If you expected to see lots of anal videos just because the site's name is Analdin.com, then you are wrong. This is a regular free tube porn site, one that's offering and hosting porn videos that can be seen on most tube sites. So why would anyone want to check out Analdin.com? I didn't say that they were dull and uninteresting, I did say that the video selection is a bit common. Still, that is not to say that Analdin.com is not a good tube. Anyway, let's get out of this debate and check out the facts so that you can decide on your own, shall we?The very first thing that you will notice with Analdin.com is that once you click on their video player, the frame of the video will almost take up all of the screen. It will not be a full-screen video, you still have to click on the Full-Screen button yourself but, the video will be huge. This gives off that grandiose feel to the site that's actually working so kudos to Analdin.com for making something out of nothing. It is not an easy feat and they managed to do it so that it seems as if something special is taking place.The look of the page is clean and elegant. They used the black on baby blue meets white color pallet and it looks fantastic. The homepage is filled with the New Videos. What I noticed is that when you scroll than down, it takes some time for the thumbnails to appear. The header tab has all the regular options such as Latest, Top rated, Most Viewed, Categories, Channels, Models and so on. The Models page is the one that I took notice the most so I'll get into it.The Models page has all the models listed that are featured in the videos on Analdin.com. They all have a short but concise biography along with the videos that the models are featured in. The biographies consist of their basic info a text that goes a bit in depth about their lives and their careers. A cool feat and a cool section, one that so many sites know to mess up but Analdin.com did a fine job with it.The selection of videos as I said is a bit plain and expected. On a more detailed analysis, you get to notice that they managed to sprinkle up some of the videos that are raw, amateur and fresh. They are making a difference since when you have production made videos, every other site is grabbing the same damn video for themselves and you end up with a copy/paste group of sites that offer up the same damn thing. Analdin.com has some videos that are out of the norm and they are the difference makers.I like how they did the whole video playing thing and they did it with elegance since they managed to hide all of the information in a drop down bar so if you really wanted to see the information, of course, you can, but it's just placed in a drop-down menu. The videos can be downloaded and they are also playing in a default quality setting so don't expect to see HD vids on Analdin.com. There are some that are HD, but most of the videos are in lower resolution.I think that the main asset of Analdin.com are their partner sites. When you enter the Channels page, you get to have a pick of around 100 + sites that are their partner sites and each of them have their own channel on Analdin.com. This is why they can have so many videos that are cool and different because they made the right connections. I went through some of the channels and I must say, they are kick ass.When all said and done, Analdin.com did an excellent job with their site. This is a solid site. All of the angles are covered and the quality of the site is on point. There were very few things that I could find that would be worth mentioning that are bad. It is mostly the good ones that have caught my eye and that is exactly why I say that Analdin.com is a solid site. There's nothing left to say but enjoy the site.