File Factory! Searching for a place where you can share your images, videos, and music without any limitations or whatever bullshit you have to usually deal with today? Well, you have as a good example where you can get your shit fulfilled, and if you are wondering why I am talking about a place that is not really a porn site on my website, well just stick around…I mean, if you are somebody who loves to upload naughty and nasty shit, and you often get limited by the type of content you are able to upload, I think that is the right choice. Now, whether this place will suit your needs or not, is a whole new story. We all know that sites have their own pers and all that shit, and I shall tell you everything you need to know about before using their privileges.Now, those who are here just searching for a place that offers porn instead, I am not sure why the fuck you clicked on a site like this one, to begin with. It is pretty obvious is not a place with actual porn, but a place that allows idiots to upload porn, obviously. As long as we have that out of the way, I shall continue talking about all other shit you might be interested in. You are welcome.So how does File Factory work?Saying that a site allows you to upload your own shit or whatever is probably not enough for you to know what this place is actually about, right? Well, you can check out what they have mentioned on their site, or you can continue reading and I shall explain the gist of it. I mean, it is rather simple so I do not understand how you would not know.First of all, they advertise themselves as an unlimited file sharing service, but how much of that is actually true. Well, on this site you have unlimited uploads, downloads, and storage, for those who choose to register. Now, whether you will need all of that shit or not is something that you should know. What the fuck do you intend to do with so much shit anyway?Well, if you are somebody who would like to use these privileges, you are welcome to explore and see what has to offer. For the most part, they did not bullshit with what they have to offer, and I think that that is pretty obvious. However, with so much advertisement of what they have to offer, they could have also kindly mentioned that you only get this shit if you register and pay.Starting with unlimited uploads, which means that you can share your music, images, video documents and any sort of file you want. They are also not that sensitive to pornographic shit, but I am pretty sure that you have to specify that you are sharing something that is not family-friendly. There are about 5TB of space for you to use, and personally, I think that that is more than enough.Now, you also have unlimited downloads, and that is best seen once you go Premium, obviously. I mean, most of these sites work the same way, they offer a lot of shit, and then later they tell you that you actually get all of that if you choose to go premium… surprised? Not really. The third-party download manager they have is great for fast download speeds and you can also pause the downloads and download more files at once.Other than that, there is also unlimited storage, which is what is the most important and interesting here, Id says. I think that that is why you are all here, to begin with, right? I mean, you get to store all your files, no matter what kind, online, and I am pretty sure that that would save a lot of space on your PC. Whether you have some photos you want to save, videos, or your porn collection… is the perfect place.I call it the perfect place because I am looking at this shit from my perspective. I love most of their offers even if I have to pay, but that is not something I can decide for you. So, make sure to check out what this place has to offer on your own, and then decide whether this is something you would actually fucking use or not… obviously.Premium membership.I’m guessing that you are interested in the premium membership, what you will get, how much you have to pay and all that shit, right? Well, the membership is not really that expensive, so I am pretty sure that that will not be a problem. Now, do you really need it or not, is a whole new aspect that only you can know.So, do you need online storage? Do you want to upload any sort of files and have unlimited downloads or whatever the fuck? Well, you have these four-membership options that might seal the deal for you… or not. You have the 30-day membership that will cost you about $13 a month, which is not that much. You will be given unlimited speed, downloads, zero popups… I guess, it is not really a bad deal.Now, you also have the 90-day membership with all of that shit included as well and it will cost you $35, the 180-day membership of $59 and the 365-day membership that will cost you $945. All of this gives you the same privileges, but which subscription you choose should depend on how much you even plan to use this site… obviously.So, with the premium you will obviously have a lot of great options for uploading, sharing and downloading. You get much faster downloads, they will start instantly, you get about100GB free TrafficShare, and you get to resume the downloads that are interrupted… which I am sure we all had to deal with at least once in our life.If you are interested in the actual details of this shit, you can check it out on their site. If you visit their premium section, you will get everything written in simple terms, and you can also see what kind of privileges you will get as a free and anonymous member. I think it is pretty cool that you even get to use some of their privileges without actually paying for the shit.Lots of great offers for free users as well.I’d say that I appreciate what they have to offer because both paying and free memberships will have some shit to explore. However, the privileges get better with every upgrade, meaning that the free user has better shit than those who are not even registered, while those with a premium account get the best privileges of them all. I am sure that you already kind of knew that.So, if you like to share your dirty files somewhere, for free, you can use the privileges that offers to the free users. The registration is simple, so you can register whenever you want. As a free member, you can still upload your shit, but you will have the unload limit, obviously. However, if you want to test out what they have to offer, this is a rather good thing.You will have to deal with some ads here and there as a free member, but I think that that is to be expected overall. I mean, they have to earn a living somehow, and since they offer such great privileges to their free users, they might as well provide some ads on the side. They are not that annoying, as I first thought that they will be, which is obviously a good thing.Conclusion.I am pretty sure that it is obvious who will like this place and who will not. It is very simple, if you have some shit you would like to upload and download, or share, then this place is worth the visit. Of course, you cannot expect too many privileges if you do not intend to actually register, and if you want something even juicier, you might as well think about becoming a member.The paying members get a lot more than the free members, but even if you simply register you will get to sue this site as much as you want, with some limits. So, explore if you want to upload, share and download some files… because that is what this place is all about.