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Have you ever heard about a website called DaftSex.com? Well, you are about it, as this website is filled with all kinds of free porn videos for everyone to enjoy. I mean, it is obvious that I am not just here to talk about this shit in general; I am here to discuss their amazing category called interracial… where you can expect to see lots of vanilla and chocolate mixes.To be fair, this mostly depends on what the fuck you are into. But since DaftSex.com is an overall free porn website, even if interracial fucking does not make your dick hard, you can explore other sections it has. I shall mostly be talking about this one category, so if you are not interested in the mixing of flavors, you can check out other websites or reviews instead.As for those who are ready to enjoy a plethora of hot interracial porn videos on DaftSex.com, you are welcome to continue reading. I shall go over my favorites as well as the overall favorite crap when it comes to the website in general. On the other hand, the website is pretty darn simple, so you can explore and enjoy it on your own.A simple design and browsing.If you follow the link I have provided, you will immediately be sent to the DaftSex category for interracial fucking. I mean, you can open DaftSex to see what else they have to offer since there is a shit ton for you to explore. The overall design is straightforward… I could even argue that it is a bit too simple, since well… there ain’t much to be impressed by.Now, I am not saying that you should make a design that will wow the fuck out of me, but all I am saying is that they could have added some spunk. You literally just have a white design with all kinds of porn videos listed, and that is it. On top, you have some options for browsing, and that is literally it. I mean, they could have added some shit here and there.There are also some ads as well. Now, I have nothing against the ads, simply because free websites have to earn a profit one way or the other. However, if you will make a site that literally looks this shitty, you might as well not include ads. Or you know, you can try a bit harder when it comes to the overall aesthetics, at least.I am pretty sure that you can get around the website without my help, but if you are a super virgin, I can see how this can all be confusing. Anyway, you are more than welcome to read my review, where I shall mostly cover the interracial section, or you can check out what DaftSex.com has to offer in general. I mean, the website is filled with all kinds of porn.Free hot interracial porn videos.Ah, the fun and hot interracial section! Are you ready to see these colorful porn videos get dirtier by the second? Well, the first thing I want to mention is that the majority of the videos here will be premium, as you will not have to pay for them, but they will feature real pornstars. So, if you were hoping for some amateur content, you might want to browse elsewhere instead.If you did follow my link, welcome to the homepage of interracial lovemaking. Here you will see all kinds of videos listed, with all sorts of combinations. You have white chicks with BBC and black babes with big white cocks. Basically, anything that can fall under the interracial category will be listed on DaftSex, but I do want to add that the BBC and white booties are most commonly seen.So, what the fuck did I actually see? Well, I saw a little bit of everything. The first video showed a Russian brunette getting pounded by two hard black dicks at the same time. She got both her tunnels plugged, and it looks like she was more than used to doing that! Another black guy was shoving his cock deep down her throat. So, you could say it was a hot video featuring an interracial gangbang.I did also see loads of different babes. The white cuties tend to be rather chubby, which is normal since we all know that black men prefer to have some chunk. Well, you had cuties of all shapes and sizes, from those fat babes to the skinnier girls, and everything in-between. The same applies to the black girls who were showed, although the black babes were usually rather curvy.To be fair, I think it all comes down to what the fuck you were hoping to see. Most of the scenes were done in a professional way, so you could see pornstars you probably already heard about, such as April Foxx, Andi Ray, Baby Nicolas, Josy Black, Jessica Rex, and others. I also ran into some lesbian interracial porn videos… which just proves that you really have I tall.There were some videos where you could see Asian dudes fucking white babes, or Asian cuties getting rammed hardcore. As I said, you can expect it all, but with that said, you should know that the majority of the videos will feature at least one black dude or chick. With so many different babes at your service, you never really know what the fuck to expect, I guess.How about the statistics?Well, all I can really say is that this website has a lot of porn videos. Now, how many exactly I have no clue. I can’t even give you an approximate, but Ii just knows that I was browsing for a long ass while, and I found plenty of hot porn videos. I mean, to be fair, that is all that matters. I am sure that you will not run out of new content anytime soon.I think that you will be more than happy to know that the majority of the porn videos here will be featured in ultra HD quality. Yep, I checked a bunch of them, and a lot of videos were available in 720p or higher, which is pretty dope. Rarely do I get to find porn websites that will show porn videos of higher quality that are also free.However, there were a lot of unplayable videos. Now, I do not get the point of this, but I checked out a bunch of porn videos, and many of them were just broken, or however the fuck you want to put it. Basically, a lot of links did not work, so you really had to go through and open every single video to know which one you could actually fucking watch.Could use some works with user-features.Now, I am not really expecting something that will make me shit my pants, but common… if you will fuck up the design, you could at least add something that will make my dick hard with the features. We are all here to watch hot interracial porn videos, and I understand that, but it is really not that hard to add some user-features that will make me want to stay.I am sure that a lot of the fuckers who enjoy free pornography will agree with me. Anyway, can you register? Yes, you can. But would you want to? Probably not. You literally get nothing from registering other than the ability to like and comment on the videos. But why the fuck would you even want to do that? I mean, it makes no sense, but do whatever the fuck you want honestly… DaftSex is free, after all.Lots of free content overall.So, what the fuck can you expect from DaftSex? Well, you can expect to see loads of porn videos, but their interracial section is where they really make me want to wank it off. They have a shit ton of great interracial pornographic videos, and to make everything so much better; it is all free. So, you can take your time and browse as much as you fucking want.If you get bored of the interracial banging, which I highly doubt will happen, you can browse through all kinds of other porn videos as well. The majority of the videos here will be featured in higher quality, which is also pretty nice. The browsing is simple, and while they do lack in user-features, there are a shit ton of porn videos for you to enjoy overall.