Some free sites can just make you feel like you paid $1000 to enjoy your porn. Man, sometimes the platform gets too awesome to believe it’s fucking free. Fux.com is one of those. This site is exceptionally awesome from the quality of videos to quantity, porn stars, channels, and the freaking porn deals. I would like to compare this to some pay sites, only that it’s damn free.It only takes pressing a few keys in order to access Fux. And there, the site’s homepage oozes top grade awesomeness; a world with loads of hardcore explicit videos. Watch and download straight, gay, and tranny videos conveniently and as you please. The front page alone features the most viewed scenes, the recently uploaded porn vids, and not to forget the multiple navigation features. The Porn stars and categories were the most appealing for me, as for your case, you will have to decide when you get there.First impressionRight from the moment I set foot on Fux, I could feel the site screaming classic! Classic porn tube! The sight of the top channels featured; the likes of Digital playground, Perv city among several others and porn stars alone give me goosebumps. Anyone call tell that this is going to be quite a bumpy and wet ride at first sight. Therefore, as far as first impressions go, Fux.com got the whole fucking ten shots. I just can’t couldn’t wait to jump right into the middle of this perverted bitch.Site design and navigationFux.com left me dumbfounded with their astounding site design. They make everything feel like it’s just where it should be. Again, nothing in inaccessible; probably just your cock in your zipped jeans. There two modes of viewing the site, namely; day and night modes. I prefer the night mode since the black background fits in amazingly with the bright thumbnails of videos. The day mode is kind of too bright and definitely not for me.Navigation doesn’t disappoint a bit either. Links work perfectly, tabs well placed and the pages load pretty fast — thumbs up to the developer behind all these great works. The available navigation feature boosts the system a great deal; the advanced search feature, categories, the porn stars, awesome playlists, channels, and the fact you can switch between straight, gay, and shemale videos.VideosIf it isn’t already obvious, I got to tell you suckers; I fucking love the videos hosted of this classic porn tube. Needless to mention, Fux.com has done a great job incorporating diversity on this sites. Again, all of the over 225k videos stream effortlessly and in incredible HD quality. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy porn in case you have internet problems; the video player allows you to pick from 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Beautiful playback, downloading, like/ dislike, favorite, and comment are just but a few of the impressive features on the video player.ScenesWith close to 2k channel on Fux.com, you can only imagine the kind of scenes featured. Among all the channels they all can’t be that bad now, can they? The storylines are different, the porn stars or amateurs are several. There are just no correct words to express what I wanna say about this bitch. It’s probably just better if you can just press you fucking keyboard to share this awesomeness. Digital Playground, ATK Girlfriends, Perv City, Tushy, Brazzers, Reality Kings, Indian sex lounge, Bang Bros, Trike Patrol, and Blacked are some of the popular channels on Fux.com.CategoriesCurrently, there are 36 categories on this site, with Anal, Teen, Amateur, Hardcore, Creampie, Asian, BBW, Big Dick, and Big Tits being the most popular. Yeah, I know those too many categories, but I prefer them this way as they narrow down the search significantly. Also, you can always take advantage of the search feature for a quick fap away operation.The categories are further complemented by the available, although not many either, tags. They are quite awesome too and will come in handy navigation this monster porn tube. They include; Brunette, Blonde, Facial, Doggy Style, Threesome, Cowgirl, riding among several others. This is quite a useful section on the site; I suggest you pop on over it.Porn stars on FuxThis section is just too hot! I bet these folks have captured all the hottest models in the industry. While the straight porn stars are over 6k, there aren’t many for the Gay (233), and Shemale (5). Use this section to stream and download porn featuring your favorite stars. You can even subscribe to them so that you can get updates when new videos are added to the collection. Porn stars have their dates of birth and number of views they have accumulated over the time; therefore, if aren’t sure of whom to watch, probably check the youngest all the most popular. I've got to tell you though, they all look young but display loads of experience in sucking, riding and other kinky stuff. Take full advantage of this nifty little option, to access your favorite sluts.ChannelsThis section has a collection of 1835 channels. They are the leading producers in the porn industry. The most popular ones seem to have several videos, and so are the subscriptions. Brazzers which is the channel with the most subscriptions (1730) has 8690 videos, while FuxHD has over 14k videos. Channels are an awesome way to filter content. Better yet, each channel has their own filtering options, all efforts so you can land that video you so badly yearn for. If you are into grannies, you best find a channel that does that shit.Subscribing to a channel is easy, so is finding your favorite. Just check the one with the themes you are into and hit the button. Every Channel has a small description; it might help too, so will the number of views and videos. Don’t also forget to see the date of the last update; some channels haven’t been updating for a while now.Porn playlistsWhat a nice way to quench that porn thirst all day long. All the three versions of the site (Straight, Gay, and Shemale) have their own playlists. How I see it, most playlists are made regarding the tags, porn stars, categories, and channels. Most of the playlists especially in the straight version of the site have over 500 videos, with the largest going close to 2k videos. Now how long would take you to watch all those, probably a month if you are extremely cocky? There is only one way to find out brav!FuxHD.com – Fux PremiumFuxHD.com is the premium version of the Fux.com. Yeah, the free version is incredible, but I believe this one is even better. The few pop-ups and ads on the video player will be nowhere to be found. The videos are also captivating with creative storylines. The subscription rates of the site are as follows; $1 for 2 days, $29.95 for 30 days, and $99.95 for 180 days. Either way, you don’t have to burst your balls if you are broke, check the updates of the FuxHD channel on the free version.Fux.ideagasm.com – Porn dealsThis section brings you porn deals of other premium sites. Yeah, it doesn’t sound too inviting, but what if I told you that deals could go as far as 70% off, lifetime. What that’s, did I see a smile on your face? You freaking perv! It good you check it out, major players are featured; Brazzers, Jules Jordan and more.What I love about the sitesI love almost everything about Fux.com. This porn tube allows access to content from the major producers at fucking zero dollars. Isn’t it amazing to have that pay site feeling on a porn tube? I bet it is. Again everything is so well organized just so your experience is best. There are the categories, the tags, the freaking sexy porn stars, the channels, the playlists, not to mention the unbelievable porn deals available. This place is just blissful.What I hate about the siteYes, I loved this bitch, but she still has her flaws. For starters, there seems to be nothing happening in the last two months regarding updates; disappointing! Also, the few pop-ups and banners on the video player aren’t pleasing.Suggestions I have for the siteStart by resuming the awesome update schedule of 4 to 5 vids a day. The sites experience is awesome, but it won’t be shit if you never update your content. Also, the few pop-ups, get rid of them.ConclusionI have been on many porn tube’s, but none delivers the way Fux does it. Its classic and at the same time magical. How they present the full HD videos from several channels is incredible. I bet you wouldn’t understand my emotions until you get your ass on this site. Get the fuck here!