JAV Tsunami

JAVTsunami! Nobody does porn quite like the Japanese. That nation pumps that shit out as though it were its main fucking export. Seriously, there are more amateur, professional, and homemade videos coming out of there than anywhere else that I can think of aside from maybe India. But, still, the production quality of JAV porn is next fucking level. The hard part is finding a good source for the shit that isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. I know you cucks don’t have the money to pay for every single video of an Asian slut getting fucked that you watch. You’d be in the negative within 24 hours.Torrenting can be a sketchy, dangerous task. I get why inexperienced nerds avoid that shit. Luckily for you Asian-addicted fappers, there’s an alternative solution out there. I’ve got a fap-worthy site where you can stream or download as many full-length JAV porn videos as your storage drive can handle. The sky's the limit with Javtsunami.com. It’s a free to browse JAV site that’s been alive and kickin’ since 2017. I can tell you it’s a great site that made my cock hard as diamonds all fucking day, but you don’t have to trust a single man’s word since over 3 million horny bastards blow their loads to the content on the site every month.Join the 3 Million Horny Weebs that Come to this Site Every MonthThat’s a fuck ton of traffic for only being around for a few years. But, hey, never underestimate how horny weebs can get. That community is something else. You take one big-tittied bitch out of an anime and all of a sudden, there are riots in the streets and tear-stained pillowcases as the world crumbles for these fucks. Anyway, you get a decent-looking landing page with two bare-breasted Asian sluts as the background. Hey, I won’t complain about that design. It’s leagues better than a boring site with no backdrop at all.But, of course, this site had to go and face-fuck users with sketchy ads. You won’t see tons of flashing banners or video players that pop up in the corners of your screen. But damn near every single click you make will redirect you. Fucking hell. And you don’t get shoved off to plain ads that showcase hentai games or dick-growing pills. No, you get hit with ads that try to force notifications, initiate downloads, and all of that awful crap. I’m not a fan. And oh, help you if you plan to click around to different parts of a video to find the money shot. You’ll get sent to a whole bunch of shitty sites before it’s done and over with.Annoying Redirect Ads that Really Hamper the User ExperienceBut I’ll move past the ads and actually tell you fucks what the site is like. You get a header up top that has sections for categories, tags, actors, censored, uncensored, leaked uncensored clips, and a lovely link that takes you right back here to my site. All of the other links keep you on the site. The category page has all sorts of kinky fetish options such as anal, cheating, hardcore, bath, and group sex. Or you can mix things up and browse solely by your favorite busty JAV star. Javtsunami has all of the best pieces of ass on here. You get content from hotties like Ai Kawana, Hitomi Tanaka, and Maki Hojo to name just a few of the babes o here.Having the separate sections for censored and uncensored content was a nice touch. I can’t fucking stand clicking on a video only to have to be more pixelated to all hell. Nobody likes that shit. At least you know which section to avoid. Plus, the uncensored catalog is bursting with content. Holy shit. There are hundreds of full-length movies to browse and jerk off to. Notice that I said movies and not videos. That’s because you’re getting short 5-10 minute video clips here. Oh, not. You’re getting taken into the back room and given the full experience. Nearly every movie here is 1+ hour long and is jam-packed with fap-worthy scenes.Fap to Full-Length 1080p JAV MoviesThe video previews on Javtsunami give you a decent idea of what you’re getting into before you click over to the full video page. You get a title that includes the full JAV code and starring actresses names, percentage of likes it has, how many views it has, how long the video is, and, well, that’s it. Fuck, they lay out just about everything you need to know right then and there. From there, you should be clicking on those videos and whipping out your dick for the awesome content to come.Most of the videos are streamable in upwards of 1080p HD, so it’s not like you’re getting shafted by low-quality videos. I didn’t run into any issues with buffering or stuttering. The videos played well and could be blown up in full-screen. The video controls aren't anything special. You get a standard player where you can toggle audio and video quality, but that’s about it. Now, you can download videos in all of their HD glory, but you won’t be getting them directly from the site. You have to go through a third-party file host to get your hands on them, and that place is even worse when it comes to ads than the regular site.Decent Mobile Site that Doesn’t Compromise on FeaturesSpeaking of shitty ads, just wait until you weebs see the mobile site. Sure, it’s formatted well enough. If you can manage to tap anywhere or watch any videos without a dozen goddamn tabs opening. If you can get to a video, then it’ll play in your mobile browser just fine. It’s just the act of getting there that’s the hard part. You can still browse all of the same sections and download videos the same as you could on the desktop version of the site.ThePornDude’s Favorite FeaturesI know you sex-starved weebs don’t want lame short videos where you can barely get it up, let alone bust a nut. Screw that shit. That’s why this site kicks ass with its huge catalog of full-length movies. Fuck, some of the movies listed on here are 3+ hours long! And most of the content here can be streamed or downloaded in crisp 1080p HD for free. That’s insane. Most sites would charge you a ton of cash just to get your hands on a single video. Sure, the third-party download service sucks, but you beggars can’t afford to be choosers here.The site is fun and easy to browse if you block ads. I liked that there were loads of different categories that were well organized. You even got a sexy image of a JAV star getting plowed to represent each fetish. Fuck yeah. And having the separate sections for censored and uncensored content was a nice touch that loads of you weebs will appreciate.ThePornDude’s SuggestionsFucking chill with the redirect ads. Without an ad blocker of some sort, I wouldn’t even recommend using this site despite all of the dope free videos that you can get. The ads are trash and try to force you to download shit or enable notifications that will end up being a bitch and a half to disable. It was annoying and the same was true for the mobile experience. It was practically unusable. If they dialed the ads back by like 75% then we’d be talking. As is, it’s just a chore to use the site on either platform.ThePornDude’s Final ThoughtsOverall, Javtsunami.com is a great source for full-length JAV movies that you won’t find anywhere else for free. Seriously, you can get the latest and greatest videos straight from the top studios in Japan without paying a dime. On paper, this site sounds fucking fantastic. It’s just that the ad clutter is insane. If you can put up with it or work around them, then you’ll be in for quite the treat. Otherwise, you might want to avoid this one. But, hey, check it out if you like the sound of downloadable JAV movies without the need for a torrent client or subscription.