Got porn? What a great play on the iconic slogan of the dairy industry that we all grew up with. Got milk? Well, I don’t know, but I definitely have a shit ton of heavy cream to spew all over your tits! And gotporn.com has plenty of material to milk yourself to, that’s for sure. With over two million videos (and counting) to choose from, you will never run out of porn. What a beautiful time to be alive.There are hundreds upon hundreds of porn tube and video aggregator sites on the web to choose from and most of them only have subtle differences from one another. One tube might, for example, have more of a focus on hardcore, extreme content, while another might have an amateur bent to it. At any rate, though, there tends to be a great deal of overlap when it comes to which videos are featured.This is especially true when taking into account huge tube site networks, such as the near-monopoly found in the Porn Hub network (consisting of Porn Hub, Red Tube, You Porn, Spank Wire, Xtube, PornMD, Tube8, Extreme Tube, and the newly established Model Hub just to name a few). You can see how there is bound to be some overlap, then, when most of the big tube sites online are owned and operated by one company.That is why it is always nice to stumble upon a high-quality tube site that is not a part of this network. Not that the aforementioned tube sites are not great—they definitely are, in fact, many of them have become something of the industry standard when it comes to how tube sites are operated and designed—but, as we all know, variety is the spice of life, so it certainly never hurts to have an arsenal of tube sites at your disposal when it comes time to cum.From the moment I land on the home page of Got Porn, I can immediately see that it is going to be different from the major porn tube giants. And, I must say, it’s pretty refreshing. Firstly, Got Porn has a sleek, minimalist design, lending to it a clean and organized look and feel. Whereas most porn tubes are very dark (black background, red text, etc.), making watching porn feel a little edgier or perverse than it needs to, Got Porn’s background is white, changing the entire feel of the experience a little bit.Great, Stylish Site DesignAt the top of the page, you’ll find a really nicely designed black and red logo that is centered (even further adding to the minimalist aesthetic of the site overall … this site’s designers understand the power of negative space). To the far-left of the logo is a convenient little toggler, allowing you to easily switch between straight, gay, or shemale content without having to go through the trouble of searching for it in a categories section, or visiting an entirely different version of the site. As a straight man, I also definitely appreciate how the default is straight, some sites make you opt-out of gay and shemale content.To the right of the toggler is an understated search bar that doesn’t get in the way at all of the porn viewing experience (in fact, it’s so unassuming, I only discovered it by mistake when I accidentally clicked on the white space next to the toggler). Then, to the right of the centered logo, you have a clear-cut way to either upload content or log in as a member (at no cost, mind you).Also centered right below the logo, you’ll find the site’s navigation bar, making Got Porn even easier to traverse. Choose between “Videos,” “Models,” “Categories,” “Channels,” “Pictures,” “Webcams” (Live Jasmine), and “Casino” (not really porn related, it just takes you to an online casino called Bitstarz … still pretty cool and unique for a tube site though). Below all of that, you’ll also find a few trending tags to choose from: #Lesbian, #Milf, #Bigboobs, #Teen (when would this category ever not be trending..?), #Asian, #HD, #etc. … you get the picture.Organization is KeyBetween the channels, models, and categories sections, Got Porn is one of the better-organized tube sites on the web today. There is nothing more annoying than having to fend for yourself when searching through millions of porn videos; Got Porn ensures that you don’t have to. Easily access videos of just your favorite girls, just teens or milfs, or just, say, videos produced by Brazzers or 21st Sextury with the click of a button.Below the site navigation and menu bar, the home page organizes their medium-sized thumbnails into four main sections, further adding to the site’s sense of organization: Free Porn Videos, Featured Videos, Most Popular Categories, and Recently Added Porn Videos. Although this might seem like common sense when it comes to a tube site, you’d be surprised how many choose to eschew this very simple layout choice.Another way in which Got Porn goes above and beyond the typical porn tube format is in their models’ profile pages. Most sites will let you search by the girl, sure, but most free tube sites do not have extensive profile pages dedicated to them. With Got Porn, though, read a nice little bio on your favorite slut, have easy access to all of her videos and pics, and even chat her up if she’s online. That last feature obviously does not apply to porn stars, but for finding and keeping up with popular cam girls and amateur models, it is a great feature.As far as the content is concerned, Got Porn’s videos are right up there, it seems, with any of the other big-name porn tubes. It seems like they use the same formula pretty much, a lot of excerpts from premium studio paysite videos, and a decent collection of amateur content (depending on what people feel like posting). Video quality, obviously, is going to vary depending on the uploader and the source … but that’s part of the fun of tube sites, right? The thrill of the hunt?Upon Closer Inspection…And what about the site’s media player? I think it’s pretty decent. It has most of the features I could ask for in a video player, it isn’t glitchy or slow buffering, it allows you to preview what’s to come when you hover over the scrub bar. But, then again, there’s nothing particularly special about it either … it doesn’t offer a cinema mode or minimize and follow you as you browse the rest of the page. There are plenty of recommended videos underneath to choose from, too, which is a plus. But then again, there are a shit-ton of ads.Ads appear almost everywhere you look while you browse Got Porn. For starters, they have one of those annoying first-click ads that opens your selected video in a new tab and redirects your original tab to Live Jasmine (Porn Hub and a few others do the same thing … fucking hate that). Then, what’s worse, you have large and colorful boner pill ads to the right of the video as it plays, before the video plays, while the video’s paused, and underneath the video on the page. They really seem to have embraced the false idea that porn sites need ad revenue in order to survive.Just look at theporndude.com, for example, we do not use ads and we do just fine for ourselves. Nothing grinds my gears more than unnecessary advertisements when all I want to do is cum. I can even deal with one or two ads here and there on a site (especially a smaller one, whatever), but to have this number of ads and to have them be this invasive, especially when there are so many tube sites out there to choose from? That is just not fucking acceptable (not that there are many tube sites out there without ads, by the way, but there are definitely some that have fewer than others).All in all, it’s nice to find a fresh tube site that at least feels a bit different from the typical, run of the mill stuff out there. They have a huge archive of videos (and photos) to choose from, as all tube sites do. Unfortunately, though, it seems as if the first impression of Got Porn (often misspelled as "gotporno" and "gotpron") being a refreshing break from the norm was a fleeting one born merely out of a difference in aesthetic. It’s a stylish site, sure, but once you dig a little deeper below the surface, it seems as if Got Porn is just another tube site—an exceedingly mediocre one at that.