Any Sex. That is both a great name for a porn site and something that you’re clearly not getting! I mean, I suppose you could be getting laid. But if you were, why the fuck would you be watching as much porn as you do? Come on, don’t lie, how many times a day, on average, would you say you beat your meat? Three? Four? Six? I’m going to go ahead and assume that the number is somewhere on the higher end … especially since you’re sitting there, reading porn site reviews.Nobody who watches porn casually needs someone to review sites for them. You’re a full-fledged fap addict. A bonified pornoholic. Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that (other than the fact that if you spend all of your time jerking off in your room, you’re probably never going to actually get laid). But, hey, that’s what porn is made for, right? Getting us through when we’re going through a dry spell and can’t seem to get any pussy? No judgments here, my friend. Fap to your heart’s content (or, more accurately, I suppose, to your dick’s content).For those of you out there who just can’t seem to get enough porn, you happen to have been born into a beautiful point in history. Never before, since the very first pornographic images painted onto ancient cave walls, has porn been easier to access or more abundant. With nothing more than a quick click of a mouse, you have access to millions upon millions of fuck flicks, with a nearly endless amount of variety at your disposal. Any kink, fetish and weirdly obscure or extremely specific sex scenario is yours for the fapping thanks to the internet.We also have, which is unique to this century, many different types of porn sites to enjoy – allowing us to not only discover and satiate our deepest, darkest, most specific impulses, but to choose between any number of ways in which we access the videos we love. The days of a singular, monolithic model that all porn sites follow are far behind us. What’s more, a large portion of the porn to be found online is available completely free of charge. Whether you prefer free porn tubes, porn aggregator sites, or live camming sites, you will be 100% able to find the precise thing that gets you off (and probably without even having to use your free hand to reach for your wallet).The trick, however, is being able to A.) figure out which kind of site you prefer, and B.) decide which site, of the thousands of your preferred type that exist, provides the greatest porn experience. Any Sex falls under the category of free porn tubes (alongside porn giants Porn Hub and Red Tube). But how does it stack up against its competitors? Well, let’s take a look and see for ourselves.As soon as you land on Any Sex’s home page, it should look relatively familiar. At least to anyone who is well-versed with the typical porn tube page layout – black background, thousands of video thumbnails, a logo and a site menu bar at the top of the page that follows you no matter where on the site you click. There are, however, a couple of major differences in Any Sex’s layout when compared to the more iconic setups of, say, Porn Hub, Red Tube, or xHamster.For one thing, the thumbnails are much smaller than you might be used to. Which might actually be preferred, considering the fact that, with smaller thumbnails, you can fit more onto a single page. Maybe you’ve run into this issue on Porn Hub: they make their thumbnails a little too big, I think, and do not list as many as maybe they should on a given page. This causes you to have to click through page after page after page, providing only 10-15 on each one. So fucking annoying, right? How are you expected to maintain your hard-on when every 5 seconds (once you scan a new page for something that looks good, you just have to click “next page” again.Never Run Out of Porn Again!On Any Sex, though, since they’ve jampacked each page with over 100 videos, this will not be nearly as much of an issue. This is also an obvious plus when you take into account how many pages of videos that Any Sex contains. The site (at least at the time of writing this review) holds 2,773 pages of videos on it, each with roughly 150 videos. I’m not a big math guy, but I believe that adds up to nearly one half of a million videos! Holy fucking shit. Even you, with your borderline unhealthy constant porn-viewing habits, will never run out of porn on Any Sex. And, as any porn connoisseur will tell you, the quantity of content is one of the most important elements of a porn site to take into account. Things are looking so far so good for Any Sex as far as I’m concerned.At the top of the site, as I previously mentioned, you will find the site menu bar. This will act as the portal to the rest of the site, allowing for convenient browsing. Here, you will be able to choose between New Movies, Top Rated, Most Viewed, Categories, Models, and Live Sex. It isn’t overcrowded with unnecessary fluff. It is efficient. All of these different sections of the site are perfectly functional and cohesive. One thing I definitely appreciate is the fact that the site’s Models section goes above and beyond to pay homage to the girls that make porn possible, providing short bios of each porn star, as well as every video available on Any Sex in which she is featured.Corny, Basic Site DesignOne immediate downside, though, that I must mention: I’m not a huge fan of the site’s design. It might just be partially a personal aesthetic thing, but I hate the way it looks. There is not much in the way of style, if you ask me. The site kind of just looks generic and cheesy, slightly out of date. But even beyond the sheer look of the site, it is pretty basic in functionality as well. Nothing is overtly streamlined or experiential the way some sites can be … there are no dropdown menus or fun little design features that spruce the page up in any way. Personally, I tend to like a little extra effort put into the site design. But for someone such as yourself, who only really cares about what the site means in terms of potential Faps Per Minute (CPMs), the sexiness of the site itself is probably not at all of your concern.So, let’s talk about video quality then. Well, the first thing I noticed regarding quality is the fact that, in terms of the actual quality of video and streaming, everything looks sharp. Many of the videos are HD and you won’t encounter any of that familiar problem of fuzziness often associated with quality loss in the ripping process. Plus, it looks like nearly every video available on Any Sex comes from a professional, respected top-tier porn studio. That means you’ll find plenty of content from people like Brazzers, Reality Kings, Tiny 4K, Erotica X, etc. That helps bolster the quality of the girls and the actual fucking at least.The Achilles’ Dick of So Many Porn Tubes…There is one BBC-sized problem with Any Sex, however, when it comes to the quality of the porn. In the time that I spent browsing the site, I was not able to find a single full-length scene. That means that every single video you come across might not actually get you to cum. Many of the clips and excerpts on Any Sex are even shorter too, than the clips and excerpts you might be familiar with from the big-name porn tubes. We’re looking at average video lengths of between 5 and 7 minutes. This is a massive letdown, which almost entirely undoes the positive aspect of not having to click through page after page. Because, instead, you’ll just have to click through video after video as soon as one finishes (assuming you haven’t yet).On upswing to this, however, that Any Sex seems to be trying to compensate with is the fact that each video comes with a fuck ton of recommended videos below it. So, when (inevitably) you fap to the end of one video, at least there are like 50 or more right below it to choose from to try and keep the fap alive. This is nice, I suppose, but it would be better if they just provided a selection of uncut scenes.All in all, Any Sex (often misspelled as "anyxxx") has some pretty decent features to it – in addition to what I previously brought up, there are also some cursory community and user features to enjoy – but the site design looks cheap and the videos just aren’t long enough in my opinion. But definitely check it out for yourself – maybe you are a quicker shooter than me!