Mr Skin

Mr.Skin! Who hasn't heard of MrSkin (blog)? Well, do you love the thrill of seeing your favorite actress strip nude or get fucked during your favorite movies? Are you the person always eagerly awaiting the next sex scene to pop during your weekly HBO or Showtime series? Then I have just the genre of porn for you. Celebrity nudes! No more sitting through an entire boring episode of some hour-long show just to catch a glimpse of Emmy Rossum’s perky little tits. What if I told you there was a site that cataloged every single nude scene from every show and movie past and presently out there? I’d probably say that’s impossible, but that is exactly what I’ve got for you this time. Are you fucking excited? You should be.Mrskin.com should be a familiar name to any of you who dabble in celebrity porn. This site is one of the most popular sites out there for this kind of content with over 11 million views every month. Considering this is a premium site, that’s a lot of fucking people tuning in here to catch the newest celebrity sex scenes. And Mrskin.com is a veteran of the celebrity porn genre with over 20 years of experience. These guys have been around since 1998! That’s simply incredible. Let’s jump in and see how this site has gotten to be so popular.Sleek Site Design with Great Search Features and a Premium FeelThe landing page is pretty sleek looking. You get a large preview for the current trending celebrity up top. When I visited the feature was for Roasa Salazar, that pixie chick from Birdbox. Not a bad start! Above that is a header for “Updates, Browse, Playlist, Skin Videos, Specials, Blog, Store, and Live Cams” and below that you’ve got a similar video as well as some featured posts, playlists, and movies to check out. As you can see, there is a shit ton of content to cover here, but this is already looking like a really promising site.Before I dive into the menus, I want to say that the site layout and design are awesome. Differently sized previews, layout options, and more make the site nice to look at. Some porn sites don’t pay attention to that shit. I’m glad Mrskin does, especially since this is a premium site. It looks and feels premium for sure. The white design actually goes well with the site, too. I’d usually complain about it, but it gives it a clean and polished vibe.Many Different Menus to Explore that are all Full of Great ContentBut let’s get into all of the good shit. I’ll try and keep it to the important details since there’s so much, so feel free to explore everything more in-depth at your leisure. Updates page. Here you get a list of every new post to the site from newest to oldest. Three movies alone were added today and it’s still only the afternoon for me, with each of these having multiple pictures and clips. You get a preview cover of the movie, date the movie came out, date it was uploaded, rating, and which celebs are featured in the galleries.The browse option is easy enough to figure it. You can browse by celebrities, movies & tv shows, clips, or pics. Each of these pages will give you additional filter options for shit like overall rating, format (TV or Movie), HD options, a full list of porn genres, network, country, and decade released. Holy fuck you are swimming in options on this site. I wish I could linger more here, but we must keep the lightning round here going.Playlists, here you can view site made playlists where they collect related pics and clips for you to view together. Like “Best Butts of 2018, Super Shocking Sex Scenes, Every Rachel Weisz Nude Scene,” and many, many more. This is a great place to go if you want to just sit back and let the videos play while you jerk off or something. Some of these playlists have over 50 scenes in one. Damn!Custom Playlists, Videos, Special Deals, and More!Boom. Next. Skin videos is pretty similar actually. It’s a large list of thousands of clips and videos that you can browse. There’s lots of shit like “Best of Laura Linney, and Top 5 Nude Scenes from Jane Campion’s Films.” Like I said, it’s pretty similar to the playlists, but, hey, I won’t complain about more curated content.Specials is just an ad page where you can get deals on other porn sites, so let’s skip right past that. The blog is pretty neat. You can see new video announcements and read up about certain movies or about Mrskin getting mentioned through some media outlet. The store is a store. You can rep some mrskin merch if you really feel the need to. And free live cams are, you guessed it, a link to a site called Mrskinbabes.com with some free live cams you could check out.Full-Length Show and Movie Reviews, Nude Scene Guides, and Other Cool FeaturesPhew, alright, we got the basics of everything covered. But the really awesome parts of this site come forth when you dig deeper. Like the way everything is organized. Say I want to see some of the nudes from Shameless. I can go to that series page, read a pretty accurate summary of what the show is about, view the rating of the overall show for nudity, get links to buy the series on amazon, and get a bunch of other cool details about the show. It’s like an IMDB page, but so much fucking better.Then, you can organize the page below for the content you want. Sort by clips, pics, celebs, or even read their guides for nude scenes or episodes. The episode guides are really fucking cool. You can read summaries for every single episode as well as click-through every nude scene from said episode. The clips have tags so you can see what kind of nudity to expect too. I really don’t know what else you could possibly want from a celebrity porn site. They have it fucking all.Great Mobile Experience!I’m sure you saw this coming, but yeah, the mobile site is fucking great. No complaints there. It’s formatted so all the menus are handy drop-down menus, and the previews are all blown up, so it’s easy to navigate and use. Plus, you can log in to your premium account on mobile without any hassle or extra verification. The video player is great, just like it is on desktop. Awesome mobile experience.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about Mrskin.com is probably the level of detail they include about every show and movie they have. It’s fucking insane. They have summaries for every major movie or show with nudity/lewd scenes in it out there, and they even have a crazy big selection of movies and shows from as far back as 1910. Now that’s fucking impressive.Other than that, I enjoy just about everything this site is doing. The site design is on point, the mobile experience is great, there aren’t any ads, the menus all make sense, the video's information you get is the most specific I’ve ever seen, and, to top it off, it’s pretty fucking affordable depending on the payment plan you. Less expensive than a couple of coffees out every month. Not bad at all.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsI don’t have any huge suggestions. The only content I felt was maybe missing was celebrity leaks, but that gets into a whole new territory of videos. Right now, they do what they do really well. I’d just suggest sticking to that and worry about expanding if views every drop, which I highly doubt they ever will.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, I can say with zero hesitation that mrskin.com should be your first, if not one of the first, site you go-to for any and all celebrity porn. Your money won’t go to waste, trust me. I’m usually dubious of premium sites, but this one passes with flying colors. Great content, great site, and a fair price. The only thing I have left to say is to go over there and check out mrskin.com. It’s awesome. That’s it. See ya.