Are you a Fapster? Go ahead and deny it if you want, but as a guy who works on the web, I’ve already looked at their traffic stats. These guys are pulling 20,000 visitors a day, which is a lot of perverts! (I don’t mean to judge Fapster viewers and I certainly don’t want to lump ThePornDude visitors into one big bunch, but come on, most of you surf the Internet with your pants around your ankles. Wear that Pervert badge with pride!)Fapster.xxx has been around in some form or another since 2005, according to the copyright at the bottom, though their current domain was only registered back in 2019. Whether it’s 16 years old or just 3, it’s had a longer life than a lot of the shittier tubes I’ve reviewed over the years. What’s the key to their longevity? It’s probably the fact that this tube is just straight-up giving away some of today’s best porno. I guess there’s only one way to find out, which is why I’ve lubed up the ol’ silicone schoolgirl snatch.Before I go any further, though, I just have to talk about the name for a second. The oldsters in the audience remember the glory days of Napster, back when music was free for a short while until the rich guys from Metallica had a shitfit about it. Napster has tried to rebrand itself over the years and is currently failing at selling themselves as a Spotify alternative. Even by 2005, Napster had largely lost its standing, so it’s possible Fapster has always been more popular than their apparent namesake. These days, Fapster.xxx is getting about 12 times as much traffic as the former music-sharing giant. Ouch! I guess they shouldn’t have pissed off Lars.Come Get Some Free Porn and HentaiI see so many half-baked free tubes these days that put zero effort into the presentation. A lot of those shitty joints don’t even have a logo, so I was happy to see a big, stylized F in the corner of Fapster. It’s not overly flashy or anything, but aspiring pornographers, take note: that little custom emblem distinguishes their brand from other tubes out there, and instantly feels more professional than a lot of the competition. (And if you want to know more about launching your own porn empire, check out my site, PornWebmasters.com!)Another element that feels professional as hell is the overall cleanliness of the presentation. The thumbnails of indecent flight attendants, cum-drenched hentai sluts and interracial threesomes are filthy as hell, but the front page of Fapster.xxx serves them up without a single piece of spam worming its way through my adblocker. As an experiment, I turned my anti-spam plugins off. Low and behold, the front page is spam-free even without a condom on my browser.The illusion proved to be short-lived. I started getting pop-ups when I ventured from the front page, so you’ll definitely want to keep your adblocker engaged. Still, as someone who compares different porn tubes every single day, I was impressed by that uncluttered front window display.Obviously, it takes more to impress me than a simple wall-of-thumbnail design, even if it is more polished than the other guys. Speaking as more of a porn fan than a layout geek, I like the mixed selections and recommendations out front. Fapster.xxx has free porn from major studios, amateur smut and a lot of hentai. It’s not uncommon to find a little bit of porn anime on the free tubes, but it feels like there’s slightly more emphasis on it here. The site takes user uploads, so the abundance of JAV and hentai in the latest uploads might indicate a growing userbase of weeaboos, otaku neckbeards, and sufferers of the affliction known as yellow fever.Piling Up Porn for Over a DecadeI started writing up this Fapster.xxx review a few hours ago, and then took a break for lunch and my usual post-meal fap. Honestly, I could have taken my wank break here, because by the time I came back, there was a bunch of free smut that wasn’t there before. Users are adding a few new movies to the site every hour of every day. The newest row of wives fucking strangers, busty Arab BBC cam shows, slim masturbating babes and buttfucking shemales was all added within the last hour.It kind of goes without saying that the full collection is pretty fucking huge at this point. Digging back, the archive stretches over 7,000 pages through the last 13 years. Sometimes the older tubes have a lot of dead videos, if you dig deep enough, so I went all the way back to their oldest movies to check. I didn’t find any dead links or broken video players, which means the full Fapster.xxx collection contains over 140,000 movies!One of the biggest problems with porn collections of this size is just deciding where to start. If you’re the kind of indecisive motherfucker who adds shit to their Netflix queue for hours instead of watching something, you might be a little bit overwhelmed here. My advice is to head straight to your favorite shit instead of just shaking your dick around randomly.The Fapster Categories page is a great jumping-off point. (Wait… maybe that should be “jacking-off point.”) A lot of tubes have a Categories page that just lists tags, with a lot of overlapping niches like Big Tits, Giant Tits and Giant Big Tits. I like how they’ve taken the time to streamline the list, weeding out the redundant tags and adding a thumbnail for each. As retarded and cliché as it sounds, there really is something for almost everyone here. Pretty much everything is covered except for the more extreme and questionably legal fetishes like scat and bestiality.The Categories page has quick links to about a hundred of the most popular porn subgenres. There are Facials and Teens, Group sex and Celebrity porn. I dipped into the Tattooed Women stash, sprayed some spunk to the Bukkake area, and indulged in their Step Fantasy selection, which contains over 6,000 X-rated pretend incest scenarios. There’s a Popular With Women section for the broads, Rough Sex for the sadists, and 19,000 miscellaneous kinky films filed under Fetish. If that ain’t hard enough for you, maybe try the Fisting, the Bondage, or the Pissing libraries at Fapster.Cranking It to the ClassicsI figured I’d start my official Fapster.xxx fap test with one of the newest scenes added to the site. I noticed a new Reality Kings video added just 4 hours ago. It’s around 11 minutes long with an affiliate link to Reality Kings, so it’s clearly a sample. I did find something of a mixed bag on the site, so while there are a ton of shorter sample scenes like this, you’ll also find some longer, full-length pornos for those who prefer uninterrupted marathon fap sessions.The video player is pretty basic, without any resolution options or playback speed control, but at least the video loaded up quickly and smoothly. After the RK intro montage, we find our heroine in a bathtub, where she is soon joined by a male partner. A back massage segues into a masturbation scene and then a POV blowjob, which evolves in typical porn fashion to a dick ride. It’s high-quality porn, which is no less than I expect from Reality Kings. My only complaint about watching it on Fapster is that it doesn’t seem to be in HD, let alone 4K.The relatively low resolution was the biggest drawback I found to the site, though it’s not an uncommon tradeoff for a free tube. The big sites upload their content to the free tubes with the hope you’ll shell out some money for the full-length, full-resolution version. My other complaint is also minor: while the footer text loudly brags about how you can download movies from Fapster.xxx, I found that most videos don’t have a Download button.I don’t think either of those are going to be a dealbreaker for anybody who loves dirty movies. At the end of the day, Fapster.xxx is going to appeal to anybody with a hard-on and a desire to stroke it until it squirts all over and then deflates. At over 140,000 pieces of X-rated content, their collection is ludicrously deep, with a convenient setup that doesn’t get in your way while you’re trying to indulge in some alone time with those videos. Check them out if you’re looking to spice up your lunch break or make those boring productivity meetings a little more interesting.