The Cuckold Consultant

TheCuckoldConsultant sounds like a businessman who’s pretty knowledgeable about things like operations, profitability, and management, but happens to fall short when it comes to pleasing his wife. I really thought this next website was going to be a typical cuckold porn library with a really professional backdrop to the scenarios, but nah, it turns out that’s entirely wrong. It’s actually an information resource and service that aims to get your wife into the sack with other dudes.You’re free to peruse the site even if cuckolding is strictly a fantasy thing and you never actually want to see your wife filled up with your neighbor’s BBC. There are even some real cuck stories and a porn link to help you out. The thing is, this isn’t a fantasy site, so you may just end up getting an urge to finally act on your kink, for real. Since 2016, TheCuckoldConsultant.com has been helping make real cucks out of men who get a huge boner thinking about their wife being a huge slut. Let’s see what kind of resources they’re offering.Hot Tips for Getting CuckedI spent some time flipping through the different pages and sections of TheCuckoldConsultant before I started writing this, just to get a feel for the site. One thing I like immediately is the freemium model to the presentation. There are many sites out there that promise to teach you all kinds of valuable secrets, from how to succeed at dating to nailing your job interviews to building a successful porn site. These sites are often set up in such a way that every single page teases you with a tiny bit of information before redirecting you to a sales page, so all you really get for free is promises. (Unless you’re getting your pornsite-building info from my site PornWebmasters.com, in which case it really is free!)The majority of TheCuckoldConsultant.com is free to read/use. That’s a big who-cares claim for most types of websites, but not the ones that teach you something as potentially life-changing as this. There are tons of free articles, cuckold and hotwife interviews, news, stories, a couple of free ebooks and a thriving community discussion board, just to begin with.One of the big draws are a few different free assessment quizzes. There’s one that figures out what kind of hotwife or cuckold fantasy best suits you and what your chances are of making it happen. Another assesses how strong your fantasies are compared to others with the same fetish, and the last one will give you some guidance on choosing the right path for a female-led relationship.When you’re dealing with any type of fantasy, fetish or kink, there’s really no one-size-fits-all approach, and The Cuckold Consultant is constantly acknowledging that. That’s why he’s presented so many different articles and approaches to the subject. There’s such a wealth of real cuckold info available for free that it’d be impossible for me to touch on it all in this review, but I’ll try to dip into some of the best shit.Does Your Wife Currently Want to Bang Your Boss?A lot of dudes might think their lady would jump at the chance for a free pass to bang whoever she wants, but at the risk of pissing off the #MeToo crowd, men and women just think very differently about sex. The almighty value of monogamy is ingrained deeply by our society, and genetically, women are just less likely to break that taboo. A man may well think lifelong monogamy is the way to go, but it’s damn near impossible to say no to pussy that falls into your lap. Not so with ladies and dick.One of the very first things you’ll find at The Cuckold Consultant is a breakdown of the four main ways your wife is probably reacting. Sometimes they know about your fantasy and will indulge you in bed, but not in real life. Other times she knows but won’t even roleplay or try to understand your desires. There are also couples who have explored it before, but wifey is unwilling to continue. Finally, there are the sad sacks who have simply been too afraid to bring it up so far.That first quiz, the Cuckold Fantasy Type and Probability Assessment, is meant to address this. Now, I’ve always been too much of a horny stud to get shackled with the ol’ ball and chain, but in the name of science, I took the quiz. It starts off with basic questions about whether my hypothetical wife knows about my fantasy, how long she’s known, and whether or not she’s willing to play along when we’re having sexy time.After the first few questions, you’re presented with a big checklist of potential objections she might have. I could have guessed at what some of them would be, but The Cuckold Consultant is clearly more versed on the topic. Reasons range from thinking cuckolding is cheating, to worrying about other people finding out, to her need for an emotional connection to her partner.At this point, 25% into the test, there’s a little break where I get some info about the situation I’ve described in my answers. TheCuckoldConsultant.com tells me I’m at an advantage because she’s at least willing to play, and then talks about my wife’s objections. There’s a little bit of upselling as he mentions premium content not available out front, but there’s also a fair amount of useful info.The rest of the test follows the same format, with a few questions followed up by relevant information. It’s a lot more in-depth than I expected, since most online quizzes are nonsense bullshit about what flavor potato chip you are or which teen mom you’d be on Teen Mom. After follow-ups on topics like jealousy, sexual experimentation, and side-fetishes, I got scored on Strength and Connection, Sex Life and Wife’s Sexual Openness.Getting Real with TheCuckoldConsultantAt the end of the free quiz, TheCuckoldConsultant.com does ask for your email before giving you a final round of info, and you do get signed up for a daily email. Come on; you knew that was coming; The Cuckold Consultant’s got to make a living somehow. His algorithms rated me as “above average to highly favorable” with respect to getting my hypothetical hotwife to cuck me.That email may have one goal of getting me to sign up for premium services, but it genuinely feels like it’s also got the goal of getting my wife to bang another dude. The topic of today’s message is what not to say to my wife if I want this to happen, breaking down how it will make her feel if I say cuckolding is just about getting her more sexual pleasure.Since The Cuckold Consultant seems like such a noble dude, I checked out his personal consulting plans. They all include a full evaluation of your situation, an executive summary with steps and recommendations to follow, and a day-by-day action plan, if applicable. The biggest differences in the three different plans are the amount of one-on-one support you’re going to get.The basic package will run you $179, with higher tiers at $247 and $475. It sounds like a lot, but it’s arguably a better investment than getting a hooker. (Have you checked out my section of Escort Sites here at ThePornDude?) He offers payment plans if you’re a little hard up, and takes discretion super seriously, so your hotwife isn’t going to know you paid a pro to help you out with this.He also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. I was honestly surprised to refunds available for such intangible goods, which means The Cuckold Consultant really is confident that he can make this work for you. There are some little caveats you’ll need to be aware of, like deciding on that refund within two email exchanges, but his terms sound more than reasonable.If you aren’t ready to take the plunge yet, that’s definitely cool, too. There are more than enough free resources to keep you busy for a while just doing your homework, and they’ve also got a nice, active community forum about cuckolding, hotwifing and swinging.TheCuckoldConsultant.com is a valuable resource for anybody who’s trying to make their cuckold, hotwife or swinger fantasies a reality. The free articles and tests alone are worth a look, even if you’re still just daydreaming about the wife and your boss. If you’re looking for some professional, one-on-one assistance taking your fantasies to the next level, you may have found your man.