Banned Sex Tapes! Man, I love celebrity sex tapes! The best kind of porn is the stuff that you were never meant to see. That accidental nude, spying on your hot MILF of a neighbor, an accidental walk into the bathroom after your brother’s girlfriend just got out of the shower. It’s that thrill of seeing something forbidden and not for your eyes. Ever dream of getting a glimpse of Emma Stone’s tight little ass? Or maybe getting your hands on a never before seen sex video of Jennifer Lawrence? I know you have. Fuck, who hasn’t?Nobody tries to keep these videos or pictures as hidden like the most popular people on the planet do. These celebrities keep that shit under lock and key. But even that’s not enough. Leak after glorious leak has brought us into a new golden age of celebrity porn. Ever since The Fappening nobody has been safe from exposure. Yeah, you can maybe find some of these images out there, but more often than not you’ll end up on some sketchy site hoping you don’t get a virus. Don’t worry, I have a solution.Bannedsextapes.com is a premium site with all of the newest and best-leaked porn pics, videos, and sex tapes of celebrities. They claim to have every single leaked sex tape there is! I don’t know how to check that, but their catalog is pretty damn impressive. And so is their traffic. They’ve got a solid 6 million visitors coming in each month, and they are steadily growing! With over a decade of building up content, they have a shit ton of celebrity mistakes on here for your viewing pleasure.A Lot of Great Content but at a Premium CostLike I said up top, this site is premium. When you first go to the site you will get a warning about content, legal stuff, and you’ll have to hit accept to continue on to the next page. Here is where you have to sign up. You can’t look at any of the content without signing up for a premium membership, and I won’t shy away from it here. It is expensive as far as premium sites go. Prices change and shit, so I won’t list it here, but it’s a good bit every month.But hey, good things always cost some money, right? Let’s see just how good these banned sex tapes are. The site has a fairly basic white background with black boxes. It doesn’t feel like a super-premium site by its looks, but it’s not a bad layout by any means. Up top, you’ll get a big ass preview of their newest leaked pictures or tapes. Right now, they have some new content from Paige (a WWE star), and Rhianna. So far, it’s living up to the hype. Did you know Rhianna has a pierced nip? God that’s hot.Kinky Content from all of the Top Celebrities that You Were Never Meant to SeeAnyway, yeah, below the big thumbnails you’ll find it organized by their top sex tapes of all time. You’ve got great shit from people like Kim Kardashian, Abigail Spencer, and Paris Hilton. If you keep scrolling there will be sections for live webcams, featured videos and images, and recently updated celebrities. Unfortunately, the webcams aren’t of celebs. Maybe someday, but I don’t think many porn sites would have the resources to make Keira Knightley flick the bean for us all live on cam.If you don’t see your favorite celeb on the front page, then I would recommend checking out some of their other pages. You can see the lasts pictures and videos on their updates page, browse their sex tapes section for a master list of every tape on the site or go their "browse" tab to sort by specific celebs, clips, shows, or pics.Every one of these pages is organized well. You can sort by views, ratings, upload date, and all of that good stuff. Also, if you click on a certain model you can see their biography and all their content. Usually, you’d only see stuff like their pictures and videos, but here you also get to see all the “toon” or drawings of them, plus any fake photoshopped pictures.Now, most of the clips, shows, and pics will be stuff from movies. Actually, I’d say a good portion of the content on this site are hand-picked nude scenes from certain movies. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but just know going in that there is going to a be a lot of that kind of stuff here. That’s not to say that they are lacking in sex tapes. There are a fuck ton of those for most of the celebrities they have listed here, but the movie content will be more common.Ads Even with Premium Account, “Free” Porn Section, And An A+ Mobile SiteThere is also a tab for free porn. It’s not really free since you need a premium account to even see that tab, but whatever. What they mean is that it’s a regular porn page of pornstars and shit. I don’t get why they even have that here. I’m not paying to look at free porn. I’m here for the sex tapes. It doesn’t make any sense. It would be like paying for a limo and opting to share an uber with someone instead.Another feature that doesn’t make any fucking sense to me is that there are still ads. If I’m paying for a site, especially one this expensive, I shouldn’t see a single fucking advertisement. It’s insulting! There aren’t any pop-ups or anything, but still. Just seeing those few ads is frustrating and makes the site feel less premium than it is.But enough of that. Let’s talk about the videos and photo content. You won’t get 4k HD content here. It’s not the site for that. Often the recordings are poor quality or shaky since it’s not professionally recorded. If you’re okay with that, then you’ll love the content they do have. All of those leaked videos are so fucking hot. I always knew that the thing missing from my life was getting to watch Miley Cyrus suck some mad dick.If you absolutely need HD, then you might have better luck in their leaked photo section. Often times these pics are captured by TMZ or some other media outlet if it’s something tamer like a nip slip or wardrobe malfunction. Even the non-professional grade pics can be pretty decent quality. Like Emma Watson’s bath pics. Damn, she has got some nice titties.The mobile site was one of the smoothest, most responsive porn sites I think I have ever used on mobile. Pages loaded in a snap, videos played instantly, and the site was very easy to navigate. Whoever was in charge of that deserves some recognition. Definitely a great deal of effort was put into the mobile site.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesMy favorite feature about bannedsextapes.com is definitely the variety in content they have here. It’s hard to get that kind of range when you have such a narrow niche of material, but they have a ton of pics, videos, clips, and more of different celebrities. Including movies, fakes, toons, and parodies was a good choice to keep the content here varied. I mean, how often do sex tapes really get leaked? Not nearly as often as regular porn comes out that’s for sure. I can see where they are going with having regular porn here to vary the content, but I’d still say stick with your strengths.ThePornDude HatesIt’s not often that I have a section for this, but I definitely have something I hate about this site. I mention it above, but it’s a big enough deal to bring up again. If I’m paying for your service, don’t show me any damn ads. I get that every penny matters, but still. Nearly every other paid service, even outside of porn, gets rid of the advertisements when you dish out that dosh.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsI don’t have much in the way of suggestions here aside from what I hated, so let’s wrap this shit up. Overall, if you really need to get your hands on the newest celebrity nudes and sex tapes, then this is the place to do it. As long as you don’t mind paying the premium price. The site is well done, has a ton of content, and plenty of features to keep you busy even if you somehow run out of sex tapes.