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So definitely be careful when surfing this website and try a popup blocker in order to stop this website from showing you unwanted and malicious material. You’d expect more from Rapbeh.com but I guess they’re pretty desperate with how they’re earning their money.I understand that Pinay amateur porn is easier to come by too, so there’s no reason to simply litter your website with endless ads one after the other. They should definitely change that, no matter how much money they make from it. I’m pretty sure not one single user ever clicked on some of those malicious ads, and since ads pay per click on websites, I don’t even think Rapbeh.com is getting that good of a deal by hosting them in the first place. They should just go for something else entirely in my opinion.There are a few ways that you can navigate the website, the most important being the top bar of the site. 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They aren’t too vanilla, but then again some of those vanilla categories are certainly missing. It would be better if they added more options when it comes to genres and categories since that would be of a lot of help. However, a lot more needs to be done on this website before it could resemble something useful. I mean, it’s still a source for amateur Pinay porn, but it’s not the best one that’s for sure.Even when you’re just clicking randomly you’ll get ads and malicious popupsIn fact, I’d go so far as to say that there are many better options out there. I’m sick and tired of websites forcing popup ads down your throat while they don’t even take care of their website. You won’t even make your site functional but you’re making me have to close popup malicious ads every time I click on a link? Now that’s a laugh in it of itself. No Pinay bitch is worth all that trouble, and I’ve got a couple of them in the back that are willing to fool around with me without me having to close popups every two seconds.Literacy is lacking, though the graphics themselves are okay for the most partThe design is not that good either. A lot of stuff is just written in broken English and titles are sometimes written with a period behind them. Sometimes words are written in all lowercase when they shouldn’t, and so on. A lot of illiteracy going around here but what can you expect from a bunch of Filipino bastards. Come on guys, at least try to make your website not suck this much. I know it’s not easy to make a site on a budget, but Rapbeh.com really needs a lot of work.One thing that’s kind of good about the entire design of Rapbeh.com are the actual graphics. It seems like they have a nice and minimalistic graphics approach, but all of that is not worth anything if you can’t write with a speck of literacy on your website. So yeah, it all falls straight in the mud when you don’t take care of what you’re writing. The guys over at Rapbeh.com should know this so they better start changing some of the text on their website for the better. At least that part should be easy.Schoolgirls are really popular in the Philippines that’s for sureThere’s even a tab for schoolgirls on Rapbeh.com, but it’s a bit odd that this is its own tab and not a category in the Categories section of the website. I guess that this one is extra popular but still, it doesn’t look good aesthetically speaking and it just looks very amateurish. And although this is a website for amateur sex tapes and videos, the website itself doesn’t need to be amateurish. And look, there’s also a student category so which one is what. Is the schoolgirl category the same as the student one? What the hell is going on with this website anyway?Alright, this place is giving me a headache. 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