X Keez Movies must belong to a Dutch mofo, right? Well, every person who browses the internet for more than an hour at once can definitely say that they’ve experienced at least one moment of ‘heat’ which was quickly followed by opening up a private incognito window and searching for some XXX content worth fapping to. This kind of porno consumer is impulsive, and they would definitely open up even fishy XXX tubes that seem like they might be hiding spyware or malware in order to get the job done.This is the kind of porn consumer that does things out of desperation – they typically throw caution to the wind and ignore all categorization and filtering options on XXX tubes because nine out of ten times, they’re not looking for anything specific, and instead rely on the most attractive thumbnail to get the job done. That’s why websites like XKeezMovies.com exist – they’re there to be taken advantage of when times are desperate, and despite their flaws, they still manage to uphold some popularity, at least enough to keep them afloat and pumping out newly recycled XXX content until the world stops masturbating, which will probably never happen.Why You’d Fap on a Site like ThisThe most obvious answer as to why anyone would fap to anything is porn, of course, but there’s much more to it than just that. Around half of the XXX websites I review and catalog on my page (which is more or less half of all currently existing XXX sites) are sites that prey on desperate masturbators who wanna rub one off quickly – it’s during that state of mind that they’ll do anything in order to get their desired effect. What these kinds of websites do is show you a whole heap of attractive thumbnails that lead to videos, which in the eyes of horny people look enticing enough to be clicked on without a moment’s notice. Then once you’re on the video itself you’re basically powerless and will leap through any gateway in order to get to your video, including turning off AdBlock in order to get it to play.That’s right – this is one of those ad-dependent websites that requires you to turn off AdBlock in order to be able to play their videos, but at least their videos are of premium quality.The Categories are MessyOne of the things I almost immediately noticed about this website’s categories is that they show how many videos they contain, which should be a common no-brainer for all XXX tubes but unfortunately, the online XXX industry is yet to catch on to this useful trend. The second thing I noticed is that there are some pretty weird categories that I’ve never seen on any other XXX tube before. One example is ‘Nice Girls’, which for me is a perplexing category because I have no idea whether a ‘nice girl’ is a girl who acts nice and pleasant in a video, or if she’s someone who looks ‘nice’.Then there’s another weird, vaguely-titled category called ‘Hot Porn Videos’, which seems to be just plain-old porn videos, which are already hot by default. By now I already noticed that a lot of the categories are plastered on almost every video so there may not be any true distinction and organization between this site’s content at all, because I get almost the same videos from ‘Nice Girls’ as I do from ‘Hot Porn Videos’. All in all the general categories on this website are decent, even though some usual ones are missing and some are just plain weird.Category via StudioThere’s another section which has an ingeniously creative name: ‘Section’. At first I thought it was just some visual bug or something, but the ‘Section’ section actually works as a drop-down menu much like the aforementioned ‘Porn Studios’ section, and it too contains a seemingly-random assortment of professional porn productions which this time seem to be lesser-known, such as BigTitsatWork, Mikes Apartment, BrownBunnies, and MomsInControl. I have no idea why they’d split both of those sections in two as opposed to having one, but then again this website has a lot of weird unexplained things on it…Choose Your PornstarThe ever-present Pornstar section is present on this site, and it’s a hot mess much like roughly half of this whole damn website. The pornstars show up in large thumbnails in alphabetical order, which doesn’t provide much in terms of user experience or visual aid. Secondly, there are no filters for the cataloged models on this page whatsoever – all you get is an alphabetical list, and the worst part is, you can’t even use a search bar to find a pornstar, so if you did have one in mind to fap to you’ll have to use the all-purpose search bar on the site.The only redeeming quality I’ve seen on the pornstar section is the fact that their individual profiles come with a little basic information about the girls themselves, including a cute little paragraph that explains what they’re like on set, which is of course stolen from some big-budget XXX production house. And yes, all the videos which a given model appears in are listed below her profile, which proves that while this site may be unorganized, it’s not completely anarchistic. Also, some pornstars are missing their thumbnail images, which makes this section look even messier and unappealing.Play the Video, if You CanSince there’s always more than one source for videos streamed on these video players, there’s an additional secondary video player that’s there to get the job done should the first one fail (and trust me, it’s common for these players to fail). This means that you can’t edit the quality of your video, and the video itself is pretty slow to load due to the player’s streaming properties.The source link of the video itself is listed below the player, as well as nifty little video description that details what happens in the video in a narrative-like way (which is of course stolen because those descriptions are written by the production house that made the actual video). Also, while we’re on the topic of videos, I’d like to quickly point out that the only video filters available on this site are ‘via date’, the number of likes they have, the number of views they have or completely random (if you’re up for some fap roulette). And to make matters worse, some of the videos don’t play at all, which isn’t surprising due to the ‘openload’ video player.The Design Could Use Some RefiningIn the end, I admit that this site is somewhat decent despite all its flaws, because it gets the job done despite its many imperfections. But one thing that manages to piss me off more than anything else is its horrible design – not only is this site a visual eyesore, but the user experience coupled with the limitless amount of ad pop-ups definitely makes it a pain in the ass to use.