I present to you TXXX.com (previously known as TubeCup.com), a porn site under the network which has the same name. Tube Cup is a site that you know for a fact will never run out of content for you to enjoy! So why am I saying that this place will never run out of content? It has to do with the fact that you’ll literally find millions upon millions of videos on here that will never cease to entertain you. Seriously, you’ve come to a place that will just never run dry, no matter how much time you spend on it!Useful and optimal, TXXX.com knows what’s upT XXX looks very professional, with snappy responsiveness and a minimal design that has everything you need from it. It’s got all the tabs that you’ll usually find on any other porn site and it has a nice design which features a red and white palette. Now, as you know, I like it when sites are darker, as in a lot darker than this. It’s a shame that you won’t find a dark mode for this site because I really think it would be appreciated by a lot of its users. But oh well, you can’t please everyone.Everything is in its proper place though, as all the tabs and buttons and other interactive gizmo is right where you would expect it to be. There aren’t many differences in that regard between TXXX and other porn tube sites, so you’ll feel right at home if you’re trying this site after being a long-time user of a different porn site in the past. There are even a bunch of links at the top of the page where you can check out other sites that fall under the TXXX.com network.So, so many videos to choose from, in every categoryOne thing you’ll notice immediately is how many videos there are per category. Some are sparser with several thousand videos, and then you’ve got the Straight category which just pummels every other category flat into the ground. I’m not even joking, the Straight category is straight-up curb-stomping every other category, so much so that it’s not even funny. I mean, over a million and a half videos? Dude, how the hell are there even that many videos on here, who uploaded all these videos, damn…You’ve also got other popular categories such as HD, Amateur, Big Tits, and more. These are all pretty vanilla categories so there’s no surprise there with them being on T XXX. However, there are just so many categories here that there’s definitely something that you’ll enjoy too. One of the best additions with the category system is that they really went all out when making different nationalities available in the categories. You won’t find this on many other porn sites, that’s for sure.You can find all these categories on the left-hand side of TXXX.com, right where you’d expect the list to be, but you can also find it up in the tabs where it can be used as a drop-down menu when you click on it. It’s a bit confusing that you have to click on this tab to get the menu to pop, but with the Movies tab, it pops up automatically. So, a bit of a weird functionality quirk there, but I guess it’s not that serious since you get used to it pretty much immediately when you experience it for the first time.Sort and search, find exactly what you’re looking forAs with other porn sites, you can sort through all the videos on TXXX.com. A cool feature here is that you can do it directly from the drop-down menu, which saves you some time and patience. I definitely like this since I don’t like waiting for a page to load just so I can choose an option, and have it load again. You can choose between the longest, latest, top-rated, and most popular videos, as with every other site. A little unimaginative? Nah, I think they’re just sticking to what works so kudos for that.They had to include a home button as well, but whatever, at least they didn’t write ‘Home’, and instead reduced this completely unnecessary button to a simple icon of a house. They know… They just weren’t brave enough. You can also use the search bar to find something on the site and I can safely say that they did a great job with how close the results are to what I was trying to search. A few outliers, sure, but you’ll find much worse results in other places, that’s for sure.Models straight out of sex heavenAnd hey, how about that Models tab? Jeez, there are so many filters here, you can basically choose every detail about the woman you want to see a dick inside. Unfortunately, it won’t be your dick, but oh well. You can even choose whether you like your chicks to have tattoos and piercings or not. And damn, these are some fine ass broads if I do say so myself. I wouldn’t mind having one of them over for some coffee, but I guess they’re too busy sucking dick.Moving over to the Community tab, we can see a lot of friendly faces, and even friendlier titties. Some of these girls are just going all out at this point, and they have no shame whatsoever. They’re flashing their titties around like it’s a merry-go-round and I couldn’t complain about this for a second. You can browse through all the members of the site by filtering them according to their gender, age, relationship, as well as whether they have an avatar or not. Cool, pretty cool.Over a thousand channels to choose fromThen we’ve got the Channels. Here you’ll notice that there are over a thousand channels to look out for on T XXX and every one of them has their specialty. What I want to know is which one of these bad boys is responsible for the millions of videos. Maybe they all share the load and they all uploaded about a thousand videos each though I doubt that. There’s always that one channel that is just way too generous to us and uploads a metric shit-ton of content.One thing that I don’t really like about the channels is that you might come across gay content even if you didn’t set TXXX.com to gay content. I mean, I’m just browsing through here and you’re going to hit me with that gay shit? I’m not ready for that, not when I’m looking for some hot STRAIGHT porn to jack off to. Nothing kills a boner faster than seeing a dude with one in his mouth. I mean, gay people rejoice, but this isn’t the way I thought I was gonna go out.Make an account, become a studAnyway, how about those playlists? There are over 5000 playlists to choose from, all of them made by users just like you. Oh, and they have an account. We’ll get to that in a moment, but in the meantime, you should know that there’s a playlist for pretty much everything on TXXX.com aka Tube Cup. The users on here made the grind and created some of the sexiest playlists that you simply have to see in order to appreciate them completely.But yeah, talking about that membership, you should totally look into making an account. It’s a painless process, takes minutes to do, and it unlocks so much utility with the site that it’s simply incredible. You’ll be using all of them as you browse TXXX.com, and only then will you unlock the full potential of the website. All in all, the site is simply amazing for all audiences, so definitely try it out. It definitely gets ThePornDude’s seal of approval.