A generic name, sure, but definitely not a generic porn site. Porn.com is as simple of a name as it gets when it comes to looking for some adult content to consume. Just imagine the meeting when they came up with the name for this website. I can picture it now, “Alright people, we need a name for our porn website, what’ve we got so far? Jason.”, “Uh, yeah, so I was just sort of thinking we could call it… Porn?”, and then there would be a silence and then a slow clap that turns into applause. Absolutely brilliant.Alright, so what is it that makes this website so special? Well, have you ever wanted a site that has literally everything you could ever need from a porn site? What if I told you that Porn.com has pretty much every feature you could ever have hoped for when it comes to a single site. It’s pretty incredible the way they did it without making the place look like a cluttered mess. So, let’s go over all of it while trying not to cry too much for all the lost hours spent on all the other websites that don’t have these features.Slick Design for a Very Slick Site.First of all, Porn.com looks clean. Not just clean, but super slick. Usually, porn sites don’t really put in a lot of effort when it comes to the look of it since they think that we’re just mindless sex brains that can’t wait to just click on a video and watch it, but that’s not true. All of us can appreciate a little bit more aesthetics in our lives. Porn.com knows this and that’s why they made everything look minimalistic and easy to look through and use.I mean just look at how organized this place is. I don’t even think my elementary school teacher’s sex dungeon was more organized than this. Yeah, I had some fun with the English teacher, I was an early bloomer, she had a rockin’ pair of titties, it had to happen. But anyway, back to the organization and layout of Porn.com. On the left-hand side, you’ve got all of your main features and categories, and at the top, you’ve got all of your tabs as you’d usually find them on other porn sites.Some of the tabs are drop-down menus and they are super quick and responsive. You hover over the ‘Videos’ tab and the menu drops down faster than a fat bitch drops to her knees when you offer her a hotdog at dick-level. Other interactive buttons also feature nice and smooth transitions. As smooth as a knife going through butter when that same fat bitch is making a sandwich. What is it with me and fat women comparisons today? I’ve gotta stop that.Features to Please Anyone and Any Taste.Anyway, the features are a great place to start when you’re new to the site. You’ve got those left-hand side tabs such as Popular, which will fill you in on all of the trendy porn videos that are running amok on Porn.com. Then we’ve got HD and VR porn, two very important categories for many people. I totally get it too, HD just makes everything look so much more professional, and VR just makes you want to stay at home all day without seeing the sun. And that’s definitely good because you won’t get skin cancer.Let’s look at the HD videos first. You can immediately notice that you’ve just got so many videos to choose from as soon as you click on that tab. This is just perfect, you can enjoy full HD quality porn for absolutely free, and you don’t even have to make an account. What more could you possibly want from this section, they’ve even got a wide range of different porn stars starring in these sexy videos. Well, there is one more thing, check this out.When you go to the HD video page, you can then click the plus icon next to the category tab on the left-hand side in order to combine them and get an HD video experience for every single category! Alright, alright, that’s pretty goddamn amazing, but are there any drawbacks? The only one is that there is one category that doesn’t have any HD videos, and that’s the Transsexual category. So, unfortunately for all of you tranny lovers out there, you won’t be getting any lowkey gay action today. I just don’t get how the Amateur category fits in here, but oh well.The VR section works the same way as the HD one, where you can add other categories to it, mixing and matching until you’ve got the perfect video. The category selection with VR is a bit scarcer though, so you’re going to have to excuse there not being any videos in some of these categories. I mean, did you really expect to see VR midget porn? I don’t think something like that even exists still. Also, no cartoon VR, fair enough, can’t have it all. No Turkish girl either, which kind of makes sense when you think about it, seeing as how they probably don’t even know what VR is in Turkey.The rest of the features listed on the left are meant for members of the website. You can make an account for free and enjoy these, or you can skip over them and you’ll be fine either way. The things you can do with an account are the same as with any other website, but you also have the recommended tab which uses an algorithm to find the perfect videos for your taste. You can also like, favorite the videos, and even go to your history to rewatch a video from whenever it is you last watched it. There’s even an update feed so that you can get all the latest updates from channels and pornstars that you follow, just like on Twitter, or Facebook, or Porn.com.Not a Fan of Short Porn? Porn.com Has You Covered.Maybe you’re not the type of guy to watch short porn videos. Maybe you’re an old school kind of guy that likes those long-ass DVD sets. Well, guess what grandpa, Porn.com has got you covered with 14 000 DVDs of amazing porn content… Wait… 14 000? Holy shit that’s a lot of DVDs. Well, there are only 920 HD ones, but you can also sort them according to their popularity, rating, and how recent they are. You can use whichever parameter you want, and add categories to the mix, in order to find the perfect porn DVD for you.A Category for Every Possible Occasion.Let’s take a look at the categories really quick since they obviously play a big role in the site and when you browse videos. There’s pretty much every category here that you can think of. Everything from ethnicity to position, to the number of people, to size, to midgets, it’s all covered here. Some of the categories are even grouped nicely so that you can make a more specific pick. Let’s take the Asian category for example. You can use the drop-down menu for this category and specify whether you want some Japanese sushi, Thai trannies, or Korean… I don’t know, Samsungs?But other than this you can see that there are some pretty specific categories on Porn.com that you won’t really find on other websites. Categories like Balloon, Face Sitting, Uniform, Midget and so on. Yeah, they’re pretty proud about that Midget category. They’ve even got a little midget pole dancer as the cover photo for that category which is hilarious and cute at the same time. Maybe it’s hot for some people too, who knows. Some categories do have issues though, such as the Anime category which doesn’t seem to represent the videos that it holds that well.You can also check out the different Pornstars as well as Channels to expand your choices when it comes to browsing Porn.com. The pornstars come in all shapes and sizes, as do the channels so be sure to take your pick and enjoy them as much as possible. And, of course, if this doesn’t suffice, you can turn to the Community tab and interact with the rest of the people who use Porn.com. Check out the Popular Profiles, or Active Members and start making new friends!If we scratch the surface, even more, you’ll see some other interesting features such as Pictures, GIFs, Live Cams, and even real-life meetups in the Fuck Now section. The only problem is that the Fuck Now section takes you to a different website, which is kind of lame. A high-profile site like this has to partner up with other websites just to fill in that last bit of functionality that they were missing from the site. However, when all is said and done, this is an amazing website that deserves my recommendation!