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You’ve still got some really nice graphics and some really smooth animations that aren’t too distracting. All of the corners are nice and rounded so you can expect a really nice graphical experience on that end. No sharp edges here, everything just looks nice and smooth.Get the preview of your porn video of choice as you hover over itWhat’s even more important is that you’ve also got video previews when you hover over the video thumbnails. The videos will show you snippets from the actual porno and you will be able to decide whether this video is the right one for you straight away. You won’t have to waste any time, and you’ll be able to determine your favorite video from the get-go. You can even open up a few tabs if you’re looking to watch more than one porn video at that time.Search through the endless video repository with the search barYou’ve also got the Search feature that you might be inclined to use if you can’t find the tag that best describes what you want to watch. 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