Who’s up for some Severe Porn? That’s more of a rhetorical question, because pretty much all the traffic I get here at ThePornDude is horny as fucking hell. Hell, if you told me you weren’t into severe porn, I’d know you took a wrong turn somewhere. That’s just the kind of thing that happens when you type words like Anal, Threesome, and Blowbang into the search bar, right?Honestly, with a name like, you’re going to have a hard time convincing anybody you came here with any intention other than jacking off to some intense hardcore fuck flicks. Don’t worry, though, because nobody’s going to judge you for it. In fact, you’re in good company: they get a couple of thousand depraved perverts like you flocking in every day, pants down and dicks out. Not surprising, seeing as this tube’s whole gimmick is full-length premium smut for free. What’s that old saying about not buying the cow when it’s already slurping your ding-dong?Top Sluts Fucked in Every HoleSeverePorn has got the basic tube layout you’ve seen a million times, so no surprises there. The logo looks a little cheap, but I don’t get any dick-pill ads forcing their way through my adblocker, so I’m not complaining. I’m more interested in the top-shelf porn sluts filling up the wall of thumbnails out front. I see Alex Coal getting drilled in a cuckold scene, Kenzie Reeves and Rachael Cavalli double-teaming on some lucky motherfucker, and Khloe Kapri in a Santa hat, getting wet. Merry fucking Christmas!I was ready to dismiss it as just another free tube stocking its shelves with samples from the paysites; then I noticed the runtimes listed below each screengrab of a pornstar eating pussy, getting creampied, or getting fucked up the ass. There are some short scenes, especially with the amateur clips and OnlyFans scenes I see among the bunch, but most of the scenes run between twenty minutes and an hour. This is the kind of place where you can settle in for a nice, long fap session, so make sure you lock the McDonald’s restroom before you get started.When I first saw the name Severe Porn, I thought it might be one of those extreme porn sites where all the girls are shitting or getting into serious motorcycle accidents. It’s actually a nice variety of more traditional hardcore porn, though some of their stuff leans toward the harder end of the spectrum. I see rough and brutal facefucking, first-time teen buttfucking, bedroom butthole fisting, and double anal penetration on the front page alone. One of the site’s top categories is Blowjob After Cumshot, so this isn’t a place for the sexually timid.Major Studios without Major PricesMost of the categories listed at correspond to the sites the movies originated at. They’ve got material from a bunch of big, popular paysites. There’s stuff from Tushy, Vixen and PureTaboo on the menu, not to mention Brazzers, BangBros, and Blacked. They’ve also got a growing collection of videos from clip sites like ManyVids, IWantClips and OnlyFans.They’ve got a category called Full Movies with over a thousand entries. I’d expected that given the general theme of SeverePorn, but I was a little more surprised by their 0day Porn collection. In case you’re unfamiliar with the terminology, “zero day” means that shit literally just came out. I’m guessing the nearly 13,000 movies filed in the category are no longer brand new, but if they’re not bullshitting, they were uploaded to the same day they hit the paysites. These guys must have made one hell of a deal with the porn studios.Speaking of moving that new shit, SeverePorn is updated with fresh content on a pretty much non-stop basis. The whole front page is nothing but pornos uploaded in the last 12 hours. I had to scroll back a few pages before I found stuff from yesterday. It looks like they’re adding around a hundred a day, so you aren’t about to run out of fap material anytime soon. In fact, you’d probably better clear some time on your schedule and make sure you’ve got plenty of lotion.Stream Now, Download for LaterPersonally, I’m always stocked up on lotion. I am short on free time, though, maybe on account of all the compulsive masturbation I need to do every day. It’s an affliction that works well with my gig as a porn reviewer, though, so I fired up the old suction machine and got ready to fap-test Severe Porn. The only question was where to start. Would it be horny MILFs and their stepsons, a hypnotized babe eating cum for lunch, or a lesbian threesome with gaping and squirting?Then I noticed Petra Blair’s pretty face and sexy naked body in a clip uploaded a few hours ago. The other movies would have to wait. I clicked through to the scene, which started playing as soon as I hit the Play button. The smooth, instantaneous playback may have something to do with the low resolution. It’s just 480p and non-adjustable, which ain’t great if you’re watching on anything bigger than your phone. Even on a small screen, it’s clearly not the HD we’ve all grown used to.Perhaps all the visible pixels are the price we pay, since doesn’t charge its users a dime. I certainly can’t complain about the movie. There’s a great pussy-eating scene that starts around five minutes in, and they really take their time with it. Petra moans and squirms and squeals, clearly enjoying herself as much as the dude with his tongue in her snatch. He gives her ass a lick before smashing her doggystyle, and she’s all primed, wet and ready.There’s a download button beneath each video, so you can use their collection to build your own offline library of porn for when society crumbles to dust. It’s a decent option if you’re running low on disk space already, because the low bitrate files are fucking tiny. Petra gets fucked for twenty-five minutes and it’s not even 120 megabytes.Miles and Miles of PornstarsSeverePorn does a pretty good job indexing all the pornstars, so there’s a nice selection of Petra Blair movies presented beneath the video I was just beating off to. The sheer size of Severe Porn is impressive, a point further emphasized by their Models section.The Models area is a seemingly endless gallery of high-end sluts, most of whom seem to have multiple movies in the collection already. I clicked around randomly and found 22 Nelly Kent videos, 18 with Dana Wolf and 40 with Jewelz Blu. I typed Abella Danger into the box and 3 pages of fuck flicks, so it looks like my productivity for the day is absolutely fucked.The overall massive size of SeverePorn’s premium porn library is one of their best assets. These guys are stockpiling paid content in a ludicrously huge free tube. Their low video bitrate actually makes a lot of sense, because bandwidth for this volume of content has got to be expensive enough. Speaking from a strictly practical standpoint, they really couldn’t deliver this much porn to this many people if they were streaming in HD or 4K. They’d either have to charge you money or blow up your browser with intense spam. With my spam-blocker running, I didn’t have any issues.But of course, this leads us back to SeverePorn’s weakest link. It’s a tradeoff, yeah, but it’s a tradeoff that’s going to be a dealbreaker for some of you. If you’re fapping on the big-ass monitor at work, you’re probably not going to be satisfied with the low video quality, free or not. The whole collection is going to appeal more to people with smaller screens or just worse eyesight.Ultimately, it seems like your appreciation for is going to relate directly to how high you need your video quality to be. It’s good enough for thousands of masturbators a day, which tells me a lot of you are going to have a fucking great time today. This collection is huge, it’s free, and it’s chock-full of full-length premium dirty movies.