Would you call yourself a Porn Top, or are you more of a smut bottom? However you define your relationship with dirty movies, I bet you’re really into them; otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this here on ThePornDude. Hey, don’t feel bad. It’s a well-known fact that the web consists of 94% pornography and 6% MLM schemes, and I’m not about to try pushing some diet pills or yoga pants on you. You and me, we’re into the same shit, which is why I think you’re going to like this next was actually registered back in 2003, though its current incarnation has only been blowing up the Internet for the last few months. When I say “blowing up,” I fucking mean it: these guys have gone from zero to nearly 20,000 visitors a day in under a hundred days. They say you shouldn’t jump off a bridge just because all your friends are, but what if all your friends are beating off to the same website? PornTop is a free video tube, so it’s not like you’re risking anything by lubing up and taking a look around.Fresh Free Porno on the DailyI’m writing this on a Monday morning, just a short while after dragging my ass out of bed, brewing up some coffee and snorting my morning rail of Viagra. There was a time change over the weekend, stealing away an hour of prime masturbation time, so my eyes are a little extra bleary as I load up the front page of thumbnails. I blink a few times, the exposed boobies and penetrated pussies coming into better focus.It may be early in the day and early in the week, but these smut-peddling perverts are already at it. Half of PornTop’s front page is labeled as The Newest Porn Videos Added Today, because the library is updated on a near-constant basis all day and night. I couldn’t find any actual upload dates, but it’s pretty obvious they ain’t bullshitting with that “Today” label.How can I be so sure? Well, because the site’s only been online for a few months, but the archive already stretches back a cool 1721 pages. By the time you read this, it will be even deeper. That’s about 62,000 free porno movies and counting. If you want to fap through the whole collection, you’re going to need a real supervillain setup. I’m talking about an underground bunker with screens all over every wall, so you can watch dozens of dirty movies at once.Of course, most of you aren’t necessarily porno multitaskers, and that’s just fine. Hell, I’m a professional masturbator and even I tend to stick to one film at a time. In that case, one of the biggest problems is just deciding where to start. I can already tell there’s a lot of good shit on the Porn Top menu, and I haven’t even started digging yet. Now, where the hell did I put that silicone butthole?Big Names, Big Faces, Big TatasPornTop doesn’t have a terribly elaborate setup. In fact, it’s pretty much the basic tube layout you’ve been jerking off to for years. Instead of getting all flashy with the presentation, they let the smut speak for itself, and it’s pretty fucking loud. They’ve got material from a ton of major studios, starring a ton of big-name pornstars. You’ll start seeing that high-end smut the moment you land.Among today’s updates alone, I see scenes from DorcelClub, Brazzers, and TeamSkeet. They even list some of the bigger studios and paysites up in the header for quick access to their work on Porn Top: Reality Kings, Blacked, Naughty America, FakeHub and half a dozen other known quantities in the business.The big-name studios offer a certain consistency to their quality versus the smaller outfits, and part of the formula is all those high-end video whores. They’ve done a good job tagging most of the pornos with the names of the girls, making it easy to find favorites like Alexis Fawx, Abella Danger, Carolina Sweets or Ariella Ferrera. There’s also a fair amount of JAV (Japanese Adult Video), so you weeaboos can get your rocks off to AV idols like Yurika Miyachi and Akari Asakiri.The categories are likewise tagged well, so you skip right to the Big Cocks or Blowjobs, Threesomes and Glory Holes. A handful of Top Searches are offered up in a front-page sidebar menu, and I’ve got to say, I’m a little impressed by how perverted the userbase is around here. Folks here love Indian porn, Virgins, and Sisters like they do most places, as well as Mom And Son. That apparently ain’t quite hard enough for some of the wankers here, because Son Forced Mom is also one of the Top Searches. (And in case you’re wondering, no, this ain’t a rape tube. A search for Son Forced Mom brings up a bunch of hot, consensual pornos starring famous MILFs.)While they may not have that particular and rare subgenre, they do have a nice, deep mix of pornographic subcategories to peruse. The Categories page offers a nice index of their material, spanning a couple of hundred categories that will keep most of you more than happy. They’ve got all the standards like Lesbian, Interracial and Shaved, and also a fair number of kinkier categories like BBW, Pissing, Humiliation and BDSM. Honestly, if you’re a big enough freak that this stuff doesn’t do it for you, you’re just looking in the wrong place. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Check out my lists of Fetish Porn Sites and Extreme Porn Sites!)Copious Free Porn with Minimal SpamI noticed one of the recent additions to was a Lana Rhoades scene from Blacked Raw. I’m a fan of Lana and have always liked the Blacked brand, so it seemed like a good place to start my official fap test. (Side note: people often ask what the difference is between Blacked and Blacked Raw. Blacked is traditionally shot interracial porn, while Blacked Raw goes for the reality porn style with handheld cameras and more natural “hookup” scenarios.)The video player baked into Porn Top is a pretty bare-bones affair without any advanced features like speed control or even selectable video resolutions. The scene is clear enough playing in a window, but looks a little grainy when I go full-screen. It clearly ain’t HD, which is a bummer.The good news is that the video plays immediately as soon as I hit the Play button. There’s no apparent buffering, nor does any spam slip through my adblocker. In fact, I didn’t get any spam at all during my visit. Ads are one of the biggest dealbreakers on the newer tubes, because it’s hard to jerk off when you’ve got to close a dick-pill pop-up every few seconds. The minimal-spam setup here is definitely one of the reasons their traffic has been skyrocketing over the last few months.The resolution ain’t as crystal clear as it’d be on a premium site, but considering the price and convenience (quick playback with zero spam), I ain’t complaining. It’s definitely good enough to get off to, as I did while watching Lana get all full up on BBC for twelve minutes. After Lana pushed a creampie out of her butthole, it was all over.PornTop ain’t a piracy tube, so one of the site’s only downsides is the relatively short length of the scenes. Instead of getting full-length porno movies, you’re mainly going to be beating off to the freebies and samples the major studios give out. It ain’t exclusive to Porn Top, but I know that’s not going to discourage a single one of you if you’re horny. Clicking from one video to another ain’t rocket science, and the spam situation ain’t going to hold you back like it would on the shittier free tubes out there.Ultimately, it seems like the formula is simple but very effective: they serve up thousands upon thousands of free dirty movies from big studios, starring big pornstars, minus the aggressive spam you’d find on other tubes. The only real compromise you’re making, in this case, is the relatively low resolution and short movie length. If they maintain the current setup and keep up that rapid-fire release rate, I can only see PornTop becoming more and more popular. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m done with work, so I have some recreational masturbation to do.