Keep 2 Share! I’d say that one of the better things that humans were able to create is the ability to store everything online, aka cloud storage. And that is why I am here to talk about a site with a rather weird domain name, called k2s.cc. Basically, it is called Keep 2 Share, and it allows you to have a problem-free file hosting service, for all your dirty and not-so-dirty files.Straight forward services, and a plain design.I call their design plain, not because I think that sites like this one need to go all out, but because I’ve seen better. I understand that k2s.cc is just a place meant for file sharing, but that does not mean that they could not have created a place that looks so much fucking better. Oh well, those who are here just for their services, I highly doubt you will care about how they look like.If you are interested to know how all of this functions, skip on ahead because here I mostly like to cover the aesthetics and some technicalities, like the design and the overall use of this place. For me to actually review the site, I had to create an account and test it out myself, obviously. At least you are able to choose whether you want to create an account separately, or log in with your Facebook or Google…I swear that is another great creation that they made, the ability to register without actually registering. They describe themselves as an easy to use place, and whether that is true or not is rather debatable, contemplating on what the fuck you think is good. But that can be taken to different levels if I start talking like that, so let’s just leave it.So, what is this place supposed to do? Well, it gives you online storage in case you do not have enough space on your PC or wherever the fuck you store your shit, to begin with. I think this is rather self-explanatory when I say that k2s.cc is a site dedicated to free file sharing… so if you do not understand that, then you might be a different kind of stupid.Well, thanks to the newest technology or however the fuck you want to call it… thanks to the internet, you have cloud storages that will give you a solution for easier storage. You can store all your files online and accessing them becomes a lot easier. However, I’d advise you not to put anything delicate online, for obvious reasons of the shit being able to be hacked.Of course, there is a lot more to than aside from storing. You can actually have an equal backup online of your important documents, and that will help prevent the possibility of losing your shit if your hardware is stolen or damaged. I know that using online storage has helped me in many emergency cases with important documents, but this all depends on what the fuck you would want to use it too.Now, there are many sites that offer this, so why the hell would you visit k2s.cc? Well, I am here to explain the perks of this site, as well as what the fuck I am not so impressed with. I’d say that k2s.cc is one of the better providers for this shit, but as I have said, this all depends on what you intend to use it for.So, if any of what I have just mentioned sounds interesting or like something you need in your life, continue reading. I shall explain how this shit works in the simplest way, but you can always just visit the site and figure it out on your own. I am pretty sure that it will not take you long to figure out how to properly use k2s.cc.What is k2s.cc and how does it work?Simply put, this is a software that is providing cloud storage services to anyone who is willing to use them. They have a wide range of possibilities for all their users and a good number of hosting benefits. If you would like to get your files up on the cloud storage, you can do that just by dragging the file son the big ass drag button in the middle of the homepage. After that, you can choose to share all the files.Now, personally, I’d say that you should create an account for this to work better. This way you can have all your shit saved and everything will be neatly posted on your account. Of course, you still get to choose the shit you want to share and stuff you are not so eager to share… you get what the fuck I mean, right?Create an account.The goal of k2s.cc or what they claim is to allow their users to free up their hard drive space, with secure and safe file hosting. This provider has a lot of options for the users, but they are limited for those who will make just a free account. The free account is free, and you can store your shit to a certain amount basically.However, if you choose a premium account, you get two options. You can purchase the Premium account for $9.50/month, and you will get 20k Mb a day, with high-speed downloads, download accelerators, simultaneous and resumable downloads as well. However, you can also choose to purchase the Premium pro that is about $11.75/month and get even more shit.You get all the included crap in the Premium option, but you will get 50k Mb a day, with a couple of different shits. For example, you are given a section to store your favorite files, your files will be checked for viruses, you have unlimited video preview, bigger storage, anonymous downloads and max file size of 10 GB… I mean, it is definitely worth it.Is k2s.cc for you?I am well aware that this is not a porn site, and that some of you might be confused as to why the fuck I chose to review this site, but I am here to tell you why k2s.cc is worth it and why not. For those who are wondering whether this place is for them or not, that is something only you would know. I mean, you know what this place offers, and do you think that is something you would like to use?This is a hosting place where you do not have to become a user if you do not want to, and you also have three different user options, so it is pretty obvious that they are flexible. You can start hosting your shit on a regular basis, and it is strongly advised that you create your account if you intend to do that. I mean storage will make much more sense with an actual membership.A free account is a good idea for those who just need it for a little bit of storage or those whoa re trying k2s.cc out. However, if you really want a place to store all your shit., I advise you to create an actual paying account, because it is really cheap, and the difference between Premium and Pro is really very little… while the Pro gives you a lot more options.You do not have to wait 30 seconds before the download, or have any delays or annoying ads with the paying membership, so why the fuck not? Now, whether you choose to register or not is really none of my concerns, I am just here to tell you my opinion and whether I think you should or should not even visit k2s.cc… but since I am talking about it, I think it is obvious that I think that this place is worth it.Just take your time and start exploring, as k2s.cc is a very useful place. If you like to store a lot of images, videos or other files on your POC, but you just do not have the storage for it, you can always just store everything online. Believe it or not, your files are most likely to survive an apocalypse while online, then on your PC.There is a lot of shit that can happen to your precious files on your PC or other storages, which is why the online cloud was created. I still think that k2s.cc is one of the better host websites, but whether you choose to use this file hosting site or another one is completely your choice.