Tube 8? 8 Tube? So what's up with the number eight in the title? Is it the number of videos on the website? Is it really that bad? Are the people right? Just kidding, I have no idea what "the people" say, but if they say that this website is dumb, they sure as hell are wrong. I mean, the first impression is great.What ThePornDude sees right away is a very decent page design, an abundance of features, and even a premium feature for the cool kids, and an option to register to the website as well. So, if the first impression was the only thing I'd have to review I'd straight-up hit Tube 8 with a 10, but we don't do it like that in here, and that's why all the text underneath (and above) this line exists.A very pleasant design, a great first impressionSo, what do you as soon as you make your way inside a page? That's right, the design of the website and all the videos on the home page, given that the website has any. Most free websites will have loads and loads of videos waiting for you on the home page, while premium pages will give you an 8-second snippet that replays over and over in the top part of the home page and that would be it. Well, that's what it is like most of the time.However, will give you loads of great HD full-length videos right away, and you can see some random movies that they will let you watch on the homepage. Here, they are divided into a few sections, starting with the first section that shows the videos that are most popular in your home country. So, if you live in France, the first section of the home page will go by the name "Hot Porn Videos In Frace," if you live in Turkey it will go by "Hot Porn Videos In Turkey" and so on and so on.Next, there is a section where some random porno videos will be featured. The content of this section changes on a daily basis. Then, you'll see a section entirely dedicated to the newest porn videos. This one is all about the latest porn uploaded to the page, so you may see a bunch of trash in this section, or you might not, you don't really know. The only thing that you do know is that these are new and that's about it.Now, when we talk about the visuals of the page, I'd say that I see some great stuff in here. What ThePornDude likes the most is a design that combines both simplicity and good looks, and this is something that does. First off, there's a nice white background, and on top of it, you will find tons of thumbnails, neatly organized into three sections that I already talked about.If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll find a section of the page that has all the channels. You may subscribe to these, but not without an account, so yeah, if you want to follow your favorite studio on Sex Tube 8, you should go ahead and create an account.Creating a free account is actually worth it?If you decide to hit that blue button in the top right corner of the page, you will be able to create an account. The process is simple, quick, and obviously, it's completely free. It allows you to download and to watch all of the videos that you love, and obviously, they allow you to do this for free, which is great.I mean, take into consideration that you will find some free full-length movies that last like 40 minutes, and these come from really, really big studios that would ask you to pay for these movies. For starters, stuff from Brazzers can be downloaded from this website for free, stuff from so on.Premium content?Now, when I said that the rich kids (or the cool kids, both works, I guess) get some perks, I probably had to elaborate on that a little, but okay, this is the perfect moment to do exactly that. For starters, has a special deal for you. First off, as soon as you click on the button that offers you HD premium content, you will be redirected directly to PornHub. Isn't that surprising?Now, offers you a special offer, and that would be a free week on Pornhub premium. No ads, HD videos, VR, and all of that stuff. However, none of the content on is premium, so they just redirect you to PornHub for premium content. And yeah, as I said, you get that free week because they're so nice.The videos tabYou'll quickly notice that there are a few tabs on this page, and each one of them has something for you, but the most important tab would obviously be the Videos tab which has all the content you absolutely have to see. If you use your cursor to hover above the "videos" tab, you will notice that a bunch of different options will pop up, such as the "featured, newest, and hottest", and these are pretty much self-explanatory, and in fact, we've already mentioned these before so there's no need to talk about them anymore.There is also an option that shows you the longest videos and one that sorts the videos out according to the views they have, so make sure to check out those as well. I wouldn't care much about the views, I mean, if a lot of people have seen it, it doesn't mean that it is automatically good, you know? So, I suggest going for the one that says "hottest," and also the button that says "rating."All the wonderful categoriesAlright, what's a porn website with a bunch of great categories? Honestly, you can't exactly enjoy yourself sexually (unless you get a girlfriend or a boyfriend involved, duh) without seeing a bunch of different kinds of porn over a long period of time. And by a long period of time, I mean a week or so. Maybe even two days if you beat your meat five times a day as some people do. I used to be like that as well. So, there's a lot of stuff to cover here, but obviously, the majority of porn on Tube 8 is quite tame.There's stuff like teen porn, step fantasy, amateur pornography, mature men and women having sex. MILFs, Lesbians, Threesomes, Hardcore stuff, Blowjobs, Creampies, anything, really. The only genre of porn that has a lot of extreme stuff going on is "Hentai" since the "hardcore" stuff just manages to slip through the cracks. You know you get the usual stuff in hentai, cute Asian girls moaning like crazy while getting plowed, but you also get to see an occasional gangbang here and there, and these gangbangs aren't tame.Orcs with massive dicks bothering cute elves with their massive poles and showering them with cum afterward. If you are a lover of hardcore porn, then you'll want to check this category, but if you are not a fan of 2D pornography, then you might want to stay away.The ideal porn website if you are brokeSo, if you are a man who doesn't actually give a shit about spending money on pornography, this is a great page for you, for a bunch of reasons. For starters, has an active, vibrant community, and the people here upload their own videos quite often, so you are guaranteed to get loads and loads of content for you to beat your meat to. Next, there are loads of full-length HD videos for you to beat your meat to, which is great. Most websites won't give you these for free, but Tube 8 does.Finally, you get to download these great movies as well, but only if you decide to create an account, luckily enough, creating an account is completely free. So, what are you waiting for? Join the wonderful, lustful world of Tube8 (often misspelled as "8tube", "yube8", "xtube8", "tibe8", "tubr8", "tuve8" and "8 tube") and give yourself those dopamine boosts that your tired body craves so much!