The Slut Load theme song must be "Bad sluts, bad sluts, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you"? Well, you’re probably going to shift it into sixth gear and start wanking so hard that your dick might fall off. What site could possibly provide you with so many bad sluts? How about, an amazing free porn tube site that has a countless number of videos for you to watch. I’m not even joking; these guys release more "slut porn" videos every day than you could possibly go through (if you have any semblance of a life that is).A metric fuckton of porn videos that you can watch for absolutely freeSo how many videos am I talking about then? It sure does sound like a lot. Well, it is! We’re talking a thousand fresh new porn videos being released every single day on the platform. And I don’t know if you know this, but a thousand porn videos being released every single day is A LOT of porn. Heck, you could be jacking off every minute of every day of every month and you’ll still never be able to go through all the porn on Slut Load because they just keep on coming faster than you can go through them.Silly design with some really interesting color choicesLooking at you wouldn’t be so optimistic that they’re professional in any way. There isn’t much of a reason for this except for the tabs which have some of the silliest colors I have ever seen. I mean, they look like a 3rd grader’s HTML project where the professor told them to change all the colors of the navigation buttons just because he wants to fuck with their heads. Honestly, I don’t know who thought that these colors were a good idea in the first place, but I hate them, I hate them from the bottom of my heart.But come now, it isn’t all bad. They’ve got a pretty clean design overall, but those colors really stick out as being ugly. It also appears that is pretty static at least in the navigation section since whenever you hover over the buttons, the most you’ll get out of an effect is an underlining of the button. There are no drop-down menus for easier access, no transition animations, nothing. It’s as bland as a group of teenage white girls in a Starbucks.New videos every 10 minutes, it’s on!There are some nice things though, such as the sort buttons directly on the homepage where you can choose how you want to sort your videos. You can see the latest videos, the most popular ones, the ones with the most votes, the top-rated ones, and even the longest videos if you’re looking for a masturbation marathon. And hey, right next to these buttons we’ve got some information that the videos get updated every 10 minutes! Neat!One thing I also don’t like about the navigation bar is the fucking Home button. I could go on a rant about that here but I won’t. Instead, I’ll just point out that right above that button, as is always the case, you’ve got the logo which leads you to the exact same page as the Home button. Here’s a pro tip, get rid of the button and you free up real estate for other things that you can put on your site, like for instance a link to my site for the best porn site reviews in the universe.Yikes, talk about useless tabsThe next tab on the list is… Hold on. The Top-Rated tab? I thought we had that below with all those sorting buttons. As it turns out, we do, and this might just be an even worse waste of space than the Home button. And that’s saying a lot. could easily do away with this tab as well, it’s a shame that they can’t find a better way to organize their layout.It doesn’t end there as they have the same problem with the Latest tab. I mean, either put the button in the top bar of the site or put it above the videos, you can’t just put buttons everywhere without giving a shit. I mean you can but then your site just looks silly. Anyway, when you do go to these tabs, you’ll get to choose for what period you want the filter to work for. This way you can see the best videos of all time on this site, or perhaps some more recent masterpieces that are available on categories, nice. All categories, a jumbled mess.Now onto the Categories. As you’d expect, you’ve got all the categories that you’d usually see on other porn sites. The only difference being that the thumbnails on seem pretty amateurish. I don’t recall that the site ever explicitly said that it’s an amateur porn site. And indeed, they have the Amateur category, so they definitely aren’t an amateur porn site. Then why use such low-res thumbnails for your categories then?I also don’t think that this site gives us that many category options... wait, hold up for a second. If you scroll all the way down you’ll find a button that takes you to all the categories on And there are just SO MANY categories on here, it’s pretty insane. Most of these are just random codes apparently though so that definitely kills the vibe completely. In fact, it makes this page pretty useless now that I look at it. It’s such a mess that it’s only every now and again that you find an actual category that you can use and browse through.Literally millions of videos that you can watch right nowOh well, I guess things like this aren’t that important when your site has literally millions of videos on it. can get away with a lot because of how often they update their site and let you use it for absolutely free. All of their videos are free, that is unless you go to the Premium HD tab where you have the option to sign up for their premium video streaming services. This is all fine and dandy, but I clicked on the Join button and it looks like they didn’t set up the payment system properly.And hey, look at that, you can make your own account on here and contribute to the thousands of videos being uploaded on It can be your own homemade videos, or it can be some videos you found by accident. Either way, this site doesn’t mind the extra helping hand. You do your part soldier, and I’ll see you on the front lines. Oh, and you can also comment and like videos and things like that, but you already knew that so let’s move on.External links for some more freaky funThere are a few more tabs on but they aren’t connected to this website and instead redirect you to a different place. These have to do with live sex cams, and sex meetups. We won’t get into these, but if you’re interested simply go to the links and see where it takes you. Just be careful not to get any viruses on your mom’s PC alright? That sentence is just a few alterations away from a Freudian nightmare. Alright, we’ll leave the incest jokes behind now.Overall, (often misspelled as "sludload", "slitload" and "slutoad") is a pretty iffy site. Yeah, they’ve got a ton of videos, millions of them actually, but they are missing some key components that could really make their website shine. I think that they could fix these things easily and then their site would really be worth the recommendation. As of right now, I can only recommend it if you’re in dire need of some free porn content since this place has an inexhaustible supply of that stuff. Go ahead and check it out.