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There are many ways of consuming smut, and everyone seems to agree that porn videos and XXX pictures are awesome. Still, others prefer to jack it to porn in GIF format (Animated Sex Pictures). Basically, Gifs are like short videos, just that they don’t have a sound. I could sit here all day and educate you on how Gifs are made, but I’m not in the fucking mood. And I would rather point you to a site that has some of the hottest XXX Gifs on the internet.Anyone who watches porn has come across one of the biggest porn sites; Pornhub.com. But did you also know that they have a Gif section that covers all your favorite kinks and fetishes? Whether you get off solo masturbation, hardcore and softcore content, BDSM, squirts, big tits, or whatever, the amount of porn gifs in this smut behemoth is simply overwhelming. If you are the busy motherfucker that has no time to watch full scenes or just loathe the awful acting and rushed foreplay in many of the porn videos, the Gifs on Pornhub should help you focus on just a few seconds of animated XXX action and bust a large fucking nut in a few seconds. Let’s dive right in then.What’s so special about porn Gifs?You mean besides helping you have a quick fap? They can be made from practically any adult movie meaning you have a fuck ton of niches to pick from. You will see amateurs and professional fuckers getting nasty in these ‘flipbook’ pictures that are guaranteed to leave you with a hard dick or wet pussy. These movie pics are certainly not a new way of enjoying porn, but it is still a hot idea worth trying.Do people really get off Gifs? Of course they do, fucking toad. Actually, I can agree that a super-cut from a porn vid is actually a great way of getting your jerk quickly over and done with. I’m thinking you’ve had that experience where you are there watching a porn video but keep looking over and over for the perfect moment to bust a nut.Needless to say, that can be a frustrating process. With Gifs, you don’t have that ‘luxury,’ and you have to jerk off to what is there. If you are the modern dude on the move and don’t wanna waste your whole damn life beating meat, I suggest you use Pornhub Gifs to your advantage.Loads of GifsBefore I continue, it is important to let you know that Pornhub caters to all sexual orientations. This means you are as likely to come across gay, lesbian, and transgender Gifs as you will straight ones. The action starts right from the homepage where the site presents you with the month’s top-rated Gifs.Trust serial masturbators to rate the hottest shit, and you can look forward to seeing hot ebonies sucking cocks, slutty whores having their wet coochies rammed doggy style, premature jackoffs, kinky face sitting, steamy girl on girl action, insane dick riding and so much more. Just like the fucking giant it is, Pornhub promises 1,548,770 of the hottest porn Gifs. Good luck beating that.The hottest thing about the top-rated stuff is that it’s random and you don’t know what you are going to get. Just roll the dice and be open-minded enough to enjoy whatever the fuck is in front of you. The sources of the Gifs are also indicated with some of the leading names including RedTube, YouPorn, Tube8, PornMD, Thumbzilla, and XTube, among others.Like mentioned, the content is divided into categories to ensure that everyone can pick whatever makes them horny. Some of the categories include lesbian, transgender, gay, big tits, teen, blonde, interracial among many others, with each packing thousands of super-hot Gifs.For context, the anal category alone has close to 70k gifs and counting. Choose whichever category you wish and take your masturbatory experience to the next level. The site almost feels like a porn buffet of sorts because it has a little of everything and saying the place has a boatload of content would be a huge understatement.As you would expect, the Gifs play with minimal fuss, which is a cue for you to get the lube out. Each comes with the option to favorite, post a comment, or share. Needless to say, you will need to be a registered user to use some of these options, and when a free membership guarantees a never-ending supply of smut, I don’t see why not. It is a simple and straightforward process, anyway.Because gifs are basically pictures, you can save them on your computer for later fap sessions with no issues. All you gotta do is right click and you are done. The image quality might vary, but you will still come across plenty of content in amazing HD qualities, and at the fantastic price of free, you can’t afford to be ungrateful. Ultimately, there is a lot of good wank worthy stuff here which is exactly what you expected.Curated porn service in your phonePornhub is always ahead of the game in more ways than one and has strived to deliver smut right into your mobile devices. How fucking cool is that? It doesn’t matter whether you are in the mood to jerk off to a juicy teen pussy or whether you crave a chick with a nice rack with a rock-solid dong between her legs. Trust Pornhub to serve it up piping hot into your phone.Almost all systems are capable of rendering GIFs too, so it doesn’t matter whether you are using a 10-year-old phone. You will be busting a huge fucking load even before you are done scrolling the main page. That’s how hot the content is. The mobile experience is also amazing, and you can rub one out wherever you are in the mood even without a computer in the vicinity.Solid design as usualPornhub is the fucking Mecca of porn, and everyone and their dog is familiar with their iconic black and yellow background colors. The site stacks a solid design that limits the advertising, so your screen is not filled with annoying offers and popups. I used this site for over 30 minutes, and it was quite a fresh experience.Finding the content is pretty easy as the site has provided a search feature as well as the option to sort the gifs according to Most Relevant, Most Recent, Most Viewed, or Top Rated. Even better, the site welcomes user-uploaded content, and the ‘upload’ button at the top right allows you to do just that. Remember the account I was telling you about earlier? It just found another use. I told y’all fuckers that it would come in handy.Positive Features100% devoted to porn GIFs: the name says it all. There is no monkey business here, and every one of the gifs you find on the site is meant to fulfill your dirty porn desires and fantasies.User uploads; being a community-oriented adult site, Pornhub encourages pervs to make and upload their own gifs although the catch is any uploader has to be a registered member. Not exactly unheard of.Diverse content; everything is porn oriented, but the site takes it a step further by availing the gifs in multiple categories so users can easily pick whatever makes them horny.Negative FeaturesA few ads; this is certainly to be expected of a free site, and you can expect to come across some ads that will prove a distraction, albeit not in an overwhelming manner. Fortunately, the ads themselves also revolve around porn and might also provide some form of entertainment. Never imagined I’d find myself talking about positive ads.What I think should be doneThere are not too many improvements you can suggest for Pornhub to be fair, but I’d definitely love to see dated gifs. As they are, there is no way of verifying when a gif was uploaded, which is obviously not ideal. The quality of the previews can also be a little on the lower side too, and whether that’s to reduce bandwidth or whatever, the team certainly needs to look into that.Final thoughtsLooking to get off porn videos condensed into action-packed gifs? Look no further than Pornhub Gifs. The site has thousands of hot and hardcore X-rated gifs that will take care of all your hard dick problems. There are good sorting features too, and users can upload their own collection provided they are registered users.