Porn Wild, aka 0 Day Porn, aka Yea Porn Pls! I'm already digging the name! We’re not delving into the niche, fetish porn sites today. No weird specific shit or anything like that. You don’t always need it anyway. Sometimes a plain old porn tube is exactly what you need to get the job done. But porn tubes sites can vary widely in quality. The good ones have a wide selection of videos, HD content, a reasonable layout and site design, and some unique features. The bad ones, well, they usually have little to none of that shit, with annoying ads and poor mobile experiences to boot. The site I have for you today is yeapornpls.com. Let’s see how this site stacks up to the contenders.First off, no this is not the popular porn site yespornplease.com. This is a potential knock-off of that site probably run by someone who may be trying to take advantage of the similar name. We’re not off to a good start already. And I can tell they are a likely a copycat because they just started up about 6 months ago. Now, I don’t want to go pointing blame or accusations here. But it’s suspicious. Like trying to explain to your wife that those panties she found were actually mixed up in your laundry or some shit. It just doesn’t look good.New and Growing Site with an Unoriginal DesignAnyway, they are still pretty new, so I can’t be too harsh on their numbers. It’s just under 200 thousand visitors to the site every month. It’s not a lot. Especially since they are seeming to copy a site with over 72million views every month. Guess the ploy isn’t quite working out so far. Anyway, enough numbers and shit. Let’s get into the site design.Can you guess what site it looks like? I’ll give you a second to think it over. Go ahead, no rush. Okay, yeah, you fucking guessed it. It looks like an off-brand version of yespornplease.com. Same black and pink color scheme. The video previews are smaller, but they are centered just the same as the other site. Search bar right up top of the vids. If it wasn’t intentional somehow, then it must be one of the most coincidental things I’ve ever seen. But I’d place my bets on it being the former. Just noticed this, but the little icon in the corner of my open tab is pretty similar too.Despite those facts, it’s got a good layout. The site colors are easy on the eyes if you’re using a big screen. Though no matter what page I got to, even after verifying my email, there’s always this bar up top that says, “email confirmation not required.” Well, okay, but why do I need to know if it’s not required? Up by the logo, there are a few tabs you can choose from. Videos, categories, community, upload, and hosting partner. Oh, and, of course, you’ll see my awesome logo up there that will take you back to my site.Sketchy Ads Make the Site Feel UnsafeThe initial page is organized in blocks by featured vids, most recent, and videos being watched currently. But let’s look at the videos and categories tabs first to get a feel of some of the content before we commit to anything. First off, I went through a couple pop up ads before I could get to the page. These seemed malicious too. Not your usual cam site ad. Super sketchy sites asking me to download software or update Google Chrome. Not cool. And it took a good 5 or 6 seconds to load the page. That’s not terribly long, but it certainly isn’t fast.On the videos tab you can sort by public or private videos, when they were added, by views, rates, longest, comments, or favorites. That’s a damn good list of options. The private videos here require you to be friends with the user before you can view them. Everything else is fair game. Plus, they only have 4 private videos currently, so you’re not missing out on too much content.Decent List of Categories, but Not a Lot of Content YetBut if you don’t see what you want there then you’ll probably want to follow me over to the categories page. It’s nothing special really. It’s nice that they have a category page, but you don’t get any image previews or anything like that. You get what it’s called and how many videos are in that category. Their largest category by far is Brazzers with over 1000 thousand videos, but most of their other sections are pretty slim in terms of videos. I get it. They’re new. But “cumshots” is a popular enough type of porn that warrants more that just 1 video in that category. Same with “homemade.” 1 video? Come on. Get your shit together.What is nice is that the sorting options I mentioned earlier work within each category, so you can narrow down your search pretty fucking easily. Not that’s its too hard here with the limited content. But when they grow this feature will definitely be a lot more useful. Speaking of content, their upload feature doesn’t seem to be accessible to users currently. It says it’s for “premium members only” and gives you an error when you click on it. There’re no premium options here, so I don’t know what they are on about. Maybe it will be added later on.The previews for the videos are alright. A 5/10 if I had to give it a rating. They are just still images, but you do get some information about them. You get a tab for if it’s HD (720p), video length, upload day, views, and rating. Not that the rating seems to mean anything. Everything I found had a 100 percent rating or no rating at all. But the view counts are pretty low with most being under 1 thousand. So, I guess I’ll have to wait and see if the rating system actually does something as the site grows.Good Video Player, but a Poor Mobile ExperienceThe video player is also decent. There isn’t much buffering and you can download, rate, share, favorite, and all that good shit. But holy fuck, the ads. I got 4 pop ups before the video would play for me. That should be criminal. It really didn’t even make it worth it to watch the video at that point. But at least the quality for most of the vids is pretty great. Everything seems to be at least 720p, and a lot of other sites definitely can’t claim that. So, a few points for you yea porn pls.The mobile site kind of blows. Right off it tries to push notifications, shows misleading Facebook icon ads on the side, and then bombards you with pop-ups. And if that weren’t enough, the general user experience isn’t great. I found it hard to navigate without accidentally opening videos. You can’t scroll through without opening a video, even if you’re just swiping by it. Annoying as fuck. At least the videos themselves played alright, so there’s that, I guess.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite features about this site aren’t even about yeapornpls. I like the design, color scheme, and video player layout. Which, as I’ve mentioned, was probably taken from yespornplease.com. So, I can’t really give them credit for that here. The site has potential, but I think they should forge their own identity. There’re so many popular porn sites out there that a copy just isn’t going to make it as well as all those unique ones.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsAs for a suggestion, man, ease up on the ads. I get that it’s a free and new site that needs revenue, but it’s not even worth using at this state. Also, fix the mobile site. It could be a great porn if I didn’t have to deal with the pop-ups and mis clicks every time I tried to scroll down the page. I’d also like to see some previews in the categories page, animated thumbnails, and some fixes for certain parts of the site that just don’t work. If they did that and changed up their name and style, they could have a great site here. It’s obvious that the people behind this know what they’re doing site design wise.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I just can’t recommend you go to the site as is. Especially when yespornplease.com is such a superior site without all of the struggle. It’s growing and may prove me wrong, but I just don’t see it happening. The content is decent, and the site is okay, but I’d keep looking.