I do not know about you, but masturbating to anything that is not regular pornography (porn videos), is fucking retarded to me. With that said, you might be a bit confused as to why am I suggesting as a site you should visit, when this is a site dedicated to porn gifs. Well, there is much you probably do not know about this place, but do not worry, I am here to tell you what you are missing.First of all, I am always happy to see a dark design of a porn site, as the white background makes me go fucking blind, and I love to watch the kinky shit at night. Overall, the site’s design is quite basic, excluding the fact that the usual menu is not on top, but you can view it in the top left corner instead.The first thing you will notice are definitely the gifs that are posted at the beginning, and on the side, you have a shit ton of categories to look through as well. In case you have a special category you frequently like to visit, I’d suggest you check that shit out.Now, the reason why I suggest you visit this site is not that I understand why people masturbate to gifs, honestly, I think that shit is just fucking weird. You know you are watching a small scene on loop and wanking to just that? How fucked up do you have to be, to get satisfied with a 3 seconds long gif?After browsing through the gifs and finding the one that looks interesting, just open it to see the actual shit that is happening. Unlike on other sites, the gif will be a bigger image, that is usually in solid quality, which was a big fucking surprise because gifs tend to be pixilated as shit.Now, in the right bottom corner, you will see a link that will take you to the video this gif is actually from, and that is fucking amazing. There have been multiple times where I ran into a gif that looked fucking hot, but I could never find the actual source that shit was from, but when you browse gifs here, you do not have to worry about all that crap.If you want to share this gif with anyone, there are plenty of appropriate links on the left side, you cannot miss them. In addition, if you found any issues with the gif, or you have something to complain about, you can do that as well; but other than stating that the gif is broken, there is nothing else you should talk about.Another important thing you should know is that you can also post the gifs on this site, which means that you can become a member if you want. Viewing the gifs is free, and so is the registration, but as a member, you get to upload your own shit.When you find a hot gif, make sure to check the user who uploaded that shit as well, because who knows, maybe they have posted plenty of similar gifs that would take you to the most orgasmic fap-worthy videos of your life. If there is anything you do not understand, you can always view their FAQ page, since I found it quite useful, and I am sure you will as well.There is a bunch of shit that tilted me when I browsed here as well. First of all, I understand why they did not put the usual menu above, since two out of five tabs there do not fucking work, so what is the point? You are given options to list porn, funny and reaction, which would obviously be searches related to gifs, right?Well, the porn section works fine, I think we all know that by now, but the other two do not. I mean, it is not like they are not listing anything or stating that the section will be updated soon, these two tabs simply do not work at all. What the fuck is the point of putting tabs or anything on the site that will not even work? It is your site, there is no reason for you to put unnecessary shit on it, if you do not intend to make that shit work or be useful.However, one more reason why I really fancy this site is that it allows you to create gifs on it. All you have to do is paste the link for the original site on top, and you can easily create your own gif here. Basically, share the shit you think is hot, and see what other people think about it.If you have seen gifs before, that you thought were hot, but you could not really find the original video, maybe this site could help you out. Here you have plenty of incredible and hot gifs, and plenty of categories to browse them in.Therefore, check out the categories, search for the gifs, and take a look at the users as well. Create your own shit and post it here if you want, or search for the new fap material that one could never get enough of. Honestly, is a great site for those who enjoy looking at gifs or making them, and here you can always see the original video!