a passion for nude photography and joke around regarding the subject matter.Nope. This is not a fun subreddit. It’s mostly just a repository of smut for the purpose of hard, late-night faps. Most of the comments on this sub are variations of “I want to stick my penis in your vagina”. I mean, we get it, that’s why we’re all here. Why do you have to tell the girl in the photo that you want to fuck her? I think we’re all very much on the same page. I guess it’s kind of nice though, since the girl sees that there are not one, but 17 dudes who are currently so turned on by her naked body that they feel the need to tell her directly. They’re not hurting anyone, and I’m not complaining, it’s just sad that there’s no real conversation on this sub.Like, we could have a get together and discuss the best nipple size and also what the best color of nipple might be. We could also probably set up a livestream hangout and together, maybe, possibly, finally find the mythical clitoris. Unfortunately, if such a friendly time is ever going to be had, it won’t be on /r/Nudes. This place is all about constant smut posting and slut worshipping.If you’ve got a stiffy and 20 minutes to kill, or a micro-penis and 30 seconds to spare – I’m not judging – head on over to /r/Nudes and check out some of the hottest nubile bodies this side of the West Indies. This place is an absolutely unfiltered den of proper smut that never fails to get me hard. Some of the hottest women I’ve ever seen throughout my career as a porn connoisseur have been on Reddit and this place is a great place to start if you want to find some gems of your own.