Finally, an Asian porn website that's actually translated into English...it's starting to get boring seeing these pages in foreign languages pop up over and over. Matter of fact, I've been starting to feel a bit of culture shock in this fucked up crackpot that is my head. A lot of weird shit happens behind the four walls which guard ThePornDude's brain matter (yeah I am fully aware that the brain is not square-shaped, fuck off). However, it is pretty obvious that I've yet to lose my sanity completely. Matter of fact, I've been feeling as if I'm getting smarter lately, despite all these brain-cell burning activities that I put up with on a daily basis.See, I got through a whole lot of stress, just like you folks, even though the job I do is basically an office job that most people may be able to deal with. It may sound like a dream job, seeing as men all over the world would love to have a porn-related job. However, I doubt that most dudes would be able to keep their hands on the keyboard while reviewing these websites...they'd soon enough find at least one of their limbs slowly sliding over to their crotch, in the exact same manner a snail would do it. Minus all the "leftovers."The ooze comes later in our case. At this point, I believe it's time that we get a bit closer to the main subject, as we're already like 250-ish words deep, and I'd say it's pretty fucking lame how we've yet to say something about the aesthetics of this page right here, right? Well, this is about to change, so I'll drop some knowledge on your heads right now. Do you ever notice how the logo of this website kinda resembles the logo of Porn Hub? Is it just me? Alright, fine. Now, let's continue with the scheduled activities.Woke up like this...While this page does look pretty basic at first glance, you'll find that it actually isn't. There are tons of header tabs on this page, and they will take you to other websites. So, it's up to you if you actually want to leave this page or not. I mean, in the end, you're here to have a good time, not to review this page just like me, so you're technically free to leave at any point, but I suggest you don't do this. You surely don't want to do this yet...seeing as there's just so much content in here that you've got to check out.However, we'll talk about these movies right here a tad bit later, since I've got to tell you about the looks of this page right here. So, tons of header tabs in this bitch, but they are pretty much useless, except for the first four tabs, as they're the best ones. What are they all about? Well, this is where you will find the porn movies that have been added somewhat recently and those that have gained a whole lot of attention in a fairly short amount of time, too. Now that we've talked about those little gray buttons at the top of the website, it is time to talk about the thumbnails and all the things that surround them.First off, every single video on this page has a lengthy title, which is pretty great. However, they're somewhat confusing to me. I mean, sometimes they include the names of the mainly Pinoy actresses, but that's about it. Now, you'll find that the movies don't have a whole lot of views, either. The majority of the movies on the homepage have around 1k views for the most part, which is fine. It is also apparent that not many people on Kantotero.net have accounts, as you'll find one to three people liking videos per one thousand views, and that's pretty low, to be quite honest, but I don't expect anything different from a website such as this one. I mean, it is not like it matters whether a page such as this one gets a lot of video views or not! The one thing I care about is whether I get to see some delicious pornography for free!No ads - what kind of sorcery is this?!I'd also like to mention that this website does not have any ads on it, which is great. I mean, it is pretty obvious by now that I hate everything that has an advertisement on it...with very few exceptions. For example, if a page is small and barely has any views, I assume that it struggles to pay its bills, so I can totally understand how it has a whole lot of ads on it. I mean, you've gotta have the cash flowing somehow, even if adding ads to your page is what it takes.I'd like to say that I don't mind the static ads that you see every now and then on the majority of porn pages, even the biggest ones such as PornHub which are more than capable of keeping their website up despite everything. However, the pop-up ads which are somewhat frequent on underground pages such Kantotero.net are what I truly hate, and I am so glad that there are none of those upon this page here. So, there's really nothing to care about right now...the website works just fine, and the browsing experience is smooth.However, I'd like to tell you about the aesthetics of Kantotero.net and why I am not too fond of them. The page just looks way too cheap, and honestly, I don't dig that kind of thing, but that's fine. In the end, art is pretty much entirely subjective, so who am I to judge? I'm just giving you my personal opinion, though I believe that the majority of you folks will agree with my opinion on the looks of this website. Furthermore, not only will you find this page to be unattractive when it comes to pure aesthetics, but you also won't be able to use that ugly little search bar in the upper right corner of the website.I mean, even though the page is technically in English, the titles look so fucking random that you're not very likely to find a decent video, no matter what kind of thing you look up in the search tab, and that's just how things are at the moment. However, browsing the gorgeous homepage will be more than enough when it comes to finding the right type of video.The contentSeeing as this page isn't too popular, you would probably expect it not to have way too much content, but that's not true. There's actually a whole lot of stuff to check out in here, which is great. Now, pornography is primarily amateur, which is great. Furthermore, not only is the porn made by people just like me and you who don't get laid as often as porn stars do, but you'll find that the quality of these videos is pretty good for some reason. I remember how shitty amateur videos were back in the day, usually uploaded in 240p and shit like that, but you'll find HD amateur videos being posted on this website quite recently, which is great.What about the categories and the tags?Well, it seems that there are none of those upon this page, which sucks. Even if you click on a random video, you'll find that there are no tags popping up for you, which is lame. Furthermore, there's no such thing as a "categories" tag here, and boy oh boy, do we need it. However, simple scrolling through the homepage is going to help you out quite a bit, seeing as the majority of these amateur videos are basically the same thing. You get to see a girl sucking some dick, and then you get to see her taking dick in doggy style or in the missionary position, and that's about it.There's nothing too special on this website, for real, so you better not expect to see some special Asian BDSM videos here. All in all, as long as you get off to vanilla pornography, you'll enjoy the contents of this website, but if you're someone weird as shit, for example, a foot fetishist or a piss fetishist, then you're pretty much fucked. I mean, your fetishes are already pretty lame and unhygienic, so you should stop fucking around with them. It is best that you just drop them altogether and stop fueling your addiction to literal filth. Become a family man, fuck your girl in the pussy, deliver huge cumshots, fuck her mouth, and so on...stop obsessing about stuff underneath the butthole and the soles. I am not trying to be mean, all I'm doing is trying to help you out!Now that you know what kind of thing you can expect to see on this website, there's no reason for me to keep talking about the content, so we just might slowly start talking about the conclusion and end this review. It's been a bumpy ride, but I can't say that my experiences weren't positive in the end. I'll explain what I meant in the next part of the review!JudgementSo, what do you think...did I end up enjoying the website? To me, it is obvious that I will keep coming back to Kantotero.net, a page which is surely worth checking out. Not only is this page filled with a whole lot of full-length HD amateur content, but it is also completely free to use, and I can not stress how much I needed something like this. The fact that the search bar isn't very helpful and that the page is kinda ugly doesn't matter too much. In the end, these are only minor details.