FILF porn aka Father I would like to fuck! Are you the kind of thrifty shopper who buys your personal lubricants by the barrel? Do you purchase caseloads of silicone vaginas, knowing that you’re going to go through them all eventually? Do porn store employees help you load your truck by forklift? If so, you may be interested in the insane volume of sex flicks at Filf.Filf.com is part of MyUserVault. It’s a newer premium network, so it doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as some of the big boys. Is it worth your time, money, and precious masturbatory energy? I guess it depends on how much you enjoy buying in bulk.What Can You Get for a Buck or 40?Filf has a pretty fucking confusing pricing scheme. The sign-up page tells you basically nothing except that there’s EXPLICIT CONTENT AHEAD and that you need to provide age verification. Instead of just letting you click a button saying you’re at least 18 like every other site with age verification, Filf is going to need your credit card number immediately. The FREE ACCOUNTS cost $0.00, due before entry.Almost every other porn site tells you up front what you’re getting and how much it costs as they’re hitting you up for that dollar amount. That’s just the standard transaction. Filf is offering a mystery product for a mystery price. That could be because they have something awesome and they’re sure of it, or could just be a huge ripoff.To figure out how much a membership costs, I had to dig into the tiny-text legalese of the site’s Standard Terms and Conditions. I found it buried in the wall of text:“Trial Memberships will renew automatically to a one-month membership at the end of the Trial Period and will be billed at the rate of $39.95/month unless cancelled in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.”That’s actually about 10 bucks more then the going rate for a porn membership these days. For that price, they better have some really good shit, or at least a lot of it.Watching Filfy FILF on FilfHDI’ve been wondering about the name of the site ever since I saw the URL. I thought it was going to be a filthy Englishman saying “filth” through busted-ass Englishman teef. Now I’m thinking maybe it stands for Friends I’d Like to Fuck. I like that a whole hell of a lot better.Once you log in to Filf.com, you end up at the central member’s hub of MyUserVault. There are some “free” webcam hotties masquerading as premium content at the top of the screen, but what can you do? There’s always an upsell. Below the cam girls are a row of the newest fuck flicks from FILF.The newest one is a half-hour clip called Dr. FeelGood. The brunette munching cock in the preview image looks tiny, or else that’s just one monster dong. The clip before that was called I Fucked My Best Friend’s Daughter, and honestly I can’t blame a guy. Just get a look at that tight teen body.If you’re looking for an Asian sex movie, I recommend The French Connection. This chick, Sharon Lee, has a killer rack and a sexy accent. She answers an ad in the paper for an apartment for rent, and she makes sure she gets it by sucking and fucking her future roommate.I couldn’t find any upload dates, so it’s difficult to tell exactly how often Filf is updated. It’s got to be all the fucking time, though. The whole stash of FILF is well over 5,000 videos strong.If there is a theme to the movies at Filf, it’s young white girls getting into all kinds of filthy adventures. I see some Asians, MILFs, and Latinas if I scroll around, but the page is populated by the kind of ripe sluts who you expect to get pass-out drunk at frat parties. Young, dumb, and full of cum.Family I’d Like to FuckI love the titles on some of these videos. There is one called Ride the Bologna Pony about a petite, European college coed riding an enormous meat stick. There is also a lesbian scene called Have You Seen My Phone. In the screen grab, one girl has her legs up in the air while the other girl checks her asshole. I hope they found it, but if they didn’t I hope they left it on vibrate.I am an absolute fiend for incest movies, so I gravitated towards one called Slutty Sister’ss Seduction. Hey, maybe FILF stands for Family I’d like to Fark. This one’s about two sisters who share everything.The video started playing smoothly and beautifully even maxed out in MP4 Ultra quality. I had a few pages on the site load slowly, so I’d been a little bit worried about buffering. It wasn’t an issue. The girls were immediately sucking on each other’s nipples, an act of sisterly bonding so mouthwatering you could almost taste it. And just wait until the pussy-licking starts!The dude shows up a few minutes in. He’s just sitting on a carpeted chair, watching the girls and jerking off for a while. One girl sits on him so her sister can finger her butthole. The young babe has some serious beef flaps that will make either crave Arby’s or masturbate furiously.At just over 20 minutes, Slutty Sister’s Seduction was just long enough for me to fire up the engine on my robotic masturbator and finish the job before the fumes overcame me. I figured I might want seconds later, so I hit the download button below the video.A Premium Playground of PerversionA major selling point they leave off their sign-up page is the fact that Filf is actually part of a big-ass network. Below the row of FILF movies on the main page of Filf are a row of scenes from She Does Anal. Below that are movies from Carpet Munching Cuties.Keep going and you’ll find hard stuff at Punish Land, Dominant Nation and Discipline District. There is double penetration at the aptly named DP: One Cock for Each Hole, and young whores getting wrecked at Destroyed Teens.Most of the listed sites have a very obvious theme. There are big boobies, girls who love sucking dick, and MILFs imparting their skills on the younger generation. The FILF movies are kind of all over the place, so this is good news if you’re looking for something as specific as thousands of gangbang movies.The Newest tab shows you all the newest stuff across all the sites. Looks like they added some interracial stuff and titty-fucking video recently. I’m all about this tatted-up bitch in Naughty Firefighter.Besides all the MyUserVault sites, there is also a Bonus Sites link up in the corner of the header. The bonus here is XXXHDVault and PremiumPornHD, which is even better than getting an onion ring in your French fries.Overall, the pornography on Filf and MyUserVaults is high-quality, premium smut. You can tell it’s a step down from some of the bigger sites like Brazzers. The photography isn’t quite as polished, and you’re not seeing a bunch of recognizable porn stars in every new scene.So if the porn is not as good, how the fuck are they charging 10 bucks more than everyone else? It’s all about that bulk discount.Filf’s main selling point as a premium site is that it has absolutely incredible amounts of fucking porno. There are thousands of movies just listed under FILF, and then thousands more under each of their other sites. You get access to the full shebang, which has gotta be like 40 billion dirty movies.The question here is whether you prefer quality or quantity when it comes to sluts and smut. The quality here isn’t terrible; it’s certainly on par with a lot of premium sex sites, but it’s not the best you can get for 40 bucks. In fact, the best will probably be cheaper.Filf is a paysite for perverts looking for the hugest amounts of porno they can get for their dollar. They have a free trial, so it’s not too hard to see if it’s the kind of material you’d be happy shaking your billy club at.