Moms Teach Sex

MomsTeachSex! In the words of the late great Dr. Sigmund Freud: “There’s no pussy like mom pussy”. Now I certainly wouldn’t give my mom a ride, but your mom? I’d fuck your mom like there’s no tomorrow, and so should you. Now if you’re gonna be a pussy about it and you’d rather keep fantasy from becoming reality, you can head over to MomsTeachSex.com. They will hook you up with the hottest, horniest moms on the planet. Seriously, these moms are so fucking hot that they’ll have you thinking that perhaps they’re not mothers at all. Perhaps they’re 30-year-old pornstars who are too old to pass as schoolgirls and too young to get themselves fired.In all seriousness though, we all know that these triple-A incest sites don’t feature real incest, and that’s why we like them. It’s really easy to jack your old dick off to some inbreeding clips when there’s no actual incest on screen. But mommy-and-me role-play is absolutely mind-blowing and a ton of people on the internet seem to agree with me.Playing Pretend with MommyMomsTeachSex is a very simple site with a very clear creed: “It’s all about mother’s love”. They have all kinds of videos in all kinds of different horny scenarios, but they all revolve around mommy dearest joining in on the action. Now I review a lot of incest porn sites, and I can tell you that some of them try really hard to sell you on the story, and others focus more on the perversion factor. This site in particular, however, is the golden standard in fucking your mother up the ass.Every single video on this site has some sort of advanced story, scripted carefully by people who know exactly how to make men’s dicks hard. It’s not just mommy catching you masturbating and lending you a helping hand. They go several steps down the rabbit hole with full-on TV level writing. They even have a ton of parodies, which I normally hate, but they somehow fit really well with all the mom play.For instance, they’ll parody some dumb ass TV show about a family of witches, and work that into the smut with some clever editing so that the mom and the daughter actually perform “magical spells of teleportation” while they’re fucking some random dude. It’s a very simple trick but it’s immersive and it gets me rock hard every time.Lessons in LoveMost of these videos have at least a part of a now cliché porn story where mommy either walks in on the action or starts the inappropriate touching herself, to then teach her children how to properly have sex. This is the kind of high-level smut that always has me riled up. It also doesn’t hurt that the mother and the daughter both look really fucking young, so most of the time I kind of lose track of which is which, especially when the cameraman has them both bent over from behind.Either way, I love the filthy ass sounds they make and the way they pretend to feel ashamed of what they’re doing. It goes a long way towards immersing me in the experience.For the Truly PervertedNow if you’re really far gone and you’d like to fuck your own mother, first of all, good luck with that. Second of all, I don’t think this website is what you’re looking for, buddy. This is not a place for motherfuckers. This is a place for people who like to pretend to be motherfuckers, which in my mind is a very holy practice. If a bitch I’m fucking doesn’t call me daddy, I’ll call her mommy and call it a day. One way or another, the fantasy will be complete. It’s just really fucking hot to pretend to be doing something taboo.Running in the FamilyYou’d wonder how a guy who really dislikes the idea of incest could enjoy mommy porn, and I’ll explain in three words: Mother-Daughter-Porn. That’s right, most of the videos on this site are mother and daughter themed and I’ll be fucked if that isn’t absolutely fantastic. There are a couple of mother-son moments here and there, but for the most part, the videos focus on this idea that the innocent daughter is being lectured in perverted sex acts by her mom, by showing her just exactly how to fuck her man. I honestly can’t get enough of this shit.It’s also really cool that the dads and brothers that provide the girls in these videos with hard cocks are unusually good looking. Now before you start calling me a homo, I’m just trying to say, I’m glad that the dudes on this website are so normal looking that I don’t even notice that they’re there. I’d rather have a decent looking average Joe in the shot than some 50-year-old hairy-chested behemoth. Shit like that is distracting as hell, and you know it.Young by AssociationSomething really interesting happens when you put a 25-year-old pornstar in the same shot as a 35-year-old MILF and have them pretend to be mother and daughter. Suddenly, the 25-year-old feels 16 and the 35-year-old feels 50.I don’t honestly know how the psychology of this works, I barely even understand the math of it. But I guess it has something to do with the power of suggestion and hearing the mom speak soothing motherly advice into the daughter’s ear while she’s got a mouthful of cum.It’s both very calming and extremely disturbing. But either way, it makes my dick hard, so I love it. I’m 99% sure that if I watched these girls get fucked in the ass separately in two different scenes, they just wouldn’t do it for me. Watching them together, on the other hand, that’s some hot ass shit. I guess I must be a big softie because seeing a mother and daughter work together really hits my heart. – Especially when what they’re working towards is a handful of cum.Feels Like HomeThe website’s design is pretty homely. No, not the “cozy” kind of homely - the “my eyes, dear God, my eyes!” kind. There’s nothing wrong with the videos, and they all load well and you can download them if you want, but God……The entire top of the website is dedicated to giving you a cross-network seizure. From the second you arrive on the site, you are bombarded with ads to move you to another site in the network. It’s kind of like they understood that you wanted to see mommies, so they feel the need to immediately market sisters to you as well. I’d honestly prefer to finish my business with the mommies first, before I bounce, but whatever.My VerdictMomsTeachSex is not a particularly unique site, but it is pretty new and it features really hot sluts. I also found it really interesting how most of the actual vaginas I saw in these videos were extremely sexy. I’m talking pure, cleanly shaven, soft ass puckered pussy lips all over the site – on the moms too!And it’s not just their vaginas, I mean, these girls are absolutely drop-dead gorgeous, and they’re all really thin. They got bitches like Elsa Jean on here, getting it on with a tall busty mommy with a tight ass and it’s all fucking amazing. Half of the time I can’t decide which one I’d rather bang, the mom or the daughter - though ideally, I’d like to be sandwiched between them both until I pass out from coming too hard.You take the hotness factor of these whores, add the crazy video quality and it’s no surprise that I really enjoyed jacking it on MomsTeachSex. I also really like some small details like the amount of close up pussy eating and how much pussy juice I saw on screen. It’s not all just penetration, there’s real soul in these videos. Whoever is directing these movies knows exactly what he’s doing.