What kind of "exotic" XXX content can be found at Palm Tube? Have you ever been in need of a free porn website that offers only the highest quality content with none of that amateur and low-res stuff going on? I think we all wanted that at some point at least, so get ready for a shocker when you find out that there’s a site called PalmTube.com that offers you just that. These guys are all about premium quality content, for absolutely free. Yeah, you heard me right, they offer the best quality porn from professional studios, for free.Premium videos for absolutely freeNow, if that wasn’t enough to make you go to the site and check it out, I don’t know what else you want. How about if I tell you that the number of videos on this website is just massive. You can just scroll through page after page and never reach the end of all of these amazing videos. It’s like they keep popping up and you get to enjoy them as much as you want. And yes, I can’t stress this enough, it’s completely free of charge.Some of the biggest porn studio names are here What I want to get into is the amazing quality of these videos. You can immediately even recognize some of the porn actors and actresses that are in these videos. Models from studios like Brazzers are also here, so you know that we’re looking at top gun stuff over here. I would even dare to say that Palm Tube is even better since it has content from multiple studios.PalmTube here I come, get ready for me to consume most of your server power!It won’t kill your eyes, but a dark mode is missingAlright, let’s talk a little bit about the design. First of all, you guys know that I don’t like it when sites are bright. But at least PalmTube.com didn’t go for a white background and instead they gave it a nice gray tint. Still bright, but not as bad as some other bullshit designs. The top navigation bar seems to be working completely fine and it looks pretty minimalistic, minus the redundant Home button that does the same thing as the logo right next to it.Minimalistic design gets the job done hereOverall, the design of the website is pretty solid. It isn’t cluttered in any way, the videos are clear and discernible, however, the thumbnails could use a bit more spacing between them. I think it would look a lot better if they put in a bit more padding between all of these thumbnails and you’ll have an easier time of scanning through all of the content when deciding what you want to watch. Padding is never a bad thing guys unless you go overboard, but I’ve yet to see a site that does that.The logo is nice and simple, I really like the way it looks, and on the right side of it you’ve got a bunch of tabs that all have their own purpose. In all honesty, you never even have to move away from the homepage since a lot of the best stuff is listed right there and PalmTube.com keeps updating it all the time. So, by the time you’ve gone through all of these amazing videos, you can expect them to put up a new batch on the homepage for you to watch and enjoy.Check out the videos tab and sort it how you like itBut if you do choose to go over some other sections of the website, you’ll notice that there’s not much to it as PalmTube.com behaves just like any other porn tube site. You’ve got the Videos tab which then also has a drop-down menu that allows you to choose what the most important sorting parameter is. I usually search for the most popular videos since I have faith that what people generally enjoy watching is the thing that will have the most views and is also the video that will be of the highest quality.The porn community knows its shit, and I believe that it will always make the right decision for me. But, if you’re the type of person that likes to see the newest additions to the site no matter what, then you can also sort the videos like that. You can also sort them according to their rating as well as the votes system that is unique to this site and isn’t something that porn sites usually have in their repertoire of tools for navigation.If you think navigation here is easy, you’re gonna have a bad timeWhile we’re on the topic of navigation though, you’ll notice that this site is pretty limited when it comes to going through the videos. The only thing you can do is scroll through the pages, and there isn’t even an option to scroll all the way to the last page and start from the back. No, all you can do is skip through a few pages but that’s about it. This doesn’t’ allow us to know what we are working with here, and whether there is some good content somewhere in the middle of all the content.This lack of navigation is pretty serious when you think about it because it doesn’t allow you to explore most of the content that’s uploaded to PalmTube.com. You’ll always be missing out on all the videos that simply never made it to the first few pages of any parameter. Some would say that this is good because only the best videos can surface. But what if you find those other videos even more enjoyable? I guess you’ll never know since there’s no way of getting to them on PalmTube.com.Check out all of these amazing pornstars and the videos they star inYou can also check out the Pornstars tab where you can look at all of the sexy models that are featured on PalmTube.com. There are some familiar faces here like Mia Khalifa in all her glory. By clicking on any one of these models, you’ll be redirected to a page where it’s nothing but porn videos in which that model starred in. It’s a pretty useful thing if you’re looking to watch a specific pornstar and don’t intend to watch anything else on this site.You can’t sort the categories alphabetically? Really?There’s also the Categories tab, and this is probably the only way of reaching all that content that gets shoved to the back of the pages on PalmTube.com. There are many categories to choose from so you’ll definitely find something that suits your taste, no matter how weird your taste may be. One thing that’s annoying with their categories is that they aren’t sorted alphabetically, but rather according to popularity, so you might not have an easy time finding what it is you wanted to watch. And there’s not even an option of sorting the categories alphabetically either. Bummer.Overall, even the few faults that it has, PalmTube.com is a great site that offers amazing premium content for absolutely no money whatsoever. If you’re a cheapskate this website is probably going to be paradise for you. You won’t be able to get enough of all this wonderful free premium content, so you’ll just end up watching it day in and day out. Honestly, I don’t blame you, PalmTube.com has some of the best premium videos from all of the big porn studios that you can imagine.