FC2PPV threw me off a little as soon as I saw the name. I couldn’t guess what the FC2 stood for, but PPV usually means Pay-Per-View, right? It only took me a few seconds of looking to figure out I was wrong. I still don’t know what the FC2 stands for, nor the PPV for that matter, but I do know they aren’t charging you a cent to shake your dick at the contents of this overflowing box of Asian perversion. Even if your electricity is shut off and you’re using the library computers, you can still enjoy the hell out of yourself.FC2PPV.tv is a free Asian porn tube. I initially thought they specialized in JAV (Japanese Adult Video), but they’ve also got Chinese and Korean smut on the menu. Come for the sushi, stay for the bibimbap, and don’t forget to ejaculate all over the dim sum. The joint hasn’t been around all that long, but holy fuck, have they got a following. They’re getting over 20,000 visitors a day, so I just had to see what all these weeaboos and casualties of Asian fever were getting so excited about.Free Asian Porn? What’s the Catch?I knew right away that FC2PPV almost definitely had some good shit on the menu. You know why? All the fucking spam! With my adblocker turned on, the layout is pretty lo-fi and basic, but there are a bunch of blank spaces where I knew ads should be. With my adblocker turned off, the top of the screen gets an animated GIF of a black guy swinging his two-foot BBC, offering a Banned African Penis Ritual that’ll grow your cock by a cool 35%. There are multiple cam site ads, dating site ads, more boner-growth products, and adult social networks all flashing at me.Frankly, it’s ugly as fucking hell. There are a ton of good porn sites out there that don’t immediately blow up your browser with 4 ads from the same cam site, and I’ve reviewed plenty of them here at ThePornDude. The thing is, I know FC2PPV.tv is getting a shit-ton of traffic, and it can’t all be idiots who don’t know any better. That means whatever is buried under those miracle dick-pill ads must be worth all the goddamn spam.I bet part of the magic formula is how rapidly they update the site. They’re adding a ton of fresh content to the site every day. The front page shows off a handful of full JAV DVD rips added just today. They’re unfortunately censored, as is typical of the genre, but there’s also a big front-page selection of Uncensored JAV and Amateur Asian movies added just yesterday. This is like a superstore of free Asian porn.Porno from All over the Asian WorldThe little blurb at the bottom of FC2PPV.tv talks about how they’ve got Japanese, Chinese and Korean porno, but everything out on the front page this morning was JAV. I decided to poke around a little deeper and see how the whole collection was divvied up. To start with, the header has quick links to Censored, Uncensored, and Amateur content, the same Asian subgenres with new videos in the front window. The header also has links to other niches not represented in the front-page thumbs: Chinese, Korean, and Chinese Subtitles.There’s also a Hot section, where again, I found mostly JAV. You’ll never guess who I found in the models' section! (Spoiler alert: it’s mainly a collection of the top JAV idols.) The site’s library does seem to be mostly Japanese content, which makes sense. While the Land of the Rising Sun is known for freaky fetishes coupled with restrictive censorship, Korea and China aren’t really known for their porn scenes at all.The full breakdown features a few hundred JAV movies with Chinese subtitles and a couple of thousand Chinese porn movies. The Korean section is a little fuller, with nearly 10,000 videos. Moving along to the JAV, we find over 5,000 filed under Amateur, around 7,000 Uncensored Japanese flicks, and a whopping 16,000 Censored movies. If you’re keeping track at home, that’s around 40,000 Asian sex movies total.All Kinds of Kinky CategoriesCall FC2PPV an Asian site or call it a JAV site--it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is they’ve done a pretty fucking good job organizing those tens of thousands of dirty movies. Besides the broad subgenres I’ve already gone over, linked from the site’s header, they’ve also got rich Categories and Tags pages.The full Categories page is mainly an extensive listing of Asian porn companies with movies on the site. As much JAV as I watch, I still get overwhelmed by these lists, and FC2PPV.tv has hundreds of producers to choose from. I do recognize some of the big names, like 1pondo, Caribbeancompr, 10musume and kin8tengoku.The full Tags page is similarly dense, though not as cluttered as you’ll find on some JAV tubes. It’s still hundreds of micro-genres of Asian porn for any type of pervert. What are you into and what do you feel like fapping to today? Chances are, it’s probably on the menu.If you’ve never perused the Tags list on a JAV site, it’s definitely worth a look. They’ve got the typical tags you find on any porn site, like Anal, Squirting, Creampie and Swallow, plus the stereotypical Asian categories you expect like Lolita, Cosplay, and Bukkake. If you think that’s where it ends, you clearly don’t know how kinky JAV can get.Digging deeper into the tags, I find wild shit like Incest and Shemales, Drugs and Shotacan, Bondage and Prostitutes. They’ve got pornos with Race Queens, Breast Milk, Tsundere, Tall Girls, Golden Showers and BDSM. There’s Futanari fun for the dick lovers, Sweating for those who like it wet and Peeing for the porn fans who like it wet with a bit more natural stink. There are Bunny Girls, BBWs, Spanking, Enemas, and yeah, Tentacles, too.I see so much porno it’s hard to shock me, but the Japanese porn scene still surprises me with their pioneering visions of perversion. People know a lot of good technology is coming out of the country, but holy shit, they’re on the cutting edge when it comes to pornographic depravity. I can never get over how ironic it is that they also censor the hell out of their movies. Fucking crazy.Let’s Watch Uncensored Asian Teacher PornBeing such a jaded pervert, I tend to gravitate toward the Uncensored section of any JAV site, FC2PPV.tv included. I decided to start my fap test with the latest uncensored flick, Natsuki Yukie Seductive Big Tits School Teacher. As far as JAV titles go, it’s simple and to-the-point, and the sexy babe in the thumbnail sure helps sell it.The movie started playing as soon as I hit Play, no pop-ups slipping through my adblocker as the video flipped through a few warning screens. A hot teacher appeared on the screen, panning up from her heels to her pretty face to tinkling piano music. It’s an hour-long film, so I skipped ahead, minimal buffering slowing me down as I found a striptease and then a masturbation scene. Sure enough, her pussy is unobscured as she rubs the pink flesh with her fingers.Ten minutes later, there’s a dude feeling her up, greedily licking and sucking those pert nipples. She puts her legs up, spreads them wide to give us an even better look at her meat flaps, and then the dude starts inspecting her vag. He spreads her pussy lips as the camera gets in really close, and then he starts playing with it.I get it. I can see why FC2PPV users are willing to put up with all the spam and the no-frills layout. As Natsuki put her ass in the air, my dude reaching around to rub her into a squealizing frenzy, I knew a handful of webcam banners wouldn’t keep me from beating off to this again. With my adblocker running, the video player worked much more smoothly than I’ve found on other spam-ridden JAV sites. Just keep your browser’s condom on and you should be fine.FC2PPV.tv has some quirks, but it’s hard to argue with the convenience of 40,000 Asian porn movies stacked up in a free pile for the taking. It’s even harder to argue with the quality of the smut on tap, featuring top AV idols as well as the biggest, most popular Asian porn producers in the game. If you’ve got any symptoms of yellow fever, including blue balls and a lust for beautiful Japanese, Chinese and Korean girls, come find your treatment within.