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Sometimes, the old ways are the best. No, that’s not me channeling your Boomer father as they bitch about the good ol’ days. It happens to be true in some cases – especially when it comes to porn.Now you might be saying to yourself, “ThePornDude, the fuck are you talking about?” Vintage porn is better than today’s smut? Hell no! We have 4K pornography and more porn released hourly than you could possibly jerk off to. These are some of the best days in porn, and they keep getting better!But there is something to be said about the origins of the porn industry. When a young woman with huge tits is seen eating a hot dog on the street, could be signed to a porn deal. Or a guy’s pants falls down, exposing his huge dick; if the right person saw it, they’d sign them to a contract. There wasn’t any kind of funnel system or experience needed for people to become overnight pornstars.Things were simpler back then. Whether you harken for the days of porn you could only watch on a VHS or you want to see how the industry used to be, take a look at the massive amount of vintage porn available on xHamster.com/Vintage. You will be ridiculously impressed by how much history is here, and I know you’re going to fin something to cum to. Check it out, and see just what in the fuck that you can find!Over 1500 pages of vintage pornThere is someone, somewhere that has dedicated their life to getting their hands on old porn and digitizing the works of art. I’d hate to be the guy that had to sort through the sticky VHS tapes just to preserve early porn. But it must be done, it has been done, and you can salute these selfless horny bastards by saluting them with your tiny ghost penis. Somebody has to do it. And we’re all better for it.Look, I have no idea how much old fucking porn has been preserved out there. Some of the earliest porn was on fucking reel-to-reels, Betamax, and outdated media that’s nearly impossible to play anywhere. You have to know that some of this shit has been lost to time. Between what constituted as AAA porn back in the day to a couple of dudes shooting homemade porn on their shitty 70s camcorder trying to sell their film to adult theaters, who knows how much is still waiting to be discovered.But at any rate, xHamster.com/Vintage probably has a decent amount of the preserved porn. That’s because they have over 1500 pages of vintage porn just waiting for you to jerk off to! When you consider that there are over 50 videos per page, it’s safe to say that there are over 75,000 vintage videos for you to choose from. That’s a pretty fucking large number. It goes to show you just how much vintage porn is out there waiting to be found!I expect these numbers to keep growing as time goes on and you should too. Vintage porn is likely getting added all the time. More of it is going to be found as the years go on, and it will become easier to get it all digitized anyway. Look for more to be added on xHamster.com/Vintage going forward.Lots of full-length vintage pornThe advantage to browsing vintage pornography lies in the fact that most of the porn released back in the day were full-length movies. It’s the exact opposite of today. While porn films are still released, when we talk about full-length porn today, we’re mentioning it in terms of full-length clips. Full-length movies that have a story and a cast of characters with production values are not as commonplace as they were during the beginning decades of porn.So although you can definitely find full-length movies on xHamster.com/Vintage, be prepared to sit through a lot of terrible acting. That goes for community theatre production values and terrible body hair that looks the opposite of sexy in the 21st century. It’s still full-length and worth looking at, though. Especially for those that want to get a taste regarding what porn was like before the Internet was invented.I found plenty of porn from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Some of it was so bad that I was laughing and cumming all at the same time. It should come as no surprise that a lot of this shit has aged pretty fucking terribly over the years. You can’t exactly knock the porn, though. It’s from a different era. Laughable as it may be, that does not mean that it isn’t sexy as fuck at times.Hilarious (and sometimes sexy-as-fuck) collection of vintage pornSome people love getting off to vintage porn. I suppose that should come as no surprise. How many old fucks are out there reminiscing about jerking off to their black-and-white television and a VHS tape showing Peter North getting his giant cock sucked by a young cheerleader who’s ‘never done this kind of thing before?’ Plenty. There is an obvious demand for vintage porn, so it comes as no surprise that there is so much of it on xHamster.com/Vintage.Even though the demand may be there, I have to say; it was fucking hilarious watching some of this shit. The bad hair, the terrible fashions, the god-awful lighting that makes you almost smell the cigarette smoke where the scene was filmed. It’s all here. But I have to say that even though the actors in each porn video are long past their prime (or fucking dead as the case may be), porn directors still knew what would get people off.I cannot say that all of the vintage porn here is good. There is some fucking terrible porn here; that’s just the nature of content that ages over time. But look around, watch a few videos, and you are going to find plenty of vintage porn that will still make you fucking cum.The lower standard of porn also kind of works to its benefit. The professional vintage porn still manages to feel amateurish and raw in certain respects, but it fucking works. As you will be able to tell (or as you may have already known if you lived through these eras), the production qualities of porn was way below what they are today. The result is porn that feels stuck between professional porn and totally amateur porn. But like I said, it feels raw and genuine. It hits you in a different way than today’s porn, for better or worse.If I still have your fucking interest, the best thing to do is to simply visit for yourself. See what you can find, and I think you will find yourself jerking off to porn that may be older than you. If you want to narrow the vintage porn variety down even further, you can do this by choosing one of the vintage niches on the vintage page.Narrow down by nicheOne of the things that I have always loved about the entire xHamster site is how you can narrow down your categories even further. For example, when you visit a category, there is a series of buttons at the top of the page users can click that narrows category to specific niches. It’s perfect when you want to look at vintage porn, but you don’t want to see everything the category offers.When I was looking at xHamster.com/Vintage, the niches I could view to narrow down the results were vintage erotica, vintage nudes, vintage teen, vintage pussy, vintage XXX, and vintage blowjob. As you can see, some of these niches really don’t describe anything. What’s the difference between vintage XXX and vintage erotica? Fuck if I know!Once you narrow down the content by niche and start exploring the type of vintage porn you crave, you will discover for yourself how simple it is to browse this amazing site. You will find that the video listings have helpful information that shows the duration, title, view count, rating, and more. With convenient sorting options and more, it’s the exclamation point to a tube site that makes finding vintage porn of yesteryear so simple. Visit if you are curious, and discover porn from a bygone era!Suggestions:xHamster.com/Vintage has a vast collection of vintage porn that you have to see to appreciate. The layout of the site is as convenient as it has ever been. It’s a serious blast from the past. Whether you remember this porn or you want to get a laugh to see how far porn has come, you’re going to find that and more here!