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Ah, hell yeah. Indian girls on ImLive. What could be better, am I right? Well, I know Indian girls aren’t everyone’s preference, but there’s a fetish for everything, to be sure. Besides, I mostly fuck white bitches and that kind of action can get pretty style. A man needs variety in his life and on his cock; you know what I mean? Once in a while, I like to get all experimental and order myself some Chinese food, maybe a little mu-shu. Other times I go for the fugu and slip my cock into the first Japanese chick I can get my hands on. But, it’s not always easy to find ethnic girls. That’s where ImLive’s awesome categories come in. And, today, I’m feeling nostalgic. I haven’t fucked an Indian girl in over a year. There aren’t that many to go around where I live and I fucking miss the days when my dick used to smell like curry. You don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That’s what they say and they’re right.So that’s why I’m jacking off on ImLive’s Indian section right now. They still don’t have a URL for the damn thing, but make no mistake; it’s the real deal. There are tons of Indian babes on this site and most of them are pretty damn fuck-worthy. The ones that aren’t, well, I guess you could put a bag over their heads and do them from behind while you imagine them having better tits or something. It’s what I would do. You know how it is when you bring home a girl who isn’t doing it for you in the boner department. You bend her over and think of the chick you’d rather be boning. And, if she’s Indian and you’d like to keep it realistic, you can put your laptop on her back and stream a hot Indian bitch on ImLive while you do the fat ugly one. Play pretend. The world is your oyster.So Much VarietyThe thing I like about Indian babes, especially among live streaming sites, is that they’re so fucking different from one another. Yes, they’re all from the same fucking country. Some of them stream straight out of fucking Mumbai. But, unlike western girls, there doesn’t seem to be a singular fashion trend in India. At least, not in the same way we treat chick fashion here in the west. I haven’t gone gay, by the way. I’m not talking about shoes and make-up. I’m talking about the fact that every single fuckable white bitch in the west tries to look like the exact same blonde bimbo archetype. And, if she isn’t blonde, she’s a Belle Delphine, pulling the pink hair look. I hate that shit.When I’m jacking off to Indian babes, all my troubles go away. You’ll notice that all the Indian bitches on ImLive are sort of just doing their own thing. Some of them go for the supermodel vibe; others look like MILFs, quite a bit look like young amateurs and then there’s everything in between. Their tits sizes also vary drastically and I can’t get enough of it. There’s just something delicious about being able to choose the exact tit size to jack off to at any given point in time.Spicy and ConfidentThe Indians also seem to have some sort of heightened respect for ugly bitches and fat women. You’d think that I’d have a problem with that, what with my tendency to fuck the skinniest babes this side of Tokyo. I’ll let you in on a little secret, though. I don’t actually dislike fat bitches. I’ve fucked a few in the past. They were great lays and they’re fun to spoon. More booty means more loving and all that. The reason I usually rag on them is because most of them have no fucking confidence. They hate themselves, so they think that they’re unattractive, because they’re fat. The truth is, I just want to stick my cock in their ass. I’m not thinking about their fucking cellulite or whatever.Well, flip the switch to the Indian side of things and you’ll find a ton of confidence on ImLive among these babes. It doesn’t matter whether they’re young, old, married, smoking an actual fucking cigarette on stream or packing more weight than Mike Tyson in his prime – they carry themselves with confidence. In my opinion, there’s nothing hotter than a woman who pleasures herself with confidence. I hate that whole “do whatever you want to me, daddy” bullshit that women in the west have adopted lately. I ain’t your daddy and I don’t want to do stuff to you. I want you to work with me here. Sex is a two-way street. These Indian bitches totally get that. That’s why they don’t moan like hentai schoolgirls. When an Indian bitch moans, she moans for the big bucks.Pissing Some Cash AwaySpeaking of the big bucks, you can spend a few shekels on ImLive and get involved in the action. You know the formula already. The more tokens the bitch receives; the more skin you see. Ideally, you’d want to join a stream where the chick is already naked, but those are usually the less attractive ones. It’s your choice, though. You can watch whoever you want. There’s also vibrator support, so you can pay money to dingle her dongle, so to speak. You can vibrate her clit directly with the push of a button. There’s also some customer support thrown in, but I have no idea what you’d want it for. It’s there if something craps out, I guess.The more interesting paid features are the threesome option and the private chats. I haven’t tried the threesome option, but it sounds like a great way to make an interracial sandwich. Curry goes great with like… most foods, so I guess you can pair a Japanese babe with an Indian babe and make curry sushi? I don’t know; I’m not a chef. I just want to smash an Indian vagina into a Japanese one to hear the sounds they make. As long as I’m there, it’ll probably be moans of pleasure.You get some bonus credits for signing up, so the first few donations you drop will actually be free. This is a great way to test the waters. I’d recommend that you browse through the Indian babes a bit, though, before you start throwing money around. I know they’re all so appealing, but once in a while, you’ll get an Indian babe that’s so fucking gorgeous it’ll make your head spin. I’m looking at one now that I’d love to stick my cock into. This damn bitch is so fine; she might damn well be some sort of royalty. Then again, if she were royalty, she wouldn’t be whoring on cam. But, you get the point, she looks like she could be a supermodel. Look for those kinds of Indian babes and give them your credits, especially if it means you get to shake the vibrator against their clit.Sorting Through the Indian PussyThere are quite a few Indian babes on ImLive at any point in time. You should have figured out by now that every few minutes, you get new ones as their shifts start. Some girls take a breather; others come in. I don’t think you should jump into a fap session with the first girl you find for this reason exactly. You’re going to want to wait for something mind-blowing, so at the very least, browse through a bit before you decide to blow your load. That is, unless you’re in a hurry. If that’s the case, just fucking roll with whatever looks good. Put some curry on your dick before you jack off to enhance the experience. Also, consult your doctor before you try that, because I literally have no idea whether or not that will utterly destroy your dick.Ok, let me try to act like an adult for a second. I like this site’s design, but I have to give a shoutout to the tile button. You’ll see the tile button on the top right of the screen, right above the titties, but below the main bar. Press it. Trust me. Without the fucking tile button, the babes are listed one by one with their personal information and nonsense that takes up the whole screen. Click the tile button so that your entire screen is filled with nothing but Indian pussy. That way, you can sort through them faster. Seriously, it’s a fucking lifesaver.Indian pussy is far from my favorite, but sometimes I have exotic moods and I want to dive headfirst into some livestreamed Eastern snatch. If you ever find yourself in that same exotic mood, by all means, fap away on ImLive’s Indian section. Hell, bookmark the damn site if you want. There’s always new Indian pussy waiting just around the corner for you.