I know I’m not alone when I say that I fucking love Japanese girls and JAV QD has a ton of them!. They’re just so sexy, with their petite little bodies, their tiny, tight little pussies, their beautiful eyes, and that general, bubbly air of innocence they have about them. Also, is it just me, or are they more often depicted as super submissive in porn? I love me a submissive little slut who does as she’s told and will stop at nothing to please me.I’ve never banged a Japanese chick, but it’s definitely on my Fuck-it list. I never did come up with a New Year’s resolution this year. Maybe that’ll be it: fuck a Japanese chick. I hear it’s pretty easy, as an American, to get laid in Japan … that the American accent gets them very wet. I will keep you updated on that.In the meantime, though, thank fucking lucifer that we have Japanese porn to enjoy. And tons of it at that. Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) make up a pretty sizeable portion of all of the porn that exists on the internet. JAV is probably the most popular niche in the adult entertainment industry. It’s got to at least be the most popular ethnically specific type of porn. Followed closely, I’m sure, by the Latinas (my personal favorite).There are so many JAV sites out there to choose from. And, for whatever reason, it seems like not many of them are really good. They always tend to be either riddled in ads, very poorly designed, difficult to navigate, disorganized, or full of only censored content. Look, I know that censorship laws in Japan are fucking intense, but I also know that there are studios that make uncensored Japanese porn (and individuals who leak uncensored content before the editors ever have the chance to blur out the genitals). So, as far as I’m concerned, if you have a site that specializes in Japanese porn and that site contains zero uncensored JAV, then what the fuck are you doing? Besides seriously fucking up, that is.Another thing that I never understood about Japanese porn sites (and this seems pretty specific to Japanese sites in particular) is the extreme segregation. Why must JAV so frequently be relegated to its own website, separate from the rest of the multicultural cosmopolitan world of porn? I understand the demand for niche sites, of course, but it just seems like a disproportionate level of segregation when compared to all other porn niches.Doing What Other JAV Sites Don’t DoWell, lucky for us, a website known as JAVQD.com aka JAVQD.tv has come along, addressing both of those concerns. The first thing I look for when I visit a new JAV site is whether or not they have uncensored content. Before I check out any other sections on the site (or even the home page, really), I find the search bar and type in “uncensored.” Needless to say, I was very pleased to see a fair number of search results on Jav QD.Not only do they have tons of uncensored Japanese porn on the site, but Jav QD is also the first Japanese porn site that I’ve been to that clearly separates censored and uncensored content. Right on the home page (I didn’t even notice at first because I was so quick to go to the search bar), the thumbnails are split into two sections: Uncensored at the top, Censored right below it. I just don’t understand why this is the first time that I’m finding a JAV site that does this. It really seems like the simple, logical thing to do.I mean, I can’t be alone in this, right? Who the fuck wants to watch porn if you can’t see the fucking? If you can’t see some pussy? It’s like drinking nonalcoholic beer. There is no. Fucking. Point.JAV QD is also the first Japanese porn site that I’ve been to that doesn’t just offer JAV. You don’t even have to try hard to find the non-Japanese stuff; it’s right there on the home page, under a section labeled “Porn HD.” When I first saw it, actually, I thought to myself, ‘oh, I get it, this must be one of those ads that porn sites are always trying to trick you with.’ I thought if I clicked on one of the thumbnails in this section that I would, for sure, be brought to another site, or asked to pay money or something.I am not frequently wrong. And I am not usually happy about it in the rare case that I am. But in this scenario, I was pleasantly surprised. When I clicked on a Team Skeet video (expecting to probably be redirected to the Team Skeet site) Jav QD brought me to a page where I could watch the entire scene free of charge. It is rare for any free porn site to offer premium professional content like that for free, let alone a site that specializes in the JAV niche.Not only does JAV QD have (and conveniently labels) uncensored Japanese porn and provides Western porn alongside the awesome JAV stuff, but the site is really well designed, too. You’ve got a slender menu bar up at the top of the page, offering “Hot,” “Categories,” “Channels,” “Porn Stars,” and “JAV Sites” (which links to yours truly … nice to see that the people at Jav QD have great taste as well).Well-Organized, Well-Designed (If a Little Incomplete)Clicking on Categories will bring you to a page containing an A – Z list of categories, from Abuse to Wife. Okay, so maybe “A – W” would be more accurate, but who says that? Use your fucking common sense; what kind of porn category could possibly start with a “Z” anyway? Zamboni porn? Why don’t you fuck off to Canada, eh?The Channels section of the site breaks things up by the studio. Also in alphabetical order, you’ll find Japanese studios alongside American and European ones. Just to give you an idea, on page one, you’ll find both Brazzers and Aozora Soft (which kind of sounds like a video game company, doesn’t it?).The Porn Stars section of Jav QD is set up just like the categories and channels sections. You’ll find an alphabetical list, this time with a profile picture of the girl in question. Here is where the site design starts to feel a little lazy, though. First of all, not every porn star even has a picture to go along with her profile. In fact, it’s usually the non-Japanese girls who do not. Which, whatever, fair enough, at the end of the day, it is still a JAV site. But, still, regardless of what kind of demographic you cater to primarily, this is still just lazy site design.The same thing is true of the girls’ profiles. There is a “bio” section, but hardly any (if any) actual biographical information is in them. There are no stats, nothing. Just the channels the girls appear on, the videos that Jav QD has of them, and a section entitled “Discussion,” which just seems to load into oblivion. I tested it out on a few girls, especially the more popular ones, and this was the case for each one.I don’t know what this was meant to be. It would be kind of cool, actually, if there was an active forum for each porn star on her page. But I have no idea what JAV QD intended this to be, because it will not load. Having said that, though, JAV QD does have something interesting in their porn stars section that I’ve never seen before: positions. They break down in what videos your girl is doing a particular position, making it really easy to find, say, Adachi Mei getting fucked doggystyle if that’s what you want to see (and you do, she’s pretty fucking hot).Unbearable AdsI have only one final point of criticism to leave Jav QD with before I leave to fap to one of their videos (probably that one of Adachi Mei getting it hard from behind, to be honest). There are so many fucking ads on this site, it is unbelievable. It’s almost unusable, that is how many ads there are. You have to click the “play” button on a video like four times before it will play. The first three times you click it, you will have to go close out of a fucking popup; then, when you return to the video, expecting to have already begun, it will still be paused.There are ads that appear on the site, that scroll across the window, and that pop up when you use the scroll bar. It is fucked up and excessive. JAV QD, you really need to calm down with these ads. Your site would be so great without it!All in all, if you can look past the ads (even the best ad blockers struggle to prevent them here), love Japanese porn and Western porn alike, and don’t mind the small inconsistencies with the porn stars page, you’ll definitely enjoy JAV QD. Go for the uncensored JAV, stay for the variety of content.