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Do you want to masturbate to something different than the same old tube site pornography? If you want content that feels more intimate and will get you off in a different way, don't knock erotic fiction until you've tried it.What, you mean reading takes too much time and effort? You lazy mother fucker! You don't have a choice now: head over to and check out their insane library of interracial content.You will find all kinds of sexy fucking fiction to read here. Who knows? You may cum harder than you ever have before after reading some of this smut. Yes, even that hentai porn involving the, well, we won't go into that because nobody needs to fucking know. I'll save you the embarrassment.Over 13,000 interracial storiesIf you think I'm fucking pulling your dick and kidding around about cumming to erotic fiction, I will have you know that I don't joke around about that kind of shit. Erotic literature is no laughing matter to me. And let me tell you something, you ignorant bitch. The hardest I ever came was when I was reading about a group of sailors stranded on an island getting sexed until they physically could not move.It took a long time to have an orgasm that satisfying. Erotic fiction can make you rock hard more than the raunchiest movies and clips if you let your mind take you there. Don't be a pussy: visualize the action as it fucking happens in your head! That's how you do it!It’s a good thing that has over 13,000 interracial stories! With so much sexy goodness to choose from, you are going to have plenty of amazing stories to read. If you love interracial content, let me tell you: you have plenty to choose from!I looked around at some of the stories that were on here. You should not expect the caliber of professional authors. But I don't have to fucking tell you that. These are mostly amateurs. Though I'm sure a few professionals have ghostwritten to try their hand at erotic content in the past. Can you imagine Stephen King ghostwriting and describing an interracial scene on here? It's not out of the realm of possibilities. If you find a story about a ghost butt fucking a dude that has risen from beyond the grave, maybe you can conclude that it's him.Check out the interracial hall of fameIf you want to see the very best that has to offer, you will want to visit its hall of fame. That's an impressive accomplishment, too. You see, has been around since 1998. There are well over two decades worth of content here. The site is not slowing down anytime soon, either.What I appreciate about this site is that there is a hall of fame for each category. That is certainly true of the interracial content on the site. When you read the stories in the hall of fame, you can clearly see that many of them stand above the rest. No, that does not mean that the rest of them are not nearly as good. But you can clearly see why some of the interracial stories in the hall of fame are considered one of the all-time greats of that section.I browsed through a few of them. What stood out to me is that the best stories on are spread throughout the site's lifespan. You won't find that the most celebrated stories are from a certain point in time when the site was at its most popular. It's all spread out fairly evenly, proving that the site has been fucking popular for most of its life. There is a reason it hasn't slowed down since 1998, and the hall of fame solidifies it.It's odd reading some of the interracial stories from the early part of the site, though. Most of it is universally hot and sexy as fuck like you would expect. But some of the stories that are pre-smartphone and others written during the early advent of the Web make you realize that this fucking site has been around a long-ass time. Because of this, there has been some interesting shit written.Steamy interracial erotica…sometimes notMuch of the content on is actually pretty fucking good. It is clear that the authors have put their proverbial foot forward to make the community's best impression. They want to do their best, and it clearly shows. But even then, some of the content on is, well, I'll just come out and say it: some of the fiction fucking sucks.Now I know what you are saying.  “PornDude! What the hell do you expect when a site has been around this long?"  I know mother fucker, I know! But some of it is still bad.Some of it is hilariously bad, which makes the visit all the more worth it. But other stories will make you scratch your head and say aloud,  "they don't know how to use spell check?"  Or what I personally said,  "fuck my dick hole, they thought people would want to read this shit?!" But it is what it is. It turns out that when you have the longevity of an erotic fiction site like, you're going to get some piss-poor content published. Some people just have bad taste and want to share it with the world. Ignore that bullshit and move on to the good stuff.Promising new facelift on the wayDepending on when you read this, the new facelift that is teasing may not be new at all. But if you don't know what the fuck I am talking about, maybe it hasn't happened yet. As of this review, is attempting to give the site a much-needed facelift. Thank God because the site seems like it has not changed that much since it went online in 1998.If you want to check out the new facelift, you can opt into the beta. Your mileage may vary if it asks. As of this review, it asked my ass. I opted in by selecting click here to preview under new story page preview.The look of the site looks so much cleaner and fresher than they do now! The site also looks much better on mobile. has gone so far to make the site look better all-round that they have even allowed you to customize the font how you wish. It's incredible, and it makes browsing and reading the site so much easier.The text and the background of the site also make it much easier to read the content. It felt like I was reading on a site using e-ink of some sort, like on a Kindle. The font and the background's overall look made it happen, and it was much easier on my eye to read the content.Further, the site looked more modern. As it stands currently, reading erotic fiction on is confined to a tiny box with a ton of white space around it. It just looks ugly as hell.With this new update, those days are going to be long gone. It's nice to see that is willing to update its look even though it is over two decades old. Hopefully, the facelift keeps the site active for another twenty.Easily browse the newest interracial storiesBetween browsing the interracial fiction with ease on mobile to the incoming facelift giving a breath of fresh air, there is a lot to love about reading all kinds of hot and sexy content on this legacy erotic fiction site. This isn't just a place to go to read old erotic fiction, either.You can read the latest interracial stories easily by selecting the new interracial love stories button. And let me tell you, avid readers. There are usually new interracial stories posted every day! I looked through diligently, and I only found a handful of days when no interracial story was posted. In most cases, there are several stories posted every day.What's more, you can even click the spin button to land on a random interracial story! If you cannot settle on just one, this is precisely the feature you need. So what in the hell are you waiting for, mother fucker? If you want to beat off to hot and sexy interracial content, you have to jump on and get to whacking! You will cum your brains out – I guarantee it! has one of the largest collections of interracial erotic fiction on the Web. With a new facelift coming and fresh content posted nearly every day, there is no reason why interracial fans that love to get off while reading should not visit the site. Some of the fiction sucks, but it's to be expected. They need to keep doing what they are doing!