FAkings TV

FAkings TV, TV Fakings, fackings, follatelos...whatever! The internet is good for so many things—keeping in touch with people who are thousands of miles away from you, staying informed about current events, learning new skills and information, buying whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want it … the list goes on and on. But, hands down, the best thing to come out of the invention of the internet has to be, yep, you guessed it: porn. Nowadays, all it takes is a few quick seconds and a couple of clicks of a mouse to be inundated with billions of hours of sexy sluts getting fucked in every sick and beautiful way imaginable. This truly is the best time to be alive.But porn is not, of course, an advent of the internet. It has been around as long as there’s been film. And even longer if you count erotic literature. One new thing that the internet has allowed for, however, are the massive archives of amateur porn that we would never get to see if it weren’t for the web. We get to watch thousands upon thousands of homemade sex tapes that would otherwise remain privately shared between the couples who made them (and maybe a few lucky friends) if it weren’t for the net.Between iCloud leaks, revenge porn, and the droves of sites that encourage their users to participate and upload their own content, we have so much to amateur porn to keep us content. There are, of course, sites like Porn Hub that cater primarily toward professional studio clips and more ‘traditional’ forms of pornography that also provide features for users to become lightweight porn stars on their own terms; but even more enticing than that are the sites that provide a platform and incentivize their users to become a part of the industry.Star in Porn with FakingsThere are a few sites around based on this model, and it is always exciting to happen upon a new one … which leads me to a site called tv.fakings.com that's pretty popular for "follatelos". Fakings Network is dedicated to providing the world with top-notch amateur porn and they do so in a way, unlike most other porn sites. Whereas most other sites will either aggregate and index links to homemade and amateur content found elsewhere on the web or allow users to merely add videos to their profiles for the sheer enjoyment of other members, Fakings encourages your direct involvement in the making of their films. And the best part, they pay!Okay, sure, I guess this is basically the same idea behind any porn studio, right? Well, not exactly. Since Fakings specializes in amateur porn, they are far less selective than a premium paysite will be, increasing your chances of getting paid to fuck on film exponentially. What’s more, is that Fakings entirely covers the cost of production should you pass the initial actor screening.A lot of similar operations will, if they approve, allow you to have the chance at an audition, but leave you to foot the bill of the actress’ time and performance, the camera, the location, etc. Trust me, I’ve looked into it before, one amateur studio wanted me to pay $1,000 just for a fucking audition! Yeah, right … Not with Fakings, though, all you need is to have a look that they want, be willing and ready to fuck, be able to provide recent STD screening documentation and travel to Madrid.So what if they don’t cover travel expenses and they don’t pay for the first shoot? Honestly, who the fuck cares? They pay for every subsequent shoot (so long as your scenes are making money, that is). How they put it on their site is, “There are guys who are making money in the second scene, others who cost more, and others who simply are not worth it.” Fakings gets your foot in the door (or, rather, your dick in the pussy); what you do with it, then, is entirely up to you.A Huge Site of Opportunity and Fap PotentialBut maybe you cannot travel to Madrid for one reason or another, Fakings doesn’t count you out of the fun (especially not if you’re a lady). They also have their own adult camming site with which they claim you can start earning decent money on your first day of work. I’m pretty sure you have to have a pussy to sign up, but you can always try convincing your wife, girl, sidepiece, or friend with benefits into fucking you on cam as a potential side hustle. You never know, she might just say yes, and then, the next thing you know, you’re getting paid to have sex. Oh, wait, that’s right, you probably don’t have a girl, do you?Well, if that’s the case, you can always sign up to watch girls on their cam site. Or, if that’s not really your thing, Fakings has plenty of prerecorded amateur porn for you to wank it to as well. At the time that I visited they boasted 10,871 videos, 31 series, 4,053 online users, and 38 chicas online (this was 6:00 PM EST on a Wednesday).Plus, they claim to upload 3,000 new amateur videos every month, so, in theory, the site will just keep expanding until the end of time, meaning that you will never run out of porn (nor will your great-great-great-great-grandson’s great grandson). Well, assuming that the human race survives that long, that is. If not, the alien paleontologists that eventually come to earth and discover the ruins of civilization will have plenty of porn to teach them about our kind, and maybe even aid them in doing whatever the fuck their weird Martian version of fapping is.Fakings, though, is not all orgasms and good times. I was disappointed to learn that, without a VIP membership, you are not able to watch full videos on their site. Which is fair … I guess they have to pay their amateur porn starlets somehow, right? On the other hand, though, they could probably afford to with ad revenue, since they do advertise (not sure if the ads go away or not once you are a member).But Here Come the Blue Balls…But, without a membership, your left with a lot of one to five-minute video clips. Every once in a while, you may come across a video that plays in full, but it is all too rare an occurrence for me. For a site like this, especially given the fact that they’re collecting ad revenue, I would expect way more free videos. Or at least longer previews.The previews aren’t even that great, they don’t show anything exciting. The girls are still clothed by the end of most of them. What kind of bullshit is that? If I wanted to see decently attractive, fully-clothed chicks, I would just go to Starbucks or something.That’s the other thing about this site, most of the actresses on Fakings are moderately attractive at best. And the quality of the filming isn’t always that great. I mean, I get that these are amateurs and that’s the whole point, but I’ve seen better quality amateur porn from users uploading content to Porn Hub for free, if I’m being frank. I really don’t see myself paying money for what Fakings is offering.As far as site design is concerned, though, I’ve seen better, and I’ve seen worse. The site is pretty easy to navigate and fairly intuitive. It’s a little more cluttered than I typically like to see, I think they could benefit from the idea of embracing negative space a little bit more. Plus, the video thumbnails do not issue any sort of preview when you hover your mouse over them (not even a slideshow), and that just seems like it should be a given at this point when it comes time to code a porn site, don’t you think?Add all that to the fact that the site is pretty lousy with ads, and I’m not very impressed. At least not with the site itself. The content is okay (could be much, much better for the fact that you have to pay to view most of it), the site design could be improved, and there could definitely be more useful and interesting features (this site, for example, really lends itself to more of a community aspect that I am just not seeing being fulfilled as of now … huge missed opportunity there)I think it would be cool if they added a convenient way to access their list of actresses as well. Although I think it’s cool that you can click on a girl’s name and be brought to a profile page of sorts for her, complete with links to all her scenes and a short summary of what she’s about, porn-wise, why not give us a page labeled “Actresses” where we can browse through and find the girls we like without having to click through countless videos?All in all, I was pretty underwhelmed with the actual Fakings site (often misspelled as "fakingtv"). I do, however, fucking love the idea, and I wish I lived in Madrid (now more than ever) because I would be fucking bitches on camera all the time!