Live Dosti! It goes without saying that we live in a golden age of porn. The Internet is a pipeline of pure smut delivered on-demand in stunning HD. Not only has it put premium anal sites and free lesbian tubes into daily routines around the world, but the web has introduced a whole new form of adult entertainment: the live sex cam show. LiveDosti is one of the latest sites throwing their hat into this 21st-century peep show game.LiveDosti.com wasn’t even registered until the tail end of 2019. Cam sites thrive on heavy traffic, which can take some time to establish. These guys don’t seem to be doing bad for a cam site that’s only been up a few months; with a couple of hundred visits a day, they’re already more popular than your mom and your sister combined. Let’s see what they’re offering to get viewers all hard and drippy.Live, Nude Indian Girls!LiveDosti has the same basic format as every other cam site you know and love. There’s a really basic header at the top made of plain text, bright colors, and a few simple icons. The rest of the page is a thumbnail grid of girls on the site who want to show you their goods, tell you some dirty secrets, and maybe make a show out of sticking carrots in their buttholes.You may have already guessed from the name, but this is an Indian webcam site. The screen is covered in hot bhabhis and Desi sluts posing in their underwear and sheer dresses that are probably scandalous as all hell back in the village. Locations are listed in the info that pops up when you hover over a thumbnail pic, and nearly all of them on the front page say India. Interestingly, the only two outsiders are a couple of gorgeous Latinas from Colombia.Some cam sites show thumbnails taken directly from the shows going on right now, but here it’s a posed photo or screengrab they took themselves. The preview doesn’t animate or anything when you hover over it, but there is some other info embedded in it. From the front page, you can see the language the babes speak, their star rating among LiveDosti users, and how much their shows cost.There are a few basic search and sort options baked into the header to help you dig in quickly. The Categories dropdown lets you select between Girls, Couples, Mumbai, or Delhi. It’s kind of a weird breakdown, but there you have it. There’s a sexual orientation menu right beside it, with all the usual suspects including Transsexual.Choose your babe’s ethnicity and dial in the right language if you’re worried about trying to say “show tits” in Hindi. A final front-page dropdown will narrow your options down to girls with higher star ratings so you can skip the uglies and the prudes who just refuse to flash their cooters.How to Find the Perfect Webcam BhabiThe Search link in LiveDosti’s header lets you dig a bit deeper. It’s got the same options as out front, plus a slider to choose your optimal age range, from teen to MILF to GILF. Choose from Petite, Normal, Athletic, or Thick camwhores; pick her eye color; select her hair length and hair color.The advanced search options can also help you find the new chicks, the babes with photos in their profile, and the ones who have sample videos. There’s also a checkbox if you’d rather just search the girls online, because it’s hard to fap to a camgirl when she ain’t on camera.I left all the search fields blank and just checked the Online Only box, just to see how many girls total were online when I checked out the site. I’d like to tell you there were hundreds or even dozens of Indian webcam sluts to jack off to while they shook their tits at me from the other side of the world. Unfortunately, that just ain’t the case. As I type this out, there are only half a dozen pretty girls doing NSFW shows on LiveDosti.Discounted Credits for Lackluster SelectionIt can be hard for any porn site to get established. With premium video sites, they have to worry about getting a big enough catalog to attract users right from the beginning. With a live cam site like LiveDosti, they need to worry about getting enough girls to show off their goods at any given moment. These guys are clearly still working on it.Obviously, a lack of selection on a cam site fucking sucks. LiveDosti, to their credit, knows the situation sucks. To help get new viewers hooked on the site, they’re currently offerings 10% off credits.They’ve got a few payment options, though there’s no simple VISA option like on most porn sites. The inclusion of PayPal evens that out a little bit, but American visitors still might be a little annoyed. LiveDosti also accepts Paytm, PhonePe, Gpay, and Bhim. They don’t even translate the currency on the Deposit page, so you’ll have to use Google to convert rupees into your dollars if you’re worried about spending too much.There are also bonuses if you spend enough money. Buying 300 credits for 2799 rupees (around 40 USD) earns you another 200 credits on top of that, and the 500 credit package doubles to 1000 thanks to the freebies.When I looked, there wasn’t much price range when it came to shows. Most babes on LiveDosti are charging about 12 or 13 credits a minute for group shows, 15 for private ones, and 12 for voyeur shows.Trying to Spend My Bonus CreditsAll those free credits ain’t going to amount to much if you can’t throw them at some hot Indian broad doing pervy shit on camera in her bedroom. I went back to the front page to see what I could see. Even though the front page scrolls on and on with sexy third-world sluts, only the handful at the top are actually live.Crowded shows are a good way to see free T&A on most cam sites, so I checked out the top show going on. A bored but beautiful Indian girl played on her phone in her lingerie for a few minutes before going into a private show with someone else.I watched another one and saw a babe lightly groping herself while flirting with the viewers in a cute accent. She wore a cute teddy, while the third wore just a light t-shirt with her nipples peeking through.I tipped the fourth babe, the last one online, and asked to see her tits. She thanked me and didn’t show me anything. Then she kept thanking me by name, presumably in an attempt to get more credits for showing me nothing. “Thank you, PornDude. Thank you, dude. Dude? Thank you. ThePornDude. Thank you, Dude.”This chick was really fucking hot, so I tried again. I can only blame myself and not LiveDosti for the bad “show” I got. It happens from time to time on cam sites. In this case, I learned a valuable lesson about checking the camwhore ratings on this site before sending any credits out.The Amazing Disappearing Webcam SiteLiveDosti’s biggest problem right now is glaringly obvious: they just don’t have a ton of camgirls doing shows. It’s hard to get anyone to come into your store if there’s nothing on the shelves. Do you know what makes it even harder for customers to buy stuff? When the doors randomly close and the lights shut off for no reason.About halfway through my review, the site became completely unresponsive. No matter what I did, all I could get was a white screen while my browser told me it was “Waiting for LiveDosti…” I couldn’t whack off to live girls or even browse their selection of offline chicks.The site came back to life about twenty minutes later, and I was able to finish writing this. If I was whacking off more earnestly and didn’t have a review to do, I would not have waited, especially knowing the selection is so slim.LiveDosti.com has the makings of a decent webcam porn site, including a growing number of cam sluts and a decent system for searching through them. They’re still very new, though, and have some noticeable kinks to work out. The most serious issue right now is the overall lack of performers on the site, which makes it hard to recommend the website to anybody but the most hardcore Indian camgirl connoisseur. Until then, you’re better off using a different cam site.