Welcome to i Yot Tube (not iyotube)! It's a place for the latest Pinay sex scandals and Pinoy sex videos. I like to think of the Internet as a masturbatory portal to the whole world. This morning I whacked off to the American girl next door, then cranked one out to some Euro girls, and I’ve just spent a couple of hours jerking it to Asian babes. I did kind of a mini-tour of the continent and ended up admiring the Filipino amateurs at IyotTube.Pinay babes are some of the undersung heroes of the Asian porn world. It seems like Japanese hardcore sites are a damn a dozen, but where’s the love for the thousand Philippine islands? Maybe we should ask one of IyotTube’s 3.4 million viewers per month.I-What-Tube?Unless you’re Filipino, you’re probably wondering what the fuck iyot means. The motto of the site is just “Sex Scandals”, so it’s probably something pretty lewd, right? Google says it means “attacking a woman sexually”, but it’s a Filipino word that can also mean sex more generally. It’s not considered a respectful thing to say around your elders, so iyot is more “fuck” than “intercourse”.Still, the f-word ain’t that scandalous these days, so you’re going to have to give me something more. Where are these Sex Scandals they’re talking about? Maybe they have something to do with all the naked ladies on the page.IyotTube.com has the tube-style wall of porn on the front page, defaulting to Most Recent, but it only runs ten screenshots deep before you have to click through to the next page. Good thing I like amateur babes, because the pics distract from the site’s ugly-as-fuck layout. No shit, IyotTube’s logo is in fucking Comic Sans!None of the screenshots look professional. If you’re looking for real, raw, amateur smut, this is it. The girls are hot, too, and exotic as all hell. In fact, I better watch a few of these right now.Naked Pinay AmateursIyotTube has a thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating system like a lot of tube sites, but I’m not sure how useful it is. Looking at the Most Recent vids on the front page, every clip has either a 0% or a 100%.It’s not like these videos are so new they haven’t been seen yet. Perfect Pinay Tits Scandal 1 has been seen 12,141 times and has a rating of 100%. The sequel, Perfect Pinay Tits Scandal 2, only has 8,354 views and a rating of 0%. What gives?Just to see if there were really just two possible scores, I organized the videos by Most Popular. Sure enough, I got page after page of videos rated at 100%. I gave up when I got about fifty pages in and it was still the same.I checked out the Perfect Pinay Tits Scandal 1. My ad-blocker blocked the ad that sits on top of the video player, so all I see is an empty box telling me to close and play. I do so.The young chick does have a tight little body and some nice, luscious titties. I’m not sure I’d call them perfect, but I like huge knockers a little more than these natural numbers.The clip is barely over a minute long, and she rides the gropey cameraman the whole time. If it were longer, the two rows of screenshots below would be more useful. They let me do a quick jump to various parts of the timeline, which is a nice feature.IyotTube has some social media features baked in. You can comment on videos, though this one doesn’t have any yet. You can Like, Flag, or Share videos. The Download button is grouped in with these, and offers up a convenient mp4, no registration required.I watched Perfect Pinay Tits Scandal 2. It was 40 more seconds of the same. I’m starting to think they just have a different definition of scandal in the Philippines, because this just looks like consensual sex with a beautiful woman to me.There’s a link in the header to REQUEST SCANDAL. It leads you to a form to post in the Scandal Request section of the IyotTube forum. There’s not much action there and literally, none of it is coherent, so I still don’t know what they mean by scandal.Who Uploaded This Smut?Honestly, I really wanted to see Miss Perfect Pinay Tits getting fucked some more. I made my way to the uploader’s profile, hoping he was the dude who shot it and had a lot more to share.Like other amateur sites, it looks like most of the material on IyotTube isn’t actually uploaded by the sluts in the video. Perfect Pinay Tits Scandal 1 and 2 were uploaded by some random who apparently collects amateur porn videos and then shares them.I think amateur sites in general, IyotTube included, could make it easier to find the amateurs who upload their own material. A list of Top Users or something could work. Maybe give real amateurs a special tag to add to their vids. (Incidentally, IyotTube doesn’t have any tagging features.)I’m not going to complain about the enthusiasts taking the time to curate and share their amateur porn collections. Their work will definitely help you get off. I’m just saying I wish it was easier to find the amateur starlets themselves.Sorting Through the PileYou can sort through the photos and videos by Most Recent, Most Viewed, Top Rated, and Most Discussed. The vids can also be sorted by Longest. Some of the longest videos look like feature films of the Philippines, while others are camwhores getting their brains fucked out.I watched the Most Discussed video, which actually only has 17 comments. None of them are in English, either, so I can only assume they’re speculating on whether the Pinay getting her twat stuffed with hard cock is drunk or tired.The general theme of the Top Rated videos is youth. These girls look really fucking young. I actually had to scroll down to the footer to make sure IyotTube has a 2257 statement. They do, so you’re not going to get raped in prison for browsing the site.It looks like IyotTube has some content filters that either aren’t working or just aren’t fully implemented. The only thing I can do is adjust the sliders on the duration bar. It’s useful, sure, but I’d like to be able to sort them by source and category, too.Anal, Asian, Ass, MolestedOh, speaking of categories. Hovering over the Categories tab in the header brings up some of the more popular categories. They’re all represented by screenshots from professional (probably American) pornos, which is fucking weird on an Asian amateur site. The handful that pops up includes Anal, Asian, and Ass, but I clicked See All.The full Categories page is also full of professional thumbnails of mostly White pornstars getting dicked. IyotTube actually has a smaller selection of categories than a lot of sites. It’s not uncommon to have hundreds of micro-genres like Maids and Anal Fingering, but IyotTube keeps it simple with just 35 genres.The vast majority of IyotTube’s categories are typical things you see on every porn site. There are Big Boobs, Celebrities, Facials and Gangbangs. The only uncommon ones I see are Pinay, Pinay 18+ Movies, and Molested.I know a lot of you perverts were kind of bored until you read that last sentence, and now both you and your little buddy are standing at full attention. The category has around fifty clips right now, and they’re all as rough and rapey as you were hoping. I’m sure there are enthusiasts of violent sex who visit the site just for this section.Spam is pretty minimal on IyotTube, especially for a free site. My ad-blocker took care of most of it. I never had a pop-up while I was browsing, but I did have to sit through a couple brief pre-video commercials. It didn’t happen often enough to annoy me.IyotTube (often misspelled as "iyotube", "iyotube.com", "iyuttube", "iyutube" and "iyot.com") has what is probably one of the better collections of amateur Filipino smut on the Internet. The site could use some better organization, but it works well enough to get your rocks off. It’s all free to stream or download, so you don’t have anything to lose by giving it a shot.